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I have updated the theme gilda to newest version as well as wordpress and have installed the talent agency plug in. There is still a problem on the profile site of the talents: 1. layout does not fit anymore, text is aligned wrong. 2. The pictures of the galery are no longer displayed. Can you please fix this bugs?! The drop-dow / second menu can not be clicked why? Thanks in ahead

you are right ! It was because of the flags! Thanks!

But the Photos still didn’t scale/fit responsive on mobile screen. Maybe you can make them a bit smaller. The pictures are to high in the responsive mode …. I can make a video if you want to see what i mean …

Yes, please.

Hi team,

Can I disable prettyphoto popup in portfolio model pages?

I only want display the slider with portfolio images (not clickable).

Thank you!

Hi, this path is wrong. I can’t find js directory in talent agency. Maybe you want say /wp-content/themes/gilda/js/custom.js ??

Thank you!

And I need the name of the gallery slider function. Thanks

Please, I need your assistance. And you don’t respond. I need disable mouse animation on owl carrusel. Please, give me your email to contact faster. Thank you!

hi, I have trouble with gilda theme visualization on mac. Yesterday I saw that portfolio image was mashed, I update the theme and now I can’t see anything. Website works perfectly on PC, but not on MAC!

May be are you using older browser versions?

I can’t solve the problem on Safari-Mac. The browsers is normally the last versions. I will try again tomorrow on different imac.

Thank you.

I have few question before purchasing your theme can you assist me with those please reply

you can ask here.

What are the main differences between Guida and Julia themes?

Front end styling.

Hello kayapati,

I bought today another gilda license for my new project (www.escort-frauen.com). This portal is a reflection / copy of my original project www.callboy-verzeichnis.com.

However, I have two problems in my new website which I explain to you in the video.

I have also sent you directly a Wordpress ADMIN access to your email! I ask for your help.


We disabled the user dashboard and member tab from menu.

The registration form which is showing not related to our theme, right?

Did you install any plugins?

We tried to find this issue, but could not, where it is coming from?

I am sure that is not related to gilda theme or plugins.

ok the first issue is fixed ;-)

Thank you.


It’s possible change display submenu items with click on parent item? Not display with hover.

Thank you!

Instead of # try to add link then you will get it.

What link? I need to open submenu clicking on parent, what link? I need something like this: http://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_dropdown.asp

Thank you!

This function is not yet related to theme, if you have to manage it menu manager.

Really I am wonder where get issue. Do you feel the issue you face from theme or you have no idea how to manage it?

Why can not you add parent item and child item as standard way.


how can i enable a register with all model data? Like in this Demo u mentioned http://www.flash.eu.sk/become-a-model

That is older form created from contact form 7.

We updated dynamic front end become a model form, watch this video, for more videos

Email me for further communication.


sgpsaee Purchased

any recent known issues: site throwing error like this :

talent/wp-content/themes/gilda/lib/tcpdf/tcpdf.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in

talent/wp-content/themes/gilda/functions.php on line 132

It would be helpful if you can provide us the work admin access. Go to my profile and submit form.


sgpsaee Purchased

yup sent to the admin details, also could not find the talent shortlist plugin, using latest version of theme, pls help on the child theme and the shortlist too..

I just checked your wp admin side and found that the “Talent Shortlist” add on is already there and its working fine, what is the shortlist issue you face?


sgpsaee Purchased

does anyone face problems with the child theme (latest download), “The parent theme is missing. Please install the “gilda” parent theme”

the parent theme exists, event then, this msg is coming

iam getting such message, anyone with similar experiences? currently

I just checked again by activating child theme in my local server and can not see any issue like you.

Are you using latest gilda 2.7.5 version? if not please re down load theme and update it.

If still face after updating theme, then go to my profile page and provide us the wp admin access to check it out.


sgpsaee Purchased

hmm, yup using GildaVersion: 2.7.5, but anyway,i downloaded again the child theme and uploaded it. but still the same error , admin login details send to your profile page..

Please note that you have to purchase the support renewal for future queries.

HI, I have purchased the theme but my purchase cod doesn’t work when I am trying to register for support. Please advise L.E ! Problem solved. Please disregard the above.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m looking after to create a casting page for actors and models. Is it possible to have job board on the page with membership fee so the actors/models can applay for the jobs if the user has a menbership?

There’s something wrong with the theme, It keeps going to white screen when I install the plugins.


fill the form above and send it.



We fixed major bug “wp admin dashboard loading issue” it was taking lot of time when changing from one screen to other screen, so I strongly suggest you to update theme and plugins.

In all plugins we added automatic updated alert message for all our plugins in order to get alert message when ever we make fix the bug or add new feature etc., you must update all plugins as per the alert message.


We have added most flexible multiple form generator, you can add multiple forms like for Models, Photographers, Singers etc. Earlier there was no option like that so we added a major functionality.

You must watch this video before updating Talent agency from 1.1.9 to new one.

If notice any errors / functionality / styles while updating plugins or theme, feel free to post your query at our support forum http://support.kayapati.com/

Hello! I am having problems making a new account on http://support.kayapati.com/. The process failed in the making. I am now unable to create a new account. I get this error: “Sorry, but that item purchase code has already been registered with another account. Please login to that account to continue, or create a new account with another purchase code.” Please help because i need assistance with the Gilda theme. Regards.

We will go through the plugin and will try to support for this plugin.

Thank you!

We have gone through the plugin and installed, we see the languages is changing when we click other languages link? did you set the plugin properly? are you sure? please make it once again and confirm it, try to watch the youtube tutorial how to use the plugin.

If still face the issue then we need your wp admin access to check out/

The option Appearance > Customize > Search Section > Search Button Text Instead of Search Icon is ignored.

Those wanting to change the button text may insert this CSS in Custom CSS field:

.fa-search:before { content: "CERCA"; font-family: arial; font-style: normal; } .toggle_search { width: auto; padding: 0px 10px; }

Just want to point out that you can’t override advance-search.php in child theme.


amjy25 Purchased


I have updated the theme to the latest, and I am running wordpress 4.7.2. Is its theme compatible with this version of wordpress?

because I am now receiving errors while registering a new user, like this one : kaya_admin_settings.php on line 192 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in

and email never sent, I don’t know where to configure it anyway. support took too long to anwer, I don’t even know if they are working on the case.

Can provide us wp admin access here to help you on this bug?