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Nice work. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks shaikrilwan

Very nice, GLWS

Thanks mate.

Good luck with sales :)

Thanks bro. For always being there to appreciate hardwork.

The demo does not work

Issue resolved now :)

Hi, I just purchased and installed the theme on our website. The template is already working, the only thing is that when I hit the WebDezyner->”Several Options” here, it gives me a 404 Page Not Found error. Any hints?

Can you please send me your admin panel details at support@webdezyner.com. I’ll look into the issue.

I hope the email i sent resolved your issue, as I didn’t get any reply back. If you still feel any issue please feel free to respond back my email. Thanks.

Yes, sorry for not replying until now. The “error” was solved. If it helps to anyone, it was fixed by clearing cache (Magento) and login in again into my account.


I just noticed that this theme is not responsive. When I resize the browser the layout gets adjusted, but it is still not up to the mark, when I run it on my phone, it is not at all responsive.

I like the theme very much, and I would appreciate if you can get it to work perfectly.

I will be waiting for the updated version before I purchase this theme.

Thanks for pointing out. I’ll look into the issue, and if needed, will update the theme.

when can we see the updated theme?

Hi haartyhanksld, I’ll get back to Gfashion after completing the current theme i’m working on. Thanks.

does it have quick install if yes what is version? and if i buy this can you send me the images version since Themeforest does not allow the images. last question have you fix responsive ?

Hi clikaydem, It has quick install custom script. Sorry i cannot send you images, as I do not have rights to sell them. Besides why would you need that, as you must add your own product images on your store. Regarding responsive issue, if you find any responsive issue, please send me screenshot at support@webdezyner.com, i’ll see what i can do to fix that. Thanks.


Any updates yet? I have purchased this theme for a month now. I’m stuck. The home page on my phone (galaxy s3) shows a desktop version of the site.

Please fix and update the theme to work perfectly on all the devices.

I’ve just submitted the update. You’ll be notified when it is approved. The only file changed is this: Magento directory/app/design/frontend/gfashion/default/layout/local.xml, in case you want to change only this file.

Even on your demo there is a problem Error: ReferenceError: Class is not defined Source File: http://demo.webdezyner.com/gfashion/js/scriptaculous/slider.js Line: 16

Hi! I love the theme, but before buying I would like to know if would be possible to do a video slide? Thank you!

Hi, the slider used in there is flexslider. It supports video slides, using vimeo video. Check this link: http://flexslider.woothemes.com/video.html

Awesome work, I like it!