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how can i change the logo or replace the logo?

Please use the html code to replace the image / text with your logo.

on the top navigation

is it in the main.js?


Yes, the code is located in the main.js file. You can look for App.portfolio

Kind regards Ivo

Hello how are you doing, is there a way I can add a youtube video in the background?

Also I am having some issues with IE when I am clicking on the arrows to move to a different slide in the index.html it freezes up IE and have to forclosure.

Can you please give me an advice?

Hi Felipunkd

I am fine, thank you, hope you are doing great too :)

Youtube video could be implemented with custom code only. What version of IE are you using? OS?

Kind regards Ivo

I am using internet explorer for Windows 8, I think that is an error of our programmers, can you please give me an example of the custom code for youtube.

Well, you can use this plugin to make the background video. Or you can just use embed code.

Hi i notice when i add a new image to my carousel and the reference on my local serve works, but when i upload both are broken…

<!— #carousel .bg-1 .sl-slide-inner {background: url(’../img/carousel/slide-1.jpg’) 50% 0;} #carousel .bg-img-2 {background-image: url(’../img/carousel/slide-2.jpg’);} #carousel .bg-img-3 {background-image: url(’../img/carousel/slide-3.jpg’);} #carousel .bg-img-4 {background-image: url(’../img/carousel/slide-1.jpg’);} #carousel .bg-img-5 {background-image: url(’../img/carousel/slide-2.jpg’);}

about .references {

position: relative; float: left; width: 100%; padding: 100px 0 100px 0; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 50% 50% no-repeat; background-image: url(’../img/about/technology.jpg’); }



Sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean. If you send screenshor, or the url of the broken page it will help. You can use the contact form in my account for private message.

Kind regards Ivo

2 questions 1.When a portfolio page pops up on mobile the screen doesn’t slide up ad down very fluidly as the main page. 2. When in a portfolio page on mobile the main page gallery sliders navs are present on the whole portfolio page as you go up and down.

Thank really enjoy your template.

Hi Chriskeegan66

Thank you, glad you like it.

On your questions:

1. What mobile device are you using? We will try to take a look. 2. Please try adding this custom css:

.project-inner .owl-inner img {max-width:100%!important;height:auto!important;}

You did a great job with the template. Congrats!

Best regards Ivo

Iphones 6+ and 5

Hey! I bought it a few months ago and now i try to finish the edit. At the moment, i try to make the contact form work. But when i test it on the server, it looks almost dead. No error-message and no email is coming to my adress.

What do i have to change in which documents, to make the form work.

Thanks so far for the nice site!


One thing i have a really big issue with is the fact, that i dont know what i am making wrong with the _project.html. I changed the pictures – in the origin document there was a link to “”. Now i linked a picture in a folder – but nothing is happening. There is only the little icon, that the picture is not found. And i have really no idea, what is the failure… Pleeeaase, let me know :)

Hi Graphication

Sorry for the late answer.

If you send me the url to your website I could have a look at the contact from. I will also check the image path :)

Kind regards Ivo

High Priority Post.

Hello sir,The Images are completely unresponsive in mobile and its very annoying a lot.Please do give us any solutions.


What browser / OS are you testing with? Could you please send the url to your website? You can use the contact form in my account to email me.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi there

Firstly love the theme, great work! Just a pre-purchase question. Although it would take some custom work, do you think it would be possible to make the portfolio section items filterable? As in keep all the tween animation functionality (simply awesome) but also be able to filter the items isotope style?

Kind regards Mark

Hi Mark

Thank you, glad you like it.

Unfortunately this feature is not available, as the grid layout is not based on any isotope library. It could be easily implemented.

Kind regards Ivo


I’d like to know what it would take to allow portfolio item to go to a different URL if the user is on a mobile browser? Also how to completely close down the page opened by the portfolio item.


Hi PcsEnvato

You can implement some login with some simple js code to switch your urls.

The page is begin closed with the “X” button, is this working for you?

Kind regards Ivo

Hello Peenapo,

I bought your template a couple of weeks ago. I tried to upload the template to my website and I noticed that the images are not showing. I looked into the code but couldn’t find anything that would suggest it’s not suppose to work. I got it currently uploaded to ” ”. It only shows the format the image are suppose to be, for example 1920×1080. I know I’m probably overlooking something really basic, but if you could help me I would appreciate it.

Kind regards, Ben

Still need help regarding the images not showing. (I’m currently using another template but I want to use Gios on another project). Please assist me, thank you.

Hi Ben

Sorry for the late answer.

Please edit the /js/main.js file and then find this code:


then replace the image path with the full image path like: “”

then it should work again.

Kind regards Ivo

Is there a way to add a background to the main menu since sometimes is difficult to see the options because of the images changing at index page.

Hi Felipunkd

You need to use custom css code to do it.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi. I buy this theme last day, but Portfolio pages are not open!!! what can I do?

Hi Sinamoradian

You need to run the site on a working website or localhost environment, then it should work.

Kind regards Ivo

Trying to change the background 1920×1080 pics in the background behind what our clients say and our skills can’t find where to change this to pics in the route img folder?


You can change this by the file /js/main.js


Kind regards


No not the carousel slides. The pics in the background behind our skills and what our clients say. I think it is in the css but I’m not sure which file and what I should change it to. to link to the root folder?

You can edit the file /css/style.css and replace the images like:

#about .references {background:.....}

just change the background url to your own images.

or you can simple replace the images in the folder /img/ with another images with the same name.

Hi I want the WordPress version of this theme. I bought it as html + css. Can you solve the problem urgent?

Hello, how to decontaminate the link on the section portfolio. when one clicks a white page opens.

thank you

This template has errors. A portfolio screen is blank.

If it is for me to correct errors, I would create a template from scratch.

I want the refund!

Sorry, i was confused!

Template is very good!

Hello! Can I open this template in dreamweaver?

Sure :)


natalvz Purchased


I can’t seem to change de background image on each portfolio section, I have tried several thing and can’t make it work.