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Amazing theme, good luck :)

Wow amazing job, very clean and nice =)

Wow amazing theme i like it

Nice work with this! It’s a great example of uncluttered elegant design.

Great work as always , wonderful ! :)

Thanks guys ;)

Swietne Kuba, oby znow ponad 200 sprzedazy!

Dzieki ;)

WOW Love it!!! Want to buy it for my persoanl web


GREAT job !!!!

just a probleme. for a post, il put a featured image.

I saw this image in the grid template but when a select an article, i can’t see the featured image on the post page with the content.

Is it normal ?

thank you

Hi, please ask question on the support forums ;) Hi yes this is normal, I made it that way so you can choose which image you want to display in the page content. Not everyone want to display the same image. You can easily insert the same image into post content.

Amazing work!

Thank you very much ;)

Hello, I really like this theme and is considering purchasing it. Just have a few questions before I make my decision:

1. For the homepage, it is possible to have the slider, then below it display the “blog masonry with right slidebar” instead of the “portfolio” and “recent post”, etc in the demo (demo homepage “with right side bar”)?

2. The each blog post page, can we change it to a boxed layout with background (example:

Thanks so much!

Hi, there is no automatic load more, I will probable added it with the next update. Hmm I am not sure what you mean by boxed layout then, could you show me and example?

Hi, I want to make it look like this:


Hi, with some custom coding it can be done :)

Great job mpc! Congrats ;)

Thanks ;)


I like the portfolio filter menu. Since I will have a lot of blog entries that are tutorials I need a filter menu there too. Is this an option?

Is it easy to choose a dark theme version in the admin?

Hi, with some custom coding it can be added. You can choose any color template you like, you can set every color.


Can the blog masonry page be the home page?

Can the 3D portfolio in your other theme be achieved in this theme?

If so, I would like a custom coded child theme that does this 3D as well as adding a blog portfolio menu.

I assume you add some of the code from the portfolio template over to the blog template to make new template and change the js file?

What would the cost be for this please?

Thank you.

Hi, yes every page can be set as home page. Hi sorry but the portfolio from Agera cannot be used in this theme. Not without custom coding. I am not sure what you mean in the last question.

Please, i have some easy questions, like this theme

1. Home page: can we “build” as we want? It´s fully customizable? 2. Google fonts and colors are easy to change via CSS or admin panel? 3. In your demo there is not Quote post type, and not audio post type, are planing to add it? I use it in my web page 4. Portfolio page detail, how can we add portfolio details, like client, date, skills…? similar to this and this 5. Portfolio single page can handle portrait images? or portrait gallery? 6. Portfolio single page can handle gallery with landscape and portrait?


Yeap ;)

Yeap ;)

look great

1. does it have translation/localization language .po files?

2. can i turn off the auto tray of the footer at the bottom of pages and just have it show all of the time?

3. can we have fullwidth images in the pages? i really like the size of the image in the homepage and the contact page but i don’t see any other examples of full width pages with a featured image that goes 100%

4. can we launch a series of images in an overlay from the portfolio? right now when you click on an image from the portfolio, you only have examples of 1 image. is it possible to have 3 images from the same project and then cycle through them?

Hi, 1. If you buy the theme I will add the PO file :) 2. Yes. 3. Yes you can have full screen image under the menu :) 4. Hi yes you can add flex slider or layer slider to handle this.

Awesome theme mpc, glws! ;) -Peter

Great theme, I really would like to purchase it for my upcoming project, but I just need to know is this theme compatible with any of the e-commerce plugins and if so which one?

What do you mean by compatible? :) Will it run with the plugin or was it developed and styled to run with such plugin? :)

Hi, just purchased the theme, I don’t see Recent post and Recent portfolio in the shortcodes….nothing is appearing on the homepage, please kindly advise. Thanks

Hi, We are providing support only through our support forums