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Looks great guys!

Thanks so much dude. Hope you’re well.


Good job! I definitely buy this theme! Bookmarked! :)

Thanks man :)

Where can you check the different color schemes? Is there a way to test them on the preview? Thanks

Hi Blue

Here are some links to the colour schemes:





Does this support auto feeds?

Hi Buckles,

All our themese support the standard WordPress RSS widget, so you should be able to import feeds without issue.

Great theme, loving it…

Thanks Meks!

Beautiful theme – bookmarked!!

Love the design here, my only note is that it is super sluggish. Is this due to the quantity of embedded Vimeo videos?

Hi Skelton

This could be the cause. We will check it out our side.


Much “snappier” today…really love this theme.

:) Thanks Skelton!

I have a question about the blog. Is the blog only for writing info about the videos uploaded or can the blog be completely separate from the videos? Like let’s say I want to write a blog about a story I heard on the news. Is that possible?


Yep that’s possible, all you have to do is assign a category and then link it in the menu. Super easy to do :)


Also a question about the homepage. Can videos & photos be shown on the homepage or is it only videos?

Yep, you can have both videos and photos in Gigawatt :)

Is this on 960 grid?

The design is based on the 960 yes. However we don’t use their css framework as there is a lot of mark up which we don’t need.

Loving this theme! I am needing to show images instead of videos for the homepage slider. Can you tell me how to enable this please. I didn’t see it in the documentation, only video settings.


Hi Colee

To use thumbnails, make sure you upload an image to the same posts that you would add video embed code to.

If you upload an image to the post it will be displayed instead of the video.


Any plans for a full width blog update?


Here’s an example of the Full Width page: http://demo.obox-design.com/gigawatt/full-width/

Hope that’s what you’re looking for?


Actually, I’m looking for a full width blog option. So, no sidebar on the blog pages (main blog feed, single page, search, archive). On the single page, it’d be cool if the sidebar were dropped down below the post, next to the comments. Trying to display full width images on the blog and blog entries.


Gigawatt doesn’t have that kind of option but it would be possible with some CSS mods. Maybe contact one of our Approved Modifiers for help?


hi obox, i’d like to purchase but i need to know if your theme supports any multi language plugins ?

Thks Mat

Hi Mat

Yep, all our themes sold on ThemeForest support multi-language plugins.


Im very new to these things so I assume the question that follows will seem crazy to most of you however it has eluded my limited ability. I can’t for the life of me make the logo section on the top of the page center? Am i missing something obvious?


We are posting a hotfix for the alignment issue. You will find the update under “Theme Options > Update” in WordPress Admin.

Sorry about the issue.


Hi, I just bought Gigawatt theme and I’ve got few questions : 1) No breadcrumb seems to be included to this theme (Article) ? Any idea how to set it up quickly ?

2) I didn’t succeed to upload images, I’ve tried from the article admin as follow http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/552/3072698446.jpg but no images are displayed (neither on the article page nor on the HP slider) : http://www.gadgetoskate.com or http://www.gadgetoskate.com/whats-hot/bienvenus-sur-gadgetoskate-6

3) Where can you choose the different layout form the WP Admin (Light/dark/etc) I can’t find this option.

Thanks for your help on this ! Otherwise, great theme anyway ! :)

Cheers, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas

We’d love to help, would it be possible to post your question in our forums so that our support crew can attend to your install issue?

You’ll need your purchase code to login. To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a link below the theme title called “License Certificate” http://cl.ly/7thr.

The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can then use to login to the Obox forums.

You can login via this page on Obox: http://www.obox-design.com/please_login.cfm

Once you are logged in you will also be able to gain access to our new documentation which gives a step-by-step on how to install Gigawatt: http://www.obox-design.com/documentation_item.cfm/productId/1460

Hope that helps,


Hey there, great theme. I’m I’d like purchase but have a couple of questions.

On the home page, can the videos be viewed in a shadowbox? And automatically start playing.

Can the same be done for the portfolio page as well?

Thanks a bunch. Rich

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the compliments on the theme.

The feature you’ve mentioned isn’t a standard function, but with the help of an approved modifier, it’s certainly a possibility as it would require a small amount of custom code to be added to the theme.


Good night

Before buying the issue, I would like to take a course.

I will do some live broadcasts of events, shows .. Somehow, there is the possibility of putting a live video space highlighted during the transmission, and after completion, remove the video “live” and return to a static video?

Another question arose.

The site work for a TV, that is, we need a page for each “program” and not for each new episode.

How could this be done? The need to insert page portolio by video in each “category”.

This division could be made through the “File” automatically? As soon as I upload a video, select a category and go directly to the category of the program within the file, or just acts as a general file, regardless of category?

Another question. The videos featured on the homepage as a widget work? category?


Hi Gabriel

I am not sure I understand your question entirely. Would it be possible to mail me? david [at] obox .co.za

Nice theme, I love the grunge style. I read that you can use the normal theme for a blog. I should add many pictures and I was wondering if you can create, within a post, a gallery of images using the wordpress system, but they open with a system such as PrettyPhoto.

your theme is planned for the inclusion of the code for google analytics?


Hi glm

I’m really sorry for such a late response.

Yep that is definitely possible!