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The Facebook preview link in your item description is broken

Can you fix?

Strange. I see a page error. Screengrab here – Checked on iphone also, same error

Hi, remove the ’s’ from the https and everything will be fine ;)

Dear author, very nice theme. I keep getting this error: Failed to load resource “wp-content/themes/gentle/css/tango/skin.css?ver=3.5.1” And I can’t find any file named like this in the theme folder. Can you help me?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Hello I love your theme but there’s a small problem! I’d like to use the Masonry blog style and there’s a small “load more” button at the end and bottom of the page. Is it possible to change its position to bottom of the posts and make it bigger?? because it may not be seen as it’s really small. And I don’t know programming.

Hi! I have a question about retina. Is it possible to upload a logo for retina screens and a logo for normal screens? Or how does the theme manage the retina behaviour? Also, does the uploaded images display with double resolution in case I visit the site with retina like the plugin WP Retina 2x or in a similar way? Thanks!

Hi, the retina support for the logo (to have both versions) can be added to the theme through CSS.

No hablo muy bien Ingles, pero me sucede lo mismo que a otro usuario… ya existe una solución…

“Bug on the Load More button : my homepage is a blogtemplate page, if I choose to show posts 5 by 5, when I click on the button “Load More”, the system adds the same 5 posts in the list instead of adding the next 5 posts ! Every time I click on the Load more button, it adds the same 5 first posts ! Any idea why ? Thanks in advance for your help !”

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Theme is great! Love the clean and simple look and elegant operation. Very nicely made, especially love how it is responsive for other devices. Also, a lot of options and customization available to create your own unique look.

The ticket system is great as well and they are somewhat helpful, I just don’t like how I have to wait until everyday for just 1 answer/response. Gets time consuming.

Other than that the theme is working for me!

Hi, thanks for the review we are trying to improve out support ;)

Hi, I have 2 tickets that I really need answers to, but it has been a day and nothing. Can you please check? Thanks!

We are on it right now.

I have a pre-buyer question, I don’t see a audio post in the portfolio section. Do you support that custom post type? If so does it show up in the portfolio section with an audio player?

Hi, we do not support audio post types but you may use any shortcode you like for the image preview so you can embed the audio player in there.

hi there, i really like the this theme layout! but i want to create a child theme, and find that there are other files i need to copy into the child theme folder in file manager, other than just style.css can i know if you have instructions as to how to make child theme for Gentle? any specific files to copy across? thank you.

Hi, great theme. Pre-buyer questions: 1)Does this theme support self-hosted swfs within the portfolio? 2) Can the portfolio pop-ups be custom sized per EACH entry (i.e. one might open to display a 728×90 banner ad, another might open to display a 300×600 banner ad). 3) If yes to #2, what is the largest dimension the pop-up can be set to. And finally 4) Can the portfolio page be set as the home page. Thanks much!

Hi, I am not sure what you can do with those swf’s but If you want to embed them into a portfolio item there should be no problem.


great theme but

when i open the screen dimensions my recent posts go mental and disappear.

play with the screen widths on this site. play on the homepage and a post.

what is the solution here?


sorry as per above i have an issue with the theme breaking on different browser window widths.

gave the wrong url last time – this is the one to view to see what i mean.

the posts at the bottom of the homepage create massive gaps when in mobile view?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

hello? any answers on the child theme question i posted 5 days ago?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket.

Can I use video in the slider, and if so, still have the text over effect? Thanks!

Hi, in which slider if you mean the full width layer slider then you can, if you mean flex slider then no….

No response for a potential customer? :\

I have already answered your question.


Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Fresh and cool Theme. Thanks.

Pre buying question. You guys also have a plain html version? For the non wordpressers amongst us :) ?


Hi, sorry but there is only HTML version.

Hi, I asked a question on your ticket system, you answered, it didn’t work, so I responded that. Two days later you responded to give you FTP info, which I gave you within a few hours. It has now been over 2 days and I still can’t load more blog items into my page (it just repeats the previous entries). Pretty disappointed in your support system.

Hi, all of the ticket have been already answered.

Yes, thank you