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Nice looking theme – Before purchasing I wanted to make sure that the donation function is a pure woocommere function and not limited by working only with paypal. My organization uses Authorize.net and I know that works with woo. Also, does the donation function allow for recurring monthly donations or just one time donations…or both?


Hi there,

Thank you for the kind words and for being interested in one of my themes!

The donation is just a simple link, which is set from the Theme Options panel. You can set it to any link on the web, including your website.

Kind regards, Paul

I have a problem when I try to install with WP 4.1 cureently:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Could you please advice?

(ok nevermind, I didn’t know that I need to unzip it again before using)

Hi wolvensheep,

Actually this is pretty simple. Make sure you download from ThemeForest the “Installable WordPress File Only” in your http://themeforest.net/downloads/ and upload that zip file.

Now everything should work properly :)


Hi, is there any translation file for this theme available as a reference?

(don’t worry, the problem is solved. thanks.)

Hi there again. Just wondering why is it that I can’t see the “donate” button show up in my theme? My site:http://www.ccfl.org.hk/

Hi there,

I’m sorry for responding so late. Vacation came in and then I was stuck without a machine to work on until now. Huge warranty problems and other stuff :-(

Did you try activating it from the Theme Options menu? “Enable Donate Button” is what you should be searching for.


Thanks finally see that option (hehe not very obvious) – but 2nd questions – I can’t seems to translate that “Donate” button wording – (I can translate the rest of your theme) – any pointers?

Hey there,

My mistake, it seems I made it untranslatable :(

Go to line 112 in header.php and search there for the Donate text ;) If you wish to make it translatable, replace that line:
       <a href="<?php if (!empty($link)) echo $link; ?>">Donate</a>     
with this one:
       <a href="<?php if (!empty($link)) echo $link; ?>"><?php _e('Donate', 'framework'); ?></a>     

and now it should appear.

Also, for future support, I recommend using http://icypixels.com/support/ , as I generally like to keep things centralized there.


I purchased this theme and it has a virus in it. Someone has been using it to send spam emails.

Yes I would like that. Here are the notices I’ve been getting from bluehost. I also uploaded the theme new when I switched from the server before bluehost because I had the same issue.


Hi Jibril,

But none of my themes is present on that list, or files that might be from my theme. Or am I missing something?

Most probably it’s from anything else but my theme, since the Theme isn’t implementing anything over the top. It’s just a very simple theme.

Your Web Host is currently compromised and I recommend to change all your login data, including email, but all before a thorough virus/keylogger scan on your PC.

With that being said, I think my attribution as a support for this issue ends here, as it is in no way related to the theme.


Okay thank you for the clarification, I will check with Bluehost again.

Hello icypixels,

I am really considering buying this theme and have some questions:

1) You write that the theme has WPML compatibility. How is this possible on the home page if it is widgetised? (I need 2 languages on my project)

2) Can the donate button be changed to do something else? E.g. a “click here” button to open up a lightbox with a free download offer. (i want to use the theme for a community and not charity)

3) Can the email on the home page connect to wordpress newsletter plugin or mailpoet for example? If not, where is it stored and how can I use it for email marketing purposes?

4) The “events” page. Can other contributors edit this? By this I mean is that I want other people (who are not admins) to be able to add their event. At what level of user do they need to be in order to do this?

Thanks in advance. Gianty.