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Does your theme support WPML ? and can we have unlimited portfolios ?


Hi, I have a problem with the Gentle Theme and the WPML plugin. I cannot set the sidebar position for each language. If I change the sidebar position for a page in a language, then the position of the sidebar is set automatically to “right” to this page for the rest of language. Can you help me please?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

How does the “classic” blog style look if there’s no featured image (a text-only post)? Does it leave a white space?

Which Classic blog? :)

This one: How does it look without an image? In the demo, each post has an image on top. I’m curious if it’s possible to have no image, just a text post, and if that would look OK or if it would leave a big placeholder. Thanks.

Hi, there will be no white space, if you have any help with the theme we will help you ;)

Hi, I seem to have a problem when I select the MORE IMAGES option in the portfolio.

I have 13 images currently, so it shows 10 of 13 – If I press more then I receive copies of images I already have but no actual image just the title for the picture so it looks very strange.

Also, in case I want this – how can I set the portfolio page to have more than 10 images as the default before the MORE button appears.

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

Hi, Great looking theme, before i buy few questions: 1. Is it working on WP 3.5? 2. Can the gallery ‘eye’ be coded by yourself to display the gallery name? - Can you add a name below or above each gallery? 3. Are the galleries able to be the Nivo sliders or a slider with thumbnails below them? Thanks!

Hi I asked for support on Thursday a really simple question on how to change the the blog so that posts are a summary before clicking more info, because at the moment it is showing the full post which means there’s no point in people clicking on the post to read more and it just looks untidy, please could someone get back to me, thank you :-)

I defo sent it in, i have just tried to look on you FAQs but I cant even log in to see the full FAQ, I forgot the password so tried to recover and it’s saying that the email address is not recognised so i tried to re register and it’s saying that my email address is already registered … so i don’t know what to do really.

I just want to know how to change it that is all it probably something really simple i just need some help :-)

Hi, to display only the excerpt of the post you need use the <!-more-> tag in HTML post editor or in visual editor use this button to mark which section of the post you want to show.

I want to buy this them for HTML not Wordpress You Can sale and How much ?

Hi, we are sorry but there is no HTML version of this theme. You will have to change it yourself.


I’m planning to upgrade my wp to this theme but I have a doubt about portfolio images. Let’s say I uploaded 2 photos in vertical and horizontal resolutions. how will they appear on the website? I checked the demo website but I couldn’t see that example. This is important for me.


on this page all photos have identical resolution. How does flex slider handle if one of the photo is vertical resolutions?

example from my site

Hi, the flex slider will act in the same way.

Hello, I need your help because I create en flex Slider, I write “width=”100%”” but my image don’t resize when I resize my window. Thank you for your help.

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

Need to double check with you before proceeding to buy:

1. Can I change the width of the homepage like the 960px format?

2. Will I be able to change the slideshow with my own on the homepage?

Thanks so much!

muah, Jing

HI, I am not sure what you mean? It is 960px by default. Yes of course you can use any images you like and any slider.

The current demo slide show and the portfolio are full width and inherents the size of the monitor screen. Can this be adjusted to 960px like the other pages?

Hi, yes of course this can be adjust to 960px.

Hi, a question. In my website i have different blog categories and i want to display each one by a menù item. There is a possible to assign the Blog templates page feature to single blog categories ?

How can i solve this issue ? Thanks

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

hi how come the post excepts dont work on mobile

reduce window size – see the big gaps

can you fix this?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

Seriously fall in love with this theme.. I have been using Gridlocked premium theme on my blog / portfolio page but i am considering switching as soon as possible. First question is critical for my needs, other ones would just make more happy :)

1. Is this theme SEO friendly? It´s not mentioned in description – - – 2. Could this theme display two different sidebars with different widgets on it? On portfolio i would love to see business related witdgets, on blog i want to see only recent posts etc. Is this possible to set with your support? – - - 3. I´d like to have masonry stacked mode on blog. Could it be set up with limit to two columns? Could i get support to set it up after purchasing theme or is this kind of customization out of scope of your support? – - – 4. Hopefully this couldn´t be a problem but i ask anyway. Is it possible to change default comments to facebook coments with facebook connect? Is this feature responsive and displayed correctly in every view? My readers use it a lot in Gridlocked theme, but Gridlocked is not responsive so i am not sure how does it work. – - – 5. Final one, hope you don´t fall asleep :) Is is possible to display slider above main blog view (masonry stacked mode) ? I love creating landscape pictures with iphone and this could be very pleasant to eye. Hopefully :) - – - Thanks for creating this beautiful theme and i am looking forward to your answers

Hi, 1. Yes it is SEO friendly as most themes, wordpress kind of fources themes to be SEO friendly :) I will add it to the description. 2. Yes of course it can, you can create unique sidebar for each page ;) 3. Probably with some digging you would be able to create something like this. 4. I am not sure but I think there should be no problem. If you find any problem we will help you fix it. 5. This is not possible out of the box but with some custom coding this shouldn’t be very hard.

Does this theme work in Wordpress 3.5? The menu appears broken.

Yes it does work, to get support please use our support system

Is it possible to change default size of blocks with pictures to minimum (300px)?

Hi, yes. If you have any trouble with this please file a support ticket.

Are the photos free to use for commercial use?

Photos from the preview are not inside the package. And they are not free to use anywhere.


I am sorry but this theme is just not good. Nothing is god damn intuitive about it. It is hard to modify and for examples if you want to remove the sidebar in the archives page you need to edit it in the code. Is there a way to refund me the money. I can give you the link to the domain name this was supposed to go. I am not happy with this theme at all.

Hi, if you are having trouble using it you could file a support ticket. If you want a refund contact ThemeForest support.

hi, can i have links in the slider? thnx Marije

Hi, yes you can.

Are you going to answer my ticket? I now have a broken page trying to fix it myself with no response..

We have answered all of the tickets yesterday, could you link to your ticket?

Hello, great theme! I identfied maybe a minor bug. On the iPhone the related posts inside a blog post are cut at the right side. And the text is not breaking to the next line, like it should be on a mobile phone. Anyways, great work!