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How do i remove the mm/dd/yy text from the bottom of the page?

Are you talking about the Recent News section? If so there is no dynamic options to hide the date.

No at the bottom of every page. after the footer you get a “mm/dd/yy” text down in the left corner. i have send you a picture and i used a red square and HERE text with red to show you what i am talking about. https://s3.postimg.io/llku9vher/weqeq.jpg

We just fixed it and you can re download theme and update it.

Hello. i have pre-sale question. i need to monetize registration I mean make paid registration. this is possible to do ? maybe with additional registration plugins or smth ?Thanks

yes, we are working on this, it will work with paid Membership Pro.

how do i disable the details on the image when i hover over it? and i have a problem with the mobile version of the theme on android in the firefox browser. i dont see the menu and the social icons like in this print screen https://s4.postimg.io/c5aucwa31/14018027_1064428756925564_1623646834_n.png

Can you see the same issue with my demo?

I have a problem. When a model is booked only the admin gets an email. The model does not get an email. And who do i know with account is linked to with model profile? And can you make the Unique Model code autogenerated because if a user is creating a profile it does not gen a unique code?

i got the email as well but how do i make it work on my site?

is there any development to my email problem?

Sorry, we already considered it and will add this feature in future updates.

I have purchased this theme and used it on the website. Kindly let me know what is the purpose of each one of them? What is the purpose of each one of them? How these can help in the work? Version 2.6.4 —Removed Model meta options and added in separate plugin. —Added “Talent Agency Plugin” . —Added “kaya-client-admin-theme Plugin” . —Added “kaya-roles-manager Plugin” . —Added “ta-social-sharing-icons Plugin”.

1. Talent Agency Plugin: which works as same like earlier but just moved the Model details generator into plugin.

2. Kaya Roles Manager: Where you can give permissions to the users baed on the roles like Post creation and limit, This is mainly used when you want to restrict the post and images uploading by users.

3. Kaya CLient Admin theme: which is simple admin theme for clients who logged in as user.

4. Social Sharing Icons: which same functionality like earlier but moved into plugin.

You can see this website as sample how all these are used:


Thanks for quick response:)

Welcome :)

The balks in the mobile responsive still exists ! http://img4web.com/view/KEMN3W

We just fixed the responsive gap bug and updated. You can download and let us know if you still face the issue.

Hi Kayapati, i updated yesterday to Gilda Version 2.6.4. Now i should update the responsive gap bug? how can i do that? Is this a plugin?


no, its theme, just re download theme and replace with older one.

Please note that we have not changed the version number as its minor bug.

Hey Guys If never you got the legal age, and want to check out a good example of what this theme can do -> www.escort-geneve.io <- Thanks to Kayapti for this beautifull item

Btw We’re looking for banner exchange in adult content thematic, best regards !

Thank you.

Btw We’re looking for banner exchange in adult content thematic, best regards !

Can you explain more what that mean.

Hey Kayapati ! You’re welcome ;) This theme is a perfect support, inter alia, for Adult thematic websites, so we’re looking for backlinks from goods partners,and the choice of your theme encourages us to find them here ;) another brick in the wall

Sorry, it may be against the envato copy rights, any way thank you very much for liking our theme. :)


sgpsaee Purchased

Hi, my space got hacked, so iam reinstalling all mysite, lost all backups too, one of them used your theme, so i did fresh installation and found there are alignment errors coming on the home page http://prnt.sc/cdnyvv http://prnt.sc/cdnywy check on diff browshers, diff PC

Try to install fresh theme and go to :Gilda Options > One click demo. You will get dummy posts and pages like my demo later you can modify it as per your needs.


sgpsaee Purchased

got it, it was pagebuilder plugin update issue, now its resolved

Glad to see that the issue has been resolved.

hello. our websites was working okay until the latest update came. the homepage was fine, but all model pages etc – all models details and photos vanished. tried everything but nothing worked.

After updating theme you need to install “Talent Agency” plugin.

I will check it out if you can provide us the wp admin details using my profile form.

Major issues with Kaya Gilda Page Widgets v. 2.3.6: all widgets disappeared and in back-end the category list is not shown anymore: https://snag.gy/0UMDZk.jpg

Reverting to 2.3.5 fixes the issue

Now the recent version is 2.6.4

Can you redownload recent version and test the issues?

Same here. We have Problems after the latest Gilda Update:

Screenshot BEFORE Gilda update: https://picload.org/image/rrwlropw/bildschirmfoto2016-09-05um17.3.png Screenshot AFTER Gilda update (Problem: Models Images and the datas from the models disappeared and it shows only : “Oktober 22,2015 by Noah Keine Kommentare”): https://picload.org/image/rrwlrowo/bildschirmfoto2016-09-05um17.1.png

now we reverted to 2.3.5. Maybe could you give us Instructions on a youtube video?

Ok thx!! i will send u a admin access to your email from callboy verzeichnis

ohh …

I need your email address that i can give you access to my wordpress account…. please send me your email here or via Email. You get your own access…


Go to my profile page and find a form bottom right side and fill it up with details.

Same problem here after the latest Gilda Update: we dont have support anymore but the new update should done its job know we dont have the old template anymore to fix it

Fixed the bug and updated theme in themeforest

perfect thank you very much :D

Glad to help you.


SupaRub Purchased

Hi I tried to register on your support forum but entered the wrong mail. Could you fix it to rubensbens@gmail.com please ?

I have seen the screenshots.

Which model data is disappeared? the data which is uploaded by model itself? or the data entered by Admin?

Please provide us the details, and go to my profile page and give us wp admin access to check it out.


SupaRub Purchased

THank you !

I am facing the same issue. After installing the new update (Version 2.6.4) all models images and the data from the models disappeared. I used envato-market plugin to update the theme as mentioned on the support forum. Kindly look into this matter and provide the YouTube video if there is some special configuration required to update the theme.

Which model data is disappeared? the data which is uploaded by model itself? or the data entered by Admin?

Please provide us the details, and go to my profile page and give us wp admin access to check it out.

Add ability to select the number of columns for search results (now 6).

Those interested in this feature may edit (or copy to child theme) the file search.php replacing




at line 111.

Thank you nineproofsolutions :)