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Looks great, Good luck with sales! :)

Nice theme.. Good luck with the sales. :)

Nice design , good luck with sales :)

Looks great, best of lick with sales :)

Thank you guys :) Glad you people like the theme.

Few shortcode generator bugs has been fixed and updated files which will be available in next couple of hours.

so please download latest files and feel free to contact me if face any issues.

Thanks ram


realy nice them !!

What is the other skin of theme ?

Thanks in advance

there is no other skin separately.

There is an option in Theme Options settings to customize

1. Top Header BG color ( wide slider bg )

2. All highlighted colors, ex: active link, Title Hi lighted color, slider nav bar, teaser boxes hover, toggle tweets,

3. Complete footer control, title, text, bg, hyper links,

4. Complete control on sidebar

5. Content section hyper links and much more..

I’m having trouble accesses the teaser boxes shortcode. When I go to a page and fill out all of the information for the teaser boxes, I can’t scroll all the way down to the “enter” or “submit” button.

you mean, Top 3 circle teaser boxes? if so these can be created from Theme Options page, go to “Theme Options > Frontpage Teaser Boxes” where you have an option to choose number of columns from 1-4.

Feel free to email me if you face any issues.

Hi, I’ve buyed your theme. It’s great ! I’m just looking for a database (xml files) to import in Wordpress, the same as the live preview.

Thanks for your quick answer

Hi there

I have noticed that the pricing template on the demo is showing code and not formatting correctly. Once Ive seen this fixed, I will purchase.


It seems you observed while we are uploading pricing table files, now its completed. and will update files soon.

Note: Just updated files as V 1 .1

1. Added Pricing Table short-codes

2. Fixed few bugs in Recent & Popular Posts widgets.

updated files are in Q and will be available for download in next couple of hours.

Thanks ram

Hi, I have bought the them and everything worked to change the colour except the active link color. I have tried to change all the option in blue but the active page stay on orange ??

Thanks in advance

will check it out and fix the bug if exist.

Very nice theme. Thinking about purchasing but just curious why there isn’t a search function on home page…maybe right aligned in menu bar would look nice. Still though that’s nothing that can’t be done easily but otherwise a really nice site. Well done and all the best with sales.

we placed search box in inner pages just bellow menu.

Great Theme, whats the business logo font? The Globex part and the business solutions part?

Those are free fonts, we have mentioned it in help file.

Thanks, I have now brought the theme!!

Hi. The slider doesn’t work. Pictures don’t change and the text remains static.

can you show me your website url?

I so do. Doesn’t work. Try to add the listed fonts. Play, Ubuntu Condensed etc.

I need to check your wp admin , can you email me access?

I sent.

Good morning!

First… KILLER THEME . Love it… I’ve noticed that IE is not playing nice with the background. Can you peek at my site and see if there is something I have done incorrectly?


Thank you in advance.


I am working on Gradient for IE, mostly done, will update file now.

Did you update the style.css? What file are you referring to, and please let me know when you update…

Thanks so much. The theme is very cool. Easy to work with.

Great service too… I am hitting the 5 star rating now.

its updated.

replace style.css and custom_skin.php which is in css folder.

I’ve downloaded the last version. I still have a problem with the elastic slider . The numbers of words in the title and the description seems to be limited. How could i change it ?

slider is working for others, you only getting issue, so I need to check it out your wp admin, plz email me your wp admin accesss

If you would like to increase the slider caption, open elastic-slider.php which is in slider folder and find this code

<h3><?php echo content(10); ?></h3>

increase the 10 as per your needs.

@Vincentdatin I had the same issue. The theme is programmed to take the last word of your text…regardless of the number of words….and replace with three periods as an implication for more.

Turn the links off on the slider settings in the theme options… Then add <span style="visibility:hidden;">Last Word</span> to the end of your headlines… and it tricks the programmed action.

I am sure there is a smarter way to do this.. but I couldn’t find it in the php.. so I found this work around.

Is it possible to setup a child theme for Globex? When I tried to set one up it messed up WordPress after activating it.

I was afraid of that. In the theme options I don’t see a space for adding custom css, where would I add that since I don’t want to edit the actual css file in case of future updates to the theme.

We will add custom text area where you can add custom styles, in coming updates.

Sounds good. In the meantime, in case anyone else is curious, I created an external css file and added a link to it in the area where I added the Google Analytical code and it seemed to work so far.