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Waiting for version with filterable blog….when will it be available, please?

I have a question – Under recent posts on the home page. Can I pick which category or categories I want to show here, or is it all posts?

Hey guys – great theme. Works very well with our client’s site – everyone highly pleased! Support was also awesome – fast, easy to understand and friendly. All you can ask for! Thanks :-)

Great to hear, thanks for your purchase!

Lovely theme but support is slow. Average 1.9 day on my tickets

Also some of the editing workflow is problematic, especially the layersliders.. as the ‘wizard’ only works the first time you set it up, and all consequent actions have to be handwritten into the shortcode… which is time consuming, error-prone and difficult for beginners.

Hi, I’m considering purchasing this theme for a high profile site. The client wants to centre their logo at the top and the sample logo is centred, but it needs to be much bigger. Is this ok or is there a limit to the logo size? Chris

Hi, changing the logo size want be hard, if you want us to help you with this, just file a support ticket after purchase ;)

Pre-purchase question: can I size the thumbnails to be all the same instead of masonry style?

Hi, which thumbnails?

The portfolio thumbnails. Instead of having a masonry style where the thumbnails are different sizes, I want want all thumbnails to be the same size. (Similar to the way there are in your Agera theme.)

Hi, you can set them to be the same size ;)

Where can I find the link to the documentation for this theme? I’d like to read it over before purchasing.



I’ve posted my question about the load more portfolio function that doesn’t work on a private ticket, but the support doesn’t reply me on this point…

Could you please help me please ?

Please post the link to the ticket, we have cleared all of the support ticket this morning.

Question: How do I remove the search-width on top right? Great theme btw !

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

Love this theme! Do you have examples of live sites using this theme?

Thank you! Vanessa

How can I get questions answered before purchasing the theme? I tried to submit a ticket but it’s only for people that purchased. Thank you! Vanessa (again)

The questions are kinda lengthy. Is there an email I can use instead of this space? Thank you!

Hello! I’d like to get started on my site but I have a few questions to ask before I purchase. Is there a private email address I can use? My email is Thank you!

Pre-purchase question: Do you have plans for Compatible IE10 version? Thats only 1 reasons for dithered purchasing.

I like this theme but If you not I gonna buy Skittles.


Hi, it is compatible with IE 10, do you encounter any problems?

O Sorry, I miss understood. I gonna purchase it! Thanks

I purchased Gentle Themes several months ago. I installed the theme to wordpress and got it going fairly easy other than the issues with the sliders. It’s not the most user friendly way of working with them, and I have dealt with many other slider setups.

Many issues right off the start that I had to fix. First, the theme is not really SEO friendly nor is it very fast to load. I ran Google Page Speed and a couple other things to look at the loading speed and it revealed several things within the theme that were an issue. I was able to fix it and it did help some, but the theme never ran very smoothly. The other issue was compatibility with Firefox. They had to create another function php file for it to work, it may have been fixed in the upgrades I haven’t checked.

Fast forward to several months later- I update wordpress and the PHP is updated on my server. Gentle Themes crashes. I remove Gentle theme install files reinstall and manage to get it running again, although this time I run into more serious problems. Specifically, the slider refuses to work, it refuses to call the javascript from the directory. I’m no amateur wordpress theme user, it was a complete mess. It took 52 seconds for IE to load the first page, and their wasn’t much on it.

I worked over the next few days to get it working correctly. I email “support” on the MPC Ticksy site and the following are their responses verbatim

Gentle Theme Support – “Hi, I am not sure what might be the problem but your website is down for me, it doesn’t work at all.”

I checked with the host the site was never down- I can view the site on my computer in multiple browsers- I even clear the cache and Temp files.

- This was from a previous ticket- they said the same comment

MPC Gentle Theme Support “we can’t figure it out either. But when I check it from home it works just fine. It’s probably issue with our internet provider in office.”

Again not impressed with their support at this problem either- My conversation with them continued.

Gentle Theme Support “Hi, which browser & version you are using?” - 1 day later

I reply back- nothing has been heard since.

This is the only support I received over 5 days. I had several comments in between trying to discern what the issue was.

At this point I am switching to another theme and scrapping Gentle Theme. I have asked for other examples of gentle theme websites and have had no reply as I would like to see their load time as well. I would recommend not using Gentle Themes as I run a business with the theme and get over 200 unique visits daily and need my website operational to generate income. I post this long discussion in hope you will choose another theme.

I would like to request a full refund at this point.


Hi, I am sorry if you are not satisfied, we have many satisfied customer which are using this theme. I don’t agree with most, for example that it is not very SEO friendly… but I wont argue, this is not the place. If you want a refund please contact ThemeForest support.

Strange that all of the issues didn’t occur in the ThemeForest preview, maybe when you made the theme “seo friendly” you have made some mistakes…

We are very sorry that your site didn’t work for us for a long time but I also did check from the office and home :)

P.S As you can see by the number of purchases and the rating people are satisfied and I saw bigger websites running this theme then 200 visits daily.

Cheers, - Kuba

I guess this is the only way I could get a response from support- still doesn’t solve the issue, and no one replied back to my trouble ticket

I will email theme support and request a refund.

We are resolving all of the tickets each day, if you didn’t see our answer you could respond again, email, comment, tweet, comment on facebook, comment on our blog instead of just waiting.


Love the theme! Load time is a deal-breaker. If this theme loads quickly we’ll pull the trigger. How would you rate the load time?

Hi, I don’t see any problem with the load time, do you?


First of all, thank you very much this is a really nice theme.

Now my question:

How can i activate comments on a single portfolio page?

Thank you very much =)

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

this theme is WooCommerce compatible?

Hello, Purchased this template, how about an update to wordpress 3.5.1 ? any updates to be followed ? thanks

Ok updated the ticket with the licence code, please answer us

Hi, the issue has been fixed few minutes ago please see your the preview, make sure to clear cache in your browser..

Didn’t understand your answer, where do I get this template for 3.5.1 ? here it’s still showing 3.4 (and yes we erased cache)


I couldn’t put a retina logo on my website, every picttures is in retina except the logo.

Is there is any thing to do for that ?

thanks !

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code please view this

Think twice before buying a theme like this one where easy CSS support tickets takes more than 48h

Hi, there is an info on our support system that support is not available threw the weekends and May 3rd (because of a long weekend in poland).

Seriously crappy costumer service

Pre-purchase question: Where can I find the documentation of this theme? Is it given to me when I purchase the template? The documentation is given through mail or it’s in my dashboard?

Sorry if it’s a very fool question, I’m new here and it’s going to be my first purchased template.