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Hello, thanks for the theme, it looks great, really looking forward to using it! Just a quick question, I can’t find any guides on configuration and setup in the documents file, have I overlooked something or should there be some documentation to help with the theme?




This theme is wonderful, looks soo nice. But I have problem with Polish letters, like ? ? ? etc. They are on my web page but appear to be different font than non-Polish letters.

Other than that works perfectly :)

Best regards, Maciej

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

awesome theme!

Thanks ;)

P.S If you like our product please rate it on ThemeForest/CodeCanyon :)

Hi I have purchased this template and while updating it to my wordpress account. I see the gentle theme in Broken theme section. error say stylesheet missing. I am an amateur so can you please tell me how do I get this template up and running?

Can galleries be password protected?

I know that question are to be submitted to the support forum but unfortunately it doesn’t work. It isn’t allowing me to put in my purchase code and i cant submit unless i can.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there an easy way to change the default number of loaded portfolio items from 10 to say 20?

2. Is there a way to allow the portfolio to show portfolio items that aren’t loaded in filtered results. My problem is say I have 50 portfolio items. 5 are photography but were uploaded early on so they aren’t visible without clicking load more. if you filter my portfolio by photography no items show up, unless the user has clicked show more.

3, How much would it cost to get my site with an auto load through scrolling feature. This would make the theme perfect.


Hi, really like the looks of your theme.

Can you tell me what is the different between masonry and masonry stacked? I see those as different options on the demo but I can’t see a difference between the two.


Also is there an option for having a full width slider on the Flex Slider posts? (By full width I mean 100% of the screen, like on the homepage)

Thank you!


I tried to submit an MPC Support Ticket but there was no field for the Envato Purchase code so it wouldn’t go through. I tried to include it in the body but it still wouldn’t submit. Is there a direct email I can reach out to?

I’m having trouble with the portfolio section. I have separate portfolio posts with different titles, indicated categories and are published, but the actual site is duplicating some posts and omitting others.

I’m in the process of filling out this site.



The purchase code should be provided while registering the account.


I am trying to find a way to set a category for the blog page. I only want a specific category to appear and not all the lastest posts.

Most themes have this but I cant find this option in yours.

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Hello, is it allowed to remove the the copyright (© 2012 Gentle, All Rights Reserved MassivePixelCreation) in the footer due to it is editable in the admin panel?

By the way thanks for this great theme :)

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Almost bought you theme, but there are post here that havent been respond for more than 8 days. ;(

What posts?

Hi, I have been trying to contact you via your web form and email but no response given. I have a problem with the ticket system: it asks for the purchase code even though I have already validated it and I already sent a few tickets to you some weeks ago. What is it?


Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Yes I know, but what I am saying here is that I actually CAN’T send tickets because the system is throwing that error message

Enter the purchase code one more time and everything will work just fine…

Some pre-sale questions: • can the ”/” separator between Home / Blog / Portfolio menu be eliminated? • can the masonry tile size be smaller? • can the “eye” when hovering over tile be disabled? Thank you.

Hi, all of those will require custom coding but this is very easy to do and once your purchase we can walk you through the process :)

Thanks for very quick reply…a couple more pre-sale questions: • can menu just be Blog // Portfolio // About • can portfolio tabs All-Design-Painting-Photography be centered instead of justified left?

Hi, yes menu can be like this. You can change the position of the categories in CSS.

Bug on the Load More button : my homepage is a blogtemplate page, if I choose to show posts 5 by 5, when I click on the button “Load More”, the system adds the same 5 posts in the list instead of adding the next 5 posts ! Every time I click on the Load more button, it adds the same 5 first posts ! Any idea why ? Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi, we are working on this ring now, update should be soon available.

GREAT THEME! Rated 5 stars ;)

Quick question… How do I custom CCS enable the date under the portfolio tittle, when viewing the portfolio page?


Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Version 1.0.4 does not show the arrows in flexslider. I opened ticket, please reply asap.

Hi, the update is in the queue it will be available tomorrow.


I have purchased the theme but i cant seem to intall it on wordpress :-( is this because the word press version i have is 3.5?

Thanks Root


Has the version with the filterable blog been released yet? I need that in order to use this theme.


Hi, no sorry not yet.

Any chance that will come out soon? I see you said it would be in the new release 2 months ago. Its a great theme, I just really need that capability…

If not, is it possible to walk me through adding it?