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I need to add a new filter condition based on talent categories in the search box. Please advice how to go about it.

You can add filter based on Talent Custom fields. You can use category menus in menu manager.

Thank you.

Hello Kayapati. Slider is not displaying all images. ¿Can you help me?

Please go to my support forum and post your query http://support.kayapati.com/

Thank you. I made a mistake. Changed uploaded images to a max of 500 px height and now works perfect.

thank you.


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Hi, can you solve the following problems? 1. The header menu section breaks at 1023px. 2. In mobile, nothing happens when I first tap each model image and name on model list pages. I have to tap again to move to the single portfolio page. It also causes troubles when swiping the list pages. It doesn’t work when my finger touches on a model image or name on the first try.

They happen on your demo site, too. Could you check and fix them? http://kayapati.com/demos/gilda/

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Talent Agency (1.1.9) has been installed in wp-content/plugins/talent-agency but when I checked Appearance > Install Plugins, there was another Talent Agency plugin (1.3.5) which has not been installed yet. When I clicked on “Install”, It was installed not in wp-content/plugins/talent-agency but wp-content/plugins/talentagency and when I deactivated the old one and activate the new one, an error message “expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in wp-content/plugins/talentagency/includes/kta-functions.php on line 448” appeared and nothing is displayed after the menu section.


khastie Purchased

Can you tell me how to solve the above problem?

If you can provide us wp admin access, we will check it out and let you know. can you post it on our support forum?http://support.kayapati.com/

How can I add fields to the contact form such as captcha?

Sorry, you can not add, if you want you can use any third party plugins.

How to edit kaya post slider? Any description I enter is not visible in the slider except post title. Where is description and featured image which i uploaded?

And when I click view its showing a php error “Warning: getimagesize(E:\wamp\www\T4F/): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in E:\wamp\www\T4F\wp-content\plugins\kaya-gilda-page-widgets\inc\mr-image-resize.php on line 174”.

Hello Envato sales team—Please understand, and I repeat, this request for refund is not for a fundamentally sound, and critical, feature not being made available alone!

1. First, the demo does not specifically show that this feature is available or not available. The requirement is fundamental to the business, the nature of the business being similar to any employment oriented website. Envato’s JobCareer, which we are now using since Gilda has proven to be of not much use, includes this feature.

2. This issue (of feature not being available) was the final nail in the coffin, so to say. Prior to this, we had Gilda generate php errors under specific conditions (which was addressed), we had issues such as being unable to set background color via color code, and so on (we have the correspondence track to substantiate these claims).

3. One specific query was not addressed AT ALL! We are supposed to have a six month post-purchase support, and NO ANSWER is the worst response we could face!

It is because of ALL these deficiencies and lack of appropriate support, how could we comfortably face the client a few more months down the line, having invested a lot more time, effort and resources?

Please refund us the amount, since we have had to purchase another product to address our client’s needs, and the financial loss will NOT be reimbursed by the client.

As you may be aware, we are in a very price-sensitive skill area, when it comes to website development.


Sorry, this is not for job career business, its mainly useful for Model agency business.

We are building a model/acting agency website, and are using the job career site, because we find it better suited and more robust than Gilda. We will have evidence to prove the nature of our business in a week’s time, once we host it on the web.

I DEMAND a refund, failing which, I would like to escalate it to higher levels.

Here is the business scenario.

A person joins as a talent. Before joining, basic user profile is gathered, and after OTP verification, credentials are emailed to the person.

Next, the person logs in using this username and password.

Now, the person is expected to complete the talent profile, which can be later always edited using a “edit talent profile” menu option (or something like that).

Currently, the default Gilda behavior is that, after the person logs in, both “add talent” and “talent profile” are being shown. This goes against the business logic, because a talent is allowed to “add talent” ONLY ONCE, and can subsequently ONLY edit the talent profile.

Please suggest how this can be done. In other words, “add talent” should NOT be displayed to the person after the first time. A user (unless he is a agent) should NOT be adding multiple talents.

Hope the challenge is clear. This is a severe limitation the way I see it right now, and negates the very purpose of purchasing this theme.


Once the User limit is exceed then even you click the add talent there wont be any options to create posts, you need to set the permissions how many posts user to create.

otherwise if you use wp dashboard instead of Frontend talent posting plugin, then add new talent link is disabled once the post is created.

Thanks for the response. However this does not seem to address my client’s basic requirement of only one talent per candidate (the requirement is similar to how a candidate is allowed only one job profile in a recruitment site).

Based on the number of issues we had to deal with within just a week of purchasing this theme, and the time lag in support response, and capped by the fact that a fundamental requirement is not addressed, we would request you to refund the cost of the purchase. We will erase the download permanently, and assure you that this theme will not used again ever by us.


Sorry, we can not refund for digital product, you can contact envato for further details.

Hello, I have some pre-sales questions:

  1. Video tab: Is it possible to populate the tab with a playlist from a Youtube account?
  2. Is it possible to include the Bio in the compcard?
  3. Is it possible to customise the model tabs/add new ones? (model images, polaroid images, videos and bio)
  4. Would it be possible and how easy would it be to implement a social media count on each model thumb on rollover (e.g. with this plugin)
  5. Would it be possible to use a full width layout?

1. You can add only video urls. 2. If you add simple text area as bio then you can. if you add Separate rich text area then you can add that into the card. 3. Order not yet can be done. 4. If you know css and html then can be done, but need to add it child theme to avoid lossing the data when updates. 5. yes.

Hi, I have the pages set to show talent as “OrderBy” “Ascending” but the names are not showing in alphabetical order form A-Z and are random. How can i fix this?

When even you install gilda theme then you will be alerted to install talent agency plugin, with out this plugin you can not manage the talent fields. Did not get any alert message while install thing theme? make sure that the Talent agency plugin is installed and activated or not.

I’ve just checked, but I do not have this plugin on my theme. Where Can i get it? It isn’t installed at all. But the site works fine, I just want to be able to arrange the names of my talent on pages in alphabetical order, a function that doesn’t work.

Can you go to my profile page and provide us the wp admin access to check it out, you can see a form in my profile page fill it and send it or

you can post your query on our support forum.

HELP! I just updated my theme and ALL of my model portfolio & measurements etc is missing. The profiles are all empty and the content has disappeared. How do I fix this urgently?

It should not happen, please make sure that the talent agency is installed and activated, go the custom fields generator see that the options are exist or not.

How do I remove the header words like “images” from the model pages on this new update?

If you disable the shortlist plugin then the – and + icons will be disappeared.

Got it. And now, on the model individual page, I want to remove the header image that would say “portfolio” “digitals” or whatever. How do I do this? I Just want the images to show without any header above them inside the red rectangle. http://imgur.com/a/9u04E

Go to “Talent Agency > CPT panels” where you have an options to hide them.

I am very interested on this theme for a Casting AGency, but I need to know if my clients (not models, usually Publicity agencies, marketing agencies, etc) can register and - have shortlists saved in their accounts, - or we can make shortlists for them in their accounts. thank you

Yes, they can register and shortlist, but can not save, just can shortlist and can pring, pdf and send an email short listed models to any one.

but what are the benefits of registration if the shortlists cannot be saved? please can you tell me the characteristics or functions when a client registers? because the shortlists can be used even if you dont register right? thank you

yes, the shortlist function is basic, just can short list and send an emails.


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How can I add a contact form in single talent page so the visitor can send a message directly to the talent instead of clicking on “shortlist” then go to shortlists to click “book talent”? in short, how can I add a “Book talent” button in single talent page?

2- How can I add star rating review on single talent page?


1. you can add short code of contact form in single-portfolio.php which is located in gilda/talentagency/ folder.

2. You can install any third party rating plugins and can add related code in single-portfolio.php located in gilda/talentagency/ folder.

is it possible to hide the talent contact info and disclosed it to paid member only and if not can you do this as a paid add on plugin.

yes, contact number can be hide for non logged users.

OK what about paid membership for models and users to view models contact data

There is no options based on roles.


This is out website: http://omo.rkksks.com

I’ve input the talent into the website and have filled out the custom fields (e.g. height, nationality, eye colour etc.).

However, the search tool does not seem to work correctly. For example, if you do a search for models who are: Female (gender), and 170cm-175cm (height) – it takes you to page which says “Nothing Found”. This is clearly wrong as we 100% have models who are female and within that height limit.

Could you please help me sort this as I’m really not sure what to do.

Thank you Aaron

In our support forum, there is an option of checkbox “Set as Private Reply” just tick this.

Ok I have replied on the Support Forum

ok I will check it out.

We cant update the Themes Plugin “Kaya Gilda Page Widgets” to 2.5- can i download everywhere ?

we just send you the request in your support forum …

once you update theme then you will be asked to update plugin too.

Hi kayapati I would like to translate to spanish few Items of become a model widget. Is this possible?


1. Go to “Talent Agency > General” where you can find “Talent Profile Cover Image Text” change the text then it will effect where you are asking.

2. You can find .pot file where you can change it.

Thanks a lot for you quick reply!

Thank you.


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with demo data, i got the height as 2feet, do i need to add until 6 feet myself or ? how does it work ?


That can be controlled you can add your own height from custom fields.


sgpsaee Purchased

why the age is shown wrongly even though the age is right on back end


We fixed this bug, please update theme, or message us in our support forum/


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is there any simple enable disable button, if one does not want to show the stats when mouse over on the image ? also if say i dnot want the BW photo on the home page, instead i just want actual colour w/ and w/o stats when mouse over, how do i do it.


sgpsaee Purchased

i tryed to find this option, but its not there :- ( ””If you want hide the model details on the hover images, you have options to cotrol them in “Talent Agency > Custom Field” generator. Where you can make false.”

Do you mean you want to hide all fields or just few? if you want to hide.

If you displayed the talents using the widget called “Talents Grid View” then you have an option to enable/disable the gray scale and talent information, so please open the page and try to find those settings in the widget itself.