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Any known issues with WP4.0? I see WP4.0 is not listed in the software versions.

It is 4.0 compatible :)


How much for an Extended License?

I’m not a Developer and I’m not selling the themes. I need to create 8-10 websites with the same theme for my Small Business. I would need an Extended License or can I purchase once and use this same theme for all 8-10 sites?

Thank you

Hey kwilliamroman

Because our themes are GPL, you won’t need to buy the extended pack :)



That’s great news! Thanks : )

Hey Dave all 6 headers for composer aren’t right. Is there some CSS or some sort of code I can enter to fix this please?

Thanks again


Hi Kenneth

Would it be possible to post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist?

You can gain access by following the instructions here: http://oboxthemes.com/support

Once you are registered you will be redirected to your profile where you will need to enter your Purchase Code.

To get your purchase code you need to login to ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab, you will see a ‘Download’ button next to the theme you purchased. Click this button and a drop-down will appear with a link to your “License Certificate”. The .txt file in that download contains your “Item Purchase Code” which you can enter in via the brown paw in your Obox dashboard.


Any issue with WP 4.1?

Yep all good :)


On the portfolio page (three columns), it’s currently showing all the text in each item. How can I just show a short excerpt? I’ve tried the “more” button but it doesn’t work.

I want the portfolio page to show just a small amount of text then on the actual portfolio piece’s page, I want the whole of the text showing.


Got it! I just write in the “excerpt” bit at the bottom of the page.

How about this though:

It shows the picture on the portfolio page and then, through to the portfolio piece, it only shows the video.

Is there any way of showing both the picture and the video on the portfolio piece’s page?


I actually bought the “ecommerce” version of this theme so I’ve posted this in the wrong place – hence no “purchased” badge. Shall I post it in the other thread?

Yes please :)

Are you still managing this theme for the newest and future wordpress changes?

Most definitely!

Is Gigawatt “compatible” with Motion Picture? In other words, if I alternate between the two themes, will all my videos stay in tact?

For Motion Picture theme, is it possible to have the “featured” videos (in the slider) actually stop playing when you toggle to the next video? Right now, whenever you toggle, the current video just plays on top of the previous one, and this just continues indefinitely. Is there any way to have the video stop playing without manually pausing each video before you toggle to the next one? Thanks.

Hi Wooshaw

To answer your questions:

1. Yes it is possible to transfer between the two as they use the same post type and code

2. That is possible with a small change to the code that our support team can assist you with.


Do you have an update planned for this theme? Wordpress is now at 4.3.1 or is this theme being fazed out?

Hi Mark

Gigawatt is up to date, you can read how to update here:


Hi, im looking for a theme for selling online videos I will upload on youtube and vimeo. I have already a web domain and I need to choose a theme that fullfill my needs. 1) Selling online music instructional videos 2) The site will have youtube video links that the user will buy using a shop cart 3) I need to have control and admin users and password protect the videos so only paid users can see or download them 4) I have already my web domain and need to run the theme over my own web domain. I NEED TO A SITE LIKE THIS ONE (http://mikeslessons.com} Questions: does this template allows me to do all this? I will appreciate any help on this. really thanks!

does this support latest WP update?


Hello there. I’m feeling quite unhappy qith this theme, this is the worst experience of template ever. I’ve just bought it, and I just can’t personalize it. I got an error message saying I don’t have the rights to do access admin pages. Weird ! So I’m looking for help for the support I also bought. And there is an ENDLESS redirection towards the same webpage asking for me to register in Obox website. I did register. I can’t access ANY support, every time I see a “ask for support” button, I come back to the same old page asking me to register. THIS PAGE : http://oboxthemes.com/support?envato_item_id=492944 OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Please tell me how and where I can find support ?

Hi ClemKle

I am sorry for the frustration. Here to help, please send us a mail with your issues: info@obox.co.za

The first step will be getting you registered on Obox so that you can post your message:

1. Login to Obox 2. Go to your Dashboard, click the brown “Themeforest” paw 3. A modal window will pop up, enter your Purchase code 4. It will approve your account and allow you to post a support message


Hello I purchase your template today and I read your document and I set theme as per your all steps. But I want to theme look like your demo page But its not show me like that So can you please help me to resolve issue soon.

Thanks for your replay … I used slider widget for home page But its not show me category option So can you please check from your end and let me know

Hi Also I have seen 2 images in post detail page So can you please check my url and let me know why this show us 2 images instead of 1 http://modoent.tv/portfolio/industrial-revolution/

Hi Sbrayjr

Please could you post your question in our support forums: http://oboxthemes.com/support


Hello, I am looking for a theme that would allow me to sell my video course(s). What I am hoping to accomplish is #1 allow users to view/buy my course(s) #2 users can login and view all the videos that are included in the course(s). Is this something this theme offers? If not, what theme would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

Hi there, The theme is just the styling and template support for WooCommerce, which is the free shop plugin it supports. While it can help your site look pretty rad, what you are looking for is more of anh LMS extension for WooCommerce such as Sensei. You can learn more about that here: http://chrislema.com/selling-video-courses-online/ and https://docs.woothemes.com/document/sensei-woocommerce/

Hello, is it possible to embed facebook dailymotion videos?

Hi there, as long as Dailymotion / Facebook have an oEmbed option, it should be ok

Hi there, on the preview image/video for each post, is it possible to show two previews instead of one?

Hi There, please can you post your support questions here: https://www.layerswp.com/support/

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