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What is the best way to add socials to each model?

I have seen you have given other people this shortcode, but this doesn't seem to work.

[social imgurl=”http://templatesden.com/TF/WPCMS/globex/files/2012/08/skype_icon.png” link=”#”]



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this seemed to work -

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/username" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a>

But, still shows it on the left? Not cantered?


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Can you give us the issue page url or screen shot.

Added new feature called COMP CARD.

click this post and find comp card name and click on this then you will see a comp card, and click on the Print button which displays on the bottom of the card.


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Can you list a few different model categories all in alphabetical order?


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All the ID’s are displaying, but each model is not showing in alphabetical order overall?

You need to select the “Name” Oderby” option, did you select it?


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Is there a way to edit the layout of the mobile site without changing the way it looks on normal browsers?

Not getting what you want, can you explain it more?


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How can you change the Categories in advanced search from check boxes to a drop down menu? Also I need to change the category drop down menu in the model’s portfolio dashboard to check boxes so the models can select multiple categories for themselves.

1. While creating Model Options you need to select the “Selectbox” instead of checkboxes.

2. Instead of selectbox use checkbox while creating model options.

all the advanced search customization depends on the Model options generator from “Model Options >Model Options “

If its not what you are talking about then we need complete draft so that we can give fix.

Does this theme provide the ability to make some of the model pictures “Premium” images that require payment to access?

You can achieve this function using any third party plugins, like Paid Membership Pro plugin.

Where can I modify the logo on the PDF that is created from the shortlist?

Go to “Model Shortlist Section > Model Shortlist Settings > Print Logo Settings” where you have an options to upload PDF / Print logo.

There is no “Model Shortlist Section” in my dashboard????

Are you using recent updates?

Try by updating latest theme if you are using older theme.

If you still see the issue in the new theme, please go there and post your query along with wp admin details.


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Hello how can update the theme

Follow this http://support.kayapati.com/updating-a-theme/


Just redownload theme from themeforest and replace it with older theme folder.

How do I remove the “gilda” prefix from the Model ID number?

Go to “Portfolio Section > Portfolio Single page settings > Unique ID Prefix” where you can change the GILDA to your theme name.

Hi there We plans to buy this theme to make an agency directory , which are attached models profiles , our question was : On the application form , is this possible that only agency can subscrib, and then, can themselves parameterize the profiles of models they add in a similar form to you video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHoGTuDnIrI

Right now any one can register and create profiles which will be displayed on the front end after the admin is accepted.

But we are working on other useful functionality “Membership level” registration and giving permissions to create profiles based on the levels, support Free basic level can create only 1 post when the other premium level (Agency) can create multiple posts and publish them selfs without waiting for approval from admin.

Ok that sounds great ;) To be clear , right now, if a model agency subscribe to our directory, it would be able to set up global information (biography, Pictures uploads, socials media etc…) and publish ( after admin permission ) for each of its models? Thx for your answers Kayapati


hello I would be interested in the subject. And ‘possible to have search fields as city? Thank you

You have control which meta filed to be added into the search filter.


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Hello i need translate the Portfolio Filter Tabs and search button and another words, i try use polylang but doesnt work

All the strings are available in .po file which is located in language folder of plugin.

Hello Dear Support,

Please help us I think about to buy a license from your Gilda Theme, but finally i have some questions for the theme possibilities.

1) We want that the model can register themselves in the registration formular. The should generate directly their profile (with uploading Photos) in this registration formular so that i only have to confirm the profil in the dashboard or admin center…. is this possible?

2) Is it possible to link the GTB general terms and General Terms and Conditions in the  registration formular, that the models have to confirm the GTC before they could send the registration?

3) Do you offer also Payment Providers for subscribers? Or could you recommend a Payment Provider?

Thank you for your help!

Greetings from Bavaria – South Germany-

1. Right now user can register and create portfolio post which will be displayed on the front page once the admin accept it.

2. NO, right now there is no option like that, we considered it and will add it.

3. Right now there is no payment options, but we are working on a add on plugin for “Paid Membership pro” where users can select the membership level and register as per their plan by paying the amount, the CPTs access it given based on the levels.

1. Suppose if the User select a “FREE” membership level the are redirected to a CPT where they can create only one Profile.

2. If the register as Agent then redirected to a CPT where they can create multiple profiles and publish themselves, the do not need to wait the admin accept the profile.

We are working in this deeply so it will take 2 months to complete all the functionalities.


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possible to move the biography tab to first tab, before portfolio? in your theme or its fixed… http://preview.themeforest.net/item/gilda-fashion-model-agency-wordpress-cms-theme/full_screen_preview/2871437

Right now its fixed, we will try to oder them in coming updates.

kayapati hello , we would like that the profile ” users” , for us the agencies, can publish / edit several model profile via the website interface , for now they are authorized to edit / create only one model profile , if they want to publish more they have to connect to their wordpress admin interface

Another thing, we would like too that agencies can also create a profile page like for models but with different caracteristics , is this possible? any 3rd party plug in ?

we are working on the plugin called “Talent Agency” where you can create Talent details like Name, Age, Height etc. and dispaly them in the talent Detail page.

Another plugin called “Talent Agency – Front end dashboard add on” where talent can register and create their profiles as front end, no need to go to dashboard.

We are working on these plugins and will complete them by Next month.


sgpsaee Purchased

do you have PSD & / HTML template for this theme to buy ?

Sorry, not available.

I have a few questions which are very important for my project with your theme. I really hope that you can help me again.

1) I need to put in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) in the Members Login Register Formular Do you know previously when you find a solution?

2) For the Model Profil Formular and the Model Booking Formular: where can we change or delete empty fields (i mean fields that i did not need/use -> in my case for example we dont need the video upload fields in the Model Profil Formular) and how to put new fields in the formular, and where can we change the design, Fontcolour/Size in the Model Profil Formular?

3) How can i generate individuel new fields or put in widgets in the model portfolio tab / model profil site? Because i want that every model has his own Contactformular. This formular should be directly in the model profil under Portfolio or in a extra Tab so that the clients can go to a model profil an write them for the first contact easily one to one via this contactformular and i want a copy in BCC of that first request. We need a contactformular where the client can get in touch directly with the model via formular)

4) We dont need these +/- mark stuff. Possible to put it out?

5) The search function in my gilda theme didn’t work… do you know why?

Thank you very much