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I tried to contact you via the email form regarding text box sizes but received no response. Im now experiencing a critical error. I have installed your template and it is completely messed up when using IE – It works fine in Chrome and Firefox. You can have a look on www.rockfrocks.com

Please treat this message with urgency as the website is in production at the moment,


Ok wait. Could you send me an email? I need the FTP access. I’ll check it.


Hey, I checked my emails again and haven’t received an email re: CSS for text boxes – can you resend it?

I just checked the main site with Chrome and it appears to be working fine for me, it is just IE which is causing the errors. I have replicated this on a development site and re-installed the theme, but it is still causing problems

I sent the email. Please check

I sent you an email.

Thank you in advance.

I just reply your email. Thanks

Hey sammy how can i turn off the scrolling for featured items from the footer, i just want to display one item only.

Replied via Email.

And i have a issue with home / mail / phone / arrow icons disappearing when looking at the cart via http://www. link but they appear when not using the www. link for example…

http://www.domain.com icons dont appear http://domain.com everything is fine.

Replied via Email.

How can I switch the featured product module in the footer to the Facebook module? So the footer would be About Us | Contact Us | Information | Facebook


You can do it from Admin->Configuration->Genesis Themes Configuration. If you can’t find it, make sure you have uploaded the genesis_install.sql


I’m already using the “Footer Module” to display “Information” in the third column of the footer. I want to “keep” that and in stead of the “Footer Products Widget” showing the featured products in the fourth column of the footer… I want it to display the Facebook feed. Admin->Configuration->Genesis Themes Configuration doesn’t allow me to alter the fourth column in the footer to anything other the Product options.

Ah okay, sorry. Then you should edit the code. Could you send me an email from my profile page. I will send you the correct file.


Hello Please how can i change background, and content background? thank you

You can change the predefined background on You can do it from Admin->Configuration->Genesis Themes. If you want other background you can edit from includes/functions/extra_functions/genesis.php

Content background can be changed from css files.


Hi, how can I modify the wide of the center colunm?

This themes is using Twitter Bootstrap. The wide of the page is varies depend on the screen resolution. Anyway, if you want to change the width you have to set different width for different screen resolution.

mainWrapper is the element id. You can modify it on the css files.



Thnx for a great template. I need some help.

On the featured- and new-products module it shows 4½ products. Is it possible to change this to 4 products (but still have the arrows to navigate horizontal)?

Example: http://themeforest.net/item/genesis-elegant-and-responsive-zen-cart-template/full_screen_preview/3929391

I’ve tried to edit the itemWidth in tpl_modules_featured_products.php but no luck

Thnx in advance! JDahlbom

If you disable the sidebar, it will be 6 products in a row. :D The slider using the main page css rules. I think you should do some experiment with it. Maybe add some padding on the slider container. Something like this

#indexCategories #whatsNew,
#indexCategories #featuredProducts,
#indexCategories #specialsDefault {
    padding: 0 40px;

Good Luck

I tried adding the instagram icon code to the footer and it did add the instagram icon, however it also added a lot of little 9×11 pixel camera icons all over my footer, too.

I am not sure about this. What is your site url? Let me see it.


How can I include the model number below the price in the product sliders on the home page (for new, featured, sales, etc.)

I know I am close in the tpl_index_product_list.php file – but can’t seem to figure out what code it is to call the model.


Not there, it’s on includes/modules/genesis/(special_index.php,featured_products.php and new_products.php)

You have to select p.products_model on the sql query.


Hi Sammy, please could you let me know if there is an easy way to get the template to limit the product description length in the list views and home page?

We have had to increase our product description length from the default 64 characters max as some products were getting cut off.

If we could cap the home page and product list views description to be display no more than 2 lines this would help keep formatting looking good and uniform.

Even with the default 64 character limit we have noticed some minor formatting issues with some product’s taking up 1, 2, or 3 lines on the home page and list views. Once you load the main product view having the full length displayed would be fine and not affect formatting.

Thanks very much!

Hi, You just need to change from zen cart admin. Admin->Configuration->Product Listing->Display Product Description.

Good Luck

Thanks for that Sammy, I should have mentioned above I did try that but it did not seem to change the display length of the product description when updated from the default 150 value down to a test value of 64 nor 20. Thanks for your help!

where to add Google Analytics Tracking Code?

Usually, GA code is placed just before the tag. Edit common/tpl_main_page.php and add your tracking code just before tag.


How to hide “NEW PRODUCTS for…” which is below product list?

Go to : Admin->Configuration->Index Listing Edit this ‘Show New Products – below Product Listing’ to 0

Good Luck

Hi Sammy, I’ve emailed you my question but no reply so just incase I’m going to repost here. I’m attempting to install the sql patches and getting the following the error:WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

Sent you an email. Please check

why I can’t open our website via phone?

What is your site URL ?

Sorry,it’s my mistake. BTW, how could I add Products Model: in “NEW PRODUCTS” list? I should add what code? PS, you have told me the code in products list.

Hello Sammy, One of the MOST common zen plugin’s to install is the Image Manager. IT allows the users to have a more friendly way to put more images on a product. When you install this plugin it fully breaks the product listing page.

Please Install the most current version of Zen with this plugin and then install your template on top of that


What Image Manager? Are you referring to Image Handler? After you installed Image Handler. You have to re-upload the additional_images.php module from themes file (includes/modules/genesis/). Image Handler auto-install process overwrite that file and create this problem.

I believe that I already explain this a couple of times on the comment section. I should put it on FAQ Section too.

Yes Image Handler. I will look into this.

Also another thing you might want to fix is your install instructions. It says that ONLY html_output is modified when it’s not true. Breadcrumb is as well

The breadcrumb is optional. If you doesn’t need Google Breadcrumb snippets. You can just not upload it. Anyway, I agree with you. The Docs need update.

I understand where I can put a new logo in the includes/templates/genesis/images/ directory. But the problem is, the logo from the template_default images folder is still being used. And thats a gif. How do I force use of the files in the includes/templates/genesis/ directory.?

Okay. How zen cart handle the logo is via language file. Make sure you already upload the genesis language file. It’s on includes/languages/english/genesis/header.php There should be a code something like this on that file :

define('HEADER_LOGO_IMAGE', 'logo.png');

Good Luck

Thank you

In the demo site the home page shows the slider and “Featured Products”. I wish to remove “New Products for…” and Monthly Specials for…” where is that controlled?

Admin->Configuration->Index Listing. You’ll find everything about index listing(featured, special, new products) there.

Thank you

Hello sammycorp,

I have recently purchased this awesome theme and have it installed. But I must have missed something because I cannot figure out why i can’t customize it. In your installation doc, you say to go to Configuration -> Genesis Themes Configuration. But I do not see ‘Genesis Themes Configuration’ option. Did I somehow miss a step or something? Thanks!! :)

I figured the issue out… Thanks again for a great template!

Hi Sammy, i have 3 Problems with the theme:

  • where can i edit the font? For us in Germany with üöä it Looks terrible with the choosen font
  • If i use the search, there are 9 results. The more than 6 results in the list scratches the theme and is unreadable… In admins configuration you can edit it to 6 but ist still with 9 results.
  • A small Thing: If you Point on the Shopping cart on the top right, you can read 0 or something else “items”. Where can i Change this word to the german one?
1. Take a look at the FAQ’s section then http://themeforest.net/item/genesis-elegant-and-responsive-zen-cart-template/3929391/support

This font use OpenSans. You have to choose correct subset and re-download the font.

Thanks, havent seen this…

What about the site Problem when more than 6 products are displayed?


Not sure. You must be missed some closing tag. Maybe . Please check it.