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Is there any way to add an Instagram logo to the bottom right corner of the home page?

on tpl_footer.php

You can add below code :
<li><a href="http://instagram.com/[your name]" class="social" target="_blank"><i class="icon-instagram" /></a></li>


hi, I have installed the theme but This template will conflict with my SEO plugin, my SEO plugin ” ultimate_seo_urls ” Static URL is very important. Tens of thousands of a website URL that change may produce what kind of damage.

how to do ? help me .

The only file that may conflict with the seo url plugin is html_output.php Please merge both file (themes file and module file) properly.

but , how to ? can help me ?

thanks , i have fix it .

The title of the page “Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce” and the Favicon that shows up at the top of the home page…how do I change those?

Here is the link to zen cart tutorial page : http://www.zen-cart.com/content.php?59

Thank you AGAIN!

Hi Sammy, Need your help again. How do we disable the horizontal scroller on the featured products on main page? I’d like the products to show up in grid layout (a 4×4 or something). Any idea?

hi, thank for you wounderful theme. but, How to control the Number of products list grid displayed per row.

3 products per row now, i want 4 or 5 products per row, grid display.

On zen cart default theme you can set how much products per row, but on this themes I intentionally didn’t use that option because of “design aspect”. Anyway, to achieve 4 or 5 products per row, you have to edit the css. Edit stylesheet_genesis.css, find this selector.
.productsGridWrapper .gridItem
As you can see there, I’m using 31% for the width (1/3), you may change it to 22%-24% (1/4) or 17%-19% (1/5). Don’t forget to edit the other rule for the responsiveness.

Good Luck

thank you very much.

previously there is contact us in your demo whichi is instead of “Buy Now”, How could I add “Contact US” botton to the file?

Yeah, there was a buyer who ask for a “Showcase Mode” example. Just go to Admin->Configuration->My Store->Store Status

Thank you for your reply. But another question: How I could make “Contact US” botton instead of “Buy Now” botton in product list page?

Admin->Customer Details->Customer Shop Status – View Shop and Prices

Hi sammy how can i make the home page products picture much more big, i want to set it to 220*220 and set it in the image set but it seems useless. http://www.vinylgraphicsigns.co.uk/
It’s controlled by a javascript code that you can find it on tpl_modules_specials_default.php, tpl_modules_featured_products.php and tpl_modules_whats_new.php. Edit below properties to match you need.
itemWidth: 234
Increase it maybe until around 280.

Good luck

hi, thanks for your theme, but, have a bug for IE8 . THE SHOPPINGCART PAGE, can not see the button of contiune shopping , checkout ,and Shipping Estimator .

bow to fix it ?


image button not fits IE , but fits Firefox,opera .

ok , thanks.

Hello, I have an issue with only my product pages not carouseling images, the zoom function does not work either.

Also, my “new products” footer is not updating.

Thank you for the template! Love love love it! _/

I also just noticed my category drop downs are not working on product pages.

Hi, I’ve checked your site. It has a lot of customization. Actually, that is a javascript error. The page called jQuery twice, 1.7.1 and 1.4.4, it makes some js function like zoom, colorbox, footer products not working. Also please remove the slimbox code too.

Good Luck

Thank you! I tired just removing the 1.4.4, and then things got crazy. I basically had to uninstall all new mods I uploaded after installing this theme, then had to uninstall this theme, then reinstall this theme (which only took 10 minutes because this theme was so quick to install and edit). Now it’s beautiful again!! _ Thank you!!!!!! <3

Hello Sammy, I’ve installed your template and it’s great. Grid is good :) Are you aware of any issues with the COWOA mod for 1.5?

Hi, why we can’t find Genesis Themes Configuration in Configuration which I want to customize my template

hi, thanks for your wonderful thems, i have install it, but have a bug ,

also purchased… page buy now button can not work.

how to fix it ? thanks .


I checked on my demo site it’s working. Do you have a sample url?


Hello again, I would like to add a linked image in the header logo area under the search bar, how would I do this?
I also want to edit the font style of the category drop down tab, just the top categories, not the font in drop down subcategories, if possible.
And lastly, I would like to edit the font coloring of the facebook like box.

Thanks again for making this awesome template!!

If you want to edit header area. Please edit tpl_header.php on common directory. If you want to edit the category dropdown style, edit stylesheet_genesis.css and edit the rules of this selector :

.navbar .nav > li > a


Hi Sammycorp, How can I modify the link on the manufacturers’ images on the homepage in ex. /index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=1?


It’s a manufacturer’s url. You can edit it from Admin->Catalog->Manufacturers

Ok thanks, I followed your advice.

I have found a bug: if the manufactures_id are not consecutive, blank spaces are left, how can I solve the problem?


I have solved the previous problem.

what are the files of home manufactures and home featured products?

I bought this template, but I dont like this logo for phone calling of CONTACT US the home page. How can I change it?

Edit tpl_footer.php Remove this code :

<i class="icon-phone" />

It will remove the phone icon, you may change it with

<img src="..." alt="..." />


Hi, what are the files of manufactures and featured products (home page)?


There are a couple of files related to them.
Manufacturers (modules/manufacturers_index.php, templates/tpl_manufacturers_index.php)
Featured Products (modules/featured_products.php, tpl_modules_feature_products.php)


Hello Sammy,

How do I add EZ Pages??? I added one called about us and enabled it to show on footer but it did not show.

Also how do I add text to the about us widget on the bottom left of the homepage?

ez pages is blank no pages there.

Thank you.


EZ Pages on footer is located next to the Copyright text on the footer. I am not sure why you can’t add one.

About us widget on footer is controlled from admin(Configuration->Genesis Themes Configuration). Make sure you already upload the genesis_install.sql


Also, I can’t find anywhere to change the company logo. How do I change the logo???

To change the logo you have to upload image named “logo.png” to includes/templates/genesis/images/logo.png

Hi Sammy

Please ignore my email yesterday to your gmail account – I loaded Genesis OK on my second attempt, and it looks great.

Like elevated color above, I’m struggling to change the company logo header from the default Genesis. I’ve located the logo.png file, and overwritten it with my own slightly larger logo picture. That clearly isn’t the only thing I need to change, because the website still shows the Genesis logo, albeit magnified to a larger size? Help please!


I am not quite sure but I still think that it’s cache. Should clear browser cache when testing your site.


Thanks Sammy, no problems with this now.

Some new questions please, regarding the header section housing the company logo.

1) I’ve tried to enlarge the logo by increasing the span from default 6, using dreamweaver on my local machine as the text editor. But I can’t save any changes – I get an access denied message. 2) Assuming I can solve 1) above, if I increase span to say 8, do I need to decrease the span of the right hand search box from 6 to 4 to compensate? 3) Is there an easy way to change the background colour of the header section from white to another colour please?

Thanks for your continued support!



1. Not sure with that. After you edit the file, you just need to upload the file via FTP you can use Filezilla.
2. Yep the total span is 12. 6-6, 4-4-4, 8-4, etc
3. You can edit it from the css files. If you want to tweak the themes. You can use plugin named Firebug (Chrome and Firefox), you can use the Inspector tools.


Found a Bug in IE 10..Home page crashes IE same with demo, rest of the pages are fine…If you know of a fix please let us know


I can’t get the “page crashes” on IE10 I tested it on Windows 8 and the pages are fine. IE10

yea its an odd issue, i’m on vista 7 ultimate just another reason why IE sucks :p http://oi43.tinypic.com/2mpndoh.jpg

issue solved, latest windows update seemed to fix it