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Nice Theme, GLWS :)

thanks GBJ

theme looks promising, looking to try it out

Thanks buddy

One of the Nice Ghost Theme I have ever Seen. the author looks very creative and technology oriented, since He has integrated all kinds of modern technology and media in the theme. Hope for good sell>>> Carry on >>>

thanks from heart

You are welcome Brother :)

Awesome… Good luck mate! :)

terima kasih

Haha… Terima kasih kembali. :)

Great Work, GLWS ;)

Thats my inspiration.

Good job!Good luck :)

Nice theme! I have the following question and a couple of requests. 1. How do I setup discus to use my own account seems that it is using I did not see a discuss.hbs file in the theme. 2. Can you include infinite scroll the next and previous post does not scale properly on the iPhone 5 3. How can one show the post date on the index view?

At first thanks to buy that theme. Let me answering your questions and request : 1. There have my own account of disqus. You can add your own disqus. At first open post.hbs then go to line number 55 then just replace your own discount account script there. ( Screenshot : )

2. Actually there have pagination system on that theme. I did not added this feature for this theme. Obviously i will think about that in next theme. Thanks for your request.

3. Just use following code which i indicated in screenshot in your index.hbs or just add where you want to see post date. :) Dont forget to see the preview of that theme : Thanks a lot for your comment!

If you need more information or help you may feel free sent me mail personally at


Nice Theme :) GLWS

Hi there,

I love the design of the theme. Many of the earlier ghost themes by other developers are quite rudimentary and boring (and so 2008) when it comes to design so i appreciate the thought that went into yours.

i would like to purchase but have a couple important questions first:

1. would it be easy to remove the following elements? a) User profile image in circle at top of page b) RSS Subscribe button at bottom c) Links to other articles at bottom

2. i notice on each page load, everything slides in from the left but the transition is not as smooth as it could be (i have a very fast wired connection so not my connection speed). Are you working on a fix for this? Or would you consider a more standard page-load if you cannot fix? the jerkiness between each new page is a bit distracting.

3. would i be able to swap the fonts easily?

4. For <geoelf PURCHASED> he had a question and you responded w/ code embedded in a graphic. The image does not clearly indicate what needs to be added/modified. Would it be possible to repost instructions for adding date using actual code (so your purchasers have an easier time)

I know it seems like a lot. But as I said, I do love the theme i just think these issues detract from the overall polish and need to know if you were hoping to provide an update soon that addresses these and/or anything else you think may enhance it. nothing worse than buying v1 of a theme and then never getting an update ;)

thanks for hearing me out! Take care :o)

Sorry, I did not notice your comment, I missed mail with notification. I am thinking to update that theme with couple of new features.. 1. User profile image, RSS button and other icon replacement is easy.
2. I will add preload in next update version.
3. Ya. Font and color change is super easy because i added less file there you will just change the base font name.
4. that the the code to use that in anywhere of that theme. You will able to remove, replace, move that any time. I recommend to use full tag
Thanks again for your valuable comment. I am sorry once again for late response.

nice work:);

Thanks for your comment

very good; excellent.