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Nice Design!Well done :)


Superb! All the best, mate! :)

Thank you.

Great Work, GLWS ;)

Thank you

Looks nice, but unless I’m mistaken the images in the main image slider on the index page don’t resize. It looks like the main images are being used as background images. The rest of the page resizes but the slider images don’t. They look silly!

For mobile users you’d be better off hiding the slider than having it feature someone’s elbow or whatever part of the photo is showing.

Sorry but I think it’s a fundamental flaw, common to several very similar themes currently offered on themeforest.

Hi, We are glad to see that you like the template.

The header slider is not an images slider, is a background slider with background-size:cover attribute. It’safull width with static height. And when the height is static, the images can’t be resize. That’s why we use the cover attribute. For this kind of slidersit’s the best method.

To create an images slider it’s very simple, just uncheck one attribute for default slider, the height and it will work as standart slider.

Have a good day.

Very nice clean code on Discussion on Gimnasio Responsive.The will work great for a one our clients.will be ready for your next theme Thanks :)

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Have a good day.

Hi Guys!! Congratulations for this great theme!! i´ve just purchased it but have a question, i didn´t quite understand the explanation you gave to windowhopper, is it posible to make the home slider images resize? ´cause i tried to remove height attribute from general.css of .flexslider and .flexslider .slides li but didn´t work, i´ll appreciate your help :) thanks

Hi, images are with cover attribute. Try to remove the background-size:cover attribue from images and create a static wrapper with 100% and auto height. Have a good day

Hellow, About the License, I m a bit confused. For example, if I have a very difficult client, for with I already tested more template and hours off customize, He like the templates, but still “missing something, but I don’t now what” , in this case, after I installed the template to one domain , can I use it for other client if the last one refuse it ? I mean, can I install this template on the client domain, to test it customize it, but keep it for other occasion, if the client decide that is not happy with the result and request another template ? My English is not the best, but I hope You get the idea.

Very nice template.


I try to install it, but I have this error “Warning JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file”.

Hi, this is a HTML template not a Wordpress Theme or other CMS theme.

The regular licence is for one site using.

Have a good day

Hi! congratulations again for this great theme, one question:

Does the contact form works? and if it does whew are the files?


This is an html template and the download archive doesn’t contain any php files. You can add manualy the contact form, you just need to find a script in google and add it to the template.

Have a good day

Hi, i would like to change the “Take a look” in the slider, but i don’t find the location of this parameters in the folder. Can you Help me ? thanks


Update : i found , header.php . Thanks ; )

yes, header.php. Have a good day