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Hello, after the update the option “Frontpage Settings ” is no longer under theme options. How do I set what pages content shows on the Home page now?

Go to “Settings > Reading” where set a static page as a home page.

How can I change the color of the sidebar menu to none? I have tried in the theme options Custom Color section and in the stylesheet, but cannot get it to work. Thanks for you help!

you can not put it none, but need to add any color.

Ok, so I am fine with making the color white since that is the color of my background, but when I do this, it also changes the color of my top menu bar. But my menu buttons stay gray. And after changing a couple of times, everything is stuck on black. It will not let me change it at all anymore. My website is http://www.mielkeoil.co

get the latest files and update it your problem will be fixed.

hello, i’ve started to work with your theme today and faced two problems: 1. the img in teaser box is not shown although i see it in “theme options> front page teaserboxes”. it says “faild to load the given url”. what do i need to know about that? 2. when i upload images to slider in front page i have problems: if i upload it to featured image, on the website it says “uploading” but the picture doesn’t come up. if i insert it to the post it comes underneath the title. i want to get the result like in your template- that the picture is displayed full width and the title is above it.

the documentation is not giving me answers to those problems. thank you in advance, nextappeal.

you told me that already and it helped me for the slider. at the teaser box i see the images now but i get a warning. see above…

That error may not come onlive, can you try?

ok. i’ve put the site onlive and the problems are solved. thank you.

I just found out the horizontal tabs are not responsive. I was extremely excited about this theme until I saw this huge error. Can this be fixed ASAP please??

Yes works fine in mobile too if you have few tabs, only the issue comes when you add more tabs, any how we will fix the bug in the coming updates.

Hi, i’m having trouble with the contact page, when i press submit on a message, it goes to a 404 not found page, even though the file (sendEmail.php) is not missing.. i tried to look at the php files but coudnt find out what was causing the problem, do you think you could help me with that if i give you access to the wordpress via email? thanks a lot in advance! Oh and also, my client wants that contact page to send the email to 2 email addresses, but i wasn’t sure it was possible since it takes the email in the wordpress options, is it possible to manually code this in the sendmail file instead of fetching the option? (i can probably do it if you say yes)

thanks again!

Try by manually adding your emails in the sendmail php file, you can use contact form 7 plugin if above do not work out.

Hi, it works great with the CF7 (i don’t get the 404) but i was wondering if by any chance you ever worked with it with your theme, i’m trying to configure the CSS so it looks like your template contact page but i’m having real difficulties making it looks good :(

I am also unable to edit the widgets after updating the theme to the most recent version and WP to 3.5.1. Can you please tell us how to fix this? I notice that another person had this issue.

please go to download section and get the latest files and update the theme folder.

Excellent Job man !!

Is it possible to use arrow keys to navigate in the portfolio when showing them on the lightbox popup? Thanks

no, you can not use the arrow sections.


On my Blog Page “Read More” is not available and the main blog page shows the full article/blog post instead of few line and read more button.

Please advise

And, where do I exactly use that code?

while creating the blog post, you can find the wordpress more tag in the wordpress editor, look at the bellow video:


Thanks, that did it :)

Another question: is it possible to do paging on page that has testimonials?

sorry, no as those are just testimonial shortcode

I see in the demo, we have a little problem in the menu. Only the text of the menu is a link, but the button is not a link. Is that easy to solve? If yes, ill buy this.

Thank you!

This is a bit bug we are not able to fix in the last updates, but we will try to fix it in coming updates.

Well… i tried here with code inspector. Im able to solve this problem with litle css modifications. Im going to buy this now. Thank you!

To solve this… we need to add the missing class ”.menu ul li a”


thank you

PURCHASED – Thank you!

On the jqueryslidemenu.css

remove these 2 lines from: nav .menu ul li padding:14px 20px 15px 9px ; height:21px;

and paste these 2 lines in nav .menu ul li a

Menu problem solved =)

Thank you :)

Hello Kayapati,

We’re having a major issue with the “responsiveness” of the Globex theme. The theme is advertised as being responsive to mobile devices (iPhone and Android) and this is clearly not the case. The current state of the site when viewed on a mobile device is unacceptable: www.plushanski.com

We need you to either provide us with either a way to fix the “responsive” version of the theme or a way to disable the “responsive” function and allow a mobile device to display the webpage normally.

Please let us know what can be done.

Thank you, TAG Online, Inc.

Do you see the same issue with my demo in mobile version?

Its seems few css is missing for your website while you are making changes.

Hello, I used the theme and very nice, congratulations. but firefox browser gives error. page looks bad. would you be helping? look at motokurye.com.tr ..

It should not be like that, some thing missing or not close properly.

Try by disabling the slider, if it works fine then the slider text is missing some closing tags.

email me your wp admin access if still face the issue.

Seems to be issues with the theme in IE 8 and 9…... is this going to be solved??? let me know please – other than that theme is great.

the issue is that the new scroll on wideget area and logos etc are not spacing correctly – all look ok in Firefox but when we view the same content on IE9 it looks different – look at the below and you can see the difference in firefox and IE 9 www.communitypharmacyni.co.uk

do you see the same issue with my demo?

sorry, I do not see any difference in IE, it looks same like FF

Hello, how do I get the picture in the portfolio-page, because I see it now small in my right column by my text and the left area is blank… with only the two links.

can you show me your website?

Do you have an email so I can sent you some print screens

Go to my profile page and find a contact form, fill it up and submit.

I have try it again… upload a logo en place it on the page with Add media. By one post I get now a big logo in the left area and a small in the right… when I remove the logo in the page and say publish… is the logo still on the left side (big logo) the small one in the right area is removed. What must I do to fix this… that I get one logo in the left area and not in the right and that I can change the image.

when you remove the logo, refresh the browser and gain upload it new one.


We’re having an issue with this theme. Hopefully you’ll be able to help us. When editing a page, we’re not able to switch between the “Text” and “Visual” editor. We’re stuck on the Visual tab, and when we click over to the Text tab, we receive the following Javascript error:

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘switchto’ of undefined”

Also, the Shortcode Generator is not working. When clicked on, nothing is happening. Please let us know how to fix this error.

Thanks, Tag Online

Did you use latest updated files, if not download theme and update theme folder.

Downloading the new theme files solved the issue. Thanks!

Thank you :)

Hi I have recently moved site to a new server [which I have no control over]. The server is a clean install of PHP so I have to request install of GD etc. GD is now installed so Tim Thumb resize now works ok. However since installing GD the Kayapati widget images no longer display. You can see here: http://new.williamsbuild.com. If you check the code you’ll see there is no image source.