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We have been using your theme and like it very much. It seems there is a call to a file that is not included in the theme. In my error logs it is saying: Nothing found for: /wp-content/themes/globex/lib/admin/js/jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js?ver=3.5.1

I checked my installation and the jquery file is not present in the folder. Is this a file that should have been included in the theme? If so, can you please make it available for download?

Thank you, Crystal

no need to included the js file as it load dynamically from wordpress


How do I remove the white box on the homepage where there are recent posts and “Sideabr Widget Area”? I have a second question, how to have the same fonts as the theme demo? thank you

The frame is larger than before. It is not deleted. Can you help me? Thank you.

can you email me your wp admin access/



first of all congrats on the nice template. I do have one issue though. The font looks great in Chrome and FF, but completely different in IE 8 and 9. The font that should be used is not displayed in IE. I checked your demo site and there is the same problem.

Is there a fix?

Thank you,


yes, we are planing to make updates from scratch with uptodate trend in options settings and code view, but it may take time, may be next month.

ok, thanks for your reply.. Is there no quick solution to this problem, I’m getting much pressure from the customer to go online this week, but I cannot do this unless the font bug is fixed. Thanks for your understanding and work!

Good job on the theme. I love it.

One of the items on the newest update says “Added an option to give links for teaser icons in the frontpage”. I have several modifications to the Globex code on my site but I really need that function. Can you tell me which file or files this function is in so I can upload just that file or files?

try this file:

kaya_teaser_boxes.php which is in “lib/functions/shortcodes/”

Hi, Congratz with the design ! Great work !

I’m having a small prob with the Kaya Slider … It doesn’t seem to load the image (message “loading” remains on the screen …)

Any idea ?

See http://www.tagident.com

Thanks in advance for your reply & keeep on doing the good work !

try by deactivating the timthumb from “Theme Options > General Settings”

Works. Problem solved. Super service.

Thanks !

Hi Kayapati, First of all, thx for this solid template you made. I only have a little problem with changing the colors. When i go in to custom colors -> Content Section Color settings and make the grey color darker there is nothing changing on the site.

for my test website: http://gth.wh130.nl

I ment textcolor, i see that i can’t change any color. If i try to change the header background color there is also not happening anything.

did you use latest updated theme?

I have version 1.3

Hi kayapati, I tought i just write you under this account so maybe we get a little better support.

I’m having the problem where i can’t change any colors in the template. I’m having the latest version of the template and wordpress.

Hope you can help me. http://gth.wh130.nl/

Regards, Rein

I need to check it out your wp admin access, email me.

Hi, I am having issues with the icons on the front page, where you have CREATIVE IDEAS, CLEAN AND MODERN DESIGN, etc. etc. No matter what PNG I put under the code [iconbox title=”Cableado Estructurado” icon=”http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/create1.png” link=”http://www.google.com”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas ultrices consectetur mattis[/iconbox]

It will not display the image. Can you help me with this?

may be the issue from timthumb, we are trying to removing the image resize script goinhg to remove it in coming updates.

is there any workaround so I can get the site running? I modified the style.css a little bit so the header height is a little bit smaller as you can see on the website. If you need access to my site to check send me an email and I will provide you the info. my site is www.whitelionpa.com

it seems I will not be able to get my site running until you release the comming update

Hi Kayapati, Is there a way to remove the orange twitter bar at the bottom? http://gth.wh130.nl

Regards, Rein

try this:

open style.css and go to 318 line and make border bottom 0px like this: border-bottom: 0 solid #FF6C00;

again go to 354 line make border-top 0px like this:

border-top: 0px solid #FF6C00;

I followed your video at http://www.screenr.com/pIY8 – Under Theme Options I don’t have the “Front Page Settings” option. Was this removed in Version 1.3? Please advise. Thanks

sorry, yes it was removed in the latest updates.

To set Frontpage: go to “Settings > Reading” select static frontpage .

Hi, great theme, just bought it. I have a few questions :

1- When creating a page, if I try to select Full width or left sidebar in “Page layout options”, but it always goes back to “Right sidebar”. (In any page, Home, Contact, etc…). How can I fix this.

2- In your demo, how did you insert the map in the contact page? Is it a plugin?

3- Where can I edit the footer columns content?


try by deactivate all plugins and reactivate them.

its on a fresh install, no plugins at all. (I actually reinstalled twice to see if it was a db error)

We find issue for latest wordpress version, we will fix it up and update it soon.

Hi great looking theme. I have also just bought it and i am having the same issue as FutureSix with regards to ‘Layout Options’. I am also on a fresh install, no plugins active.

1- When creating a page, if I try to select Full width or left sidebar in “Page layout options”, but it always goes back to “Right sidebar”. (In any page, Home, Contact, etc…).

Can you help please?

We will fix it up and update theme soon.

OK thanks.

Hi, how I tried I could not make this part of the molding on the front page! I appreciate your help :crying:


Email me to send the username and password I can do?

Email me to send the username and password I can do?

Hello Kayapati! I want to change the contact button text in my web site here: http://www.alphatech.us/contact-us/

It says:” Email Us Now!” and I want to change it for ” ENVIAR!”.

But I already edited the editor part and substituted the word, however it is not being recognized:

<input class=”contact_button button” type=”submit” name=”submit” id=”submit” value=”ENVIAR!”>

What is wrong?

Regards from Costa Rica

try open contact.js and where you can change it.

Thanx! Where is contact.js? In file manager?

Ok Kayapati! Found & DONE…thank you for advice!


I received notification that a new version is available, but I cannot find that what is new in new version? can you provide some details or a link to change log?


There was small bug ( page layout option ) with latest wordpress version, we fixed it.

Hi kayapati I just bought the template now and the bug is still showing.. I cant select a sidebar would you please assist? There seems to be no option to update to the new version.. Please help :(

Sorry how do we get the updates? My widgets are now not moving

I also need an email address I can email you the links to

I have two of your templates, Globex and Rockwell, and neither are updating or saving changes however it is sporadic. For example; I am also experiencing the sidebar error (won’t allow for a state change) but in Globex my KayaSlider updates won’t apply even though the footer (enable/disable) worked. My Twitter feed died and now no twitter address works. The URLS are:

http://alinare.com http://artloftstlouis.com

We have fixed this issue in recent updates, so please get the latest files and update your theme.

It’s possible to include a “Read More…” button in all blog posts?

yes, just add wordpress <- more -!>shortcode tag.

This may be a stupid question, but how do get updates that are mentioned throughout this section? I am having problems selecting sidebars as well after updating wordpress.

Did you get latest update d files?

I’m not sure. I’m also not sure where to get them. I redownloaded the theme from my downloads and it said it was Version 1.0.

I just tested by downloading the files from themeforest, it shows 1.3 for me, so please refresh your browser re download again.

hello, is there an easy way to translate the template? i’m translating it to hebrew which is rtl. i’ve done most of the work but still have small things i need help with. i mean phrases like “Leave a Reply”, “Post comments”, date of post, author of post. also to navigate between the posts, there is an arrow and i need to change it’s direction. how can i do that? thanks in advance. Nextappeal

http://www.igws.biz/HE/ i need to know if there an easy way to translate or which files contain the words i need to translate and i will do it word by word.

I have checked all theme files, but not found that, it might be from wordpress core files, it should language compitable, can you confirm it?

I have googled here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-change-wording-of-leave-a-reply

i succeded with most of the things… i don’t understand which things to translate in the theme and which in wordpress core files. in the link below (http://www.igws.biz/HE/?p=1) i’ve translated the labels next to input’s boxes in the theme file “comments.php” but couldn’t find in the same file the word “comment” next to the textarea. can you help me with that please?