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I understand this product includes only graphic elements (psd files, etc) and no scripting funcionality. Am I right?

Any updates on the html version? Thanks.

Hi, really interested in a WP or HTML template.

When do you plan to release this piece of art ?


I have already coded this template in html with jquery and it looks real nice. Thanks a lot to the author for this beautiful piece of design, thanks a lot.

I had a question before buying. Can someone upload a picture on Google maps and have it showing for everyone and for non users??

Hi -

I’m interested in purchasing this but how do I implement the technology if using HTML? Is there a wordpress theme available? How do I make the profile functional and geolocation attributes work? Is this only for an app…I’m looking for a responsive website.

Hi! It only html layout, you will need to program it

Hi, I am just a basic Wordpress site builder. I am not a coder. I want to buy this but there is not any info on how the install will work. Can you supply enough info so I can decide to buy it or not. How bout the manual? Thanks. (I bet this would really help with sales too….)

Online Demo ?