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When I install the ‘Give a Hand plugin,’ and try to activate it, I receive the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\lovebought_site\wp-content\plugins\giveahand-plugin\page-builder\blocks\our-staff-block.php on line 201

I noticed other people have the same error, please let me know how I can fix it, thanks.

I was able to fix it by changing the php.ini file… however, I think it is something that should probably be fixed with the theme…

Hi! There is an issue with your hosting php version. Please provide ftp access to your website via contact form on our profile page. We will try to help you. Thanks!

i can’t set another video in the slider, can u help me please?

Hi! Please provide wordpress dashboard access to your website. We will try to help you. Please answer in our ticket system http://ticket.fxoffice.net. Thanks!

I contacted you guys on April 1 about what appears to be a browser compatibility issue with your theme. You replied asking me to provide login info, which I did and I have not heard back since. I send two follow up emails and no reply! Once again your support for this theme is really lacking! Frustrating and unprofessional to say the least.

Check boxes created within the Contact Form 7 plugin are not showing up in Google Chrome nor Safari. They work with Firefox.

You charge for support but then do not provide timely turn arounds at all! Really inexcusable…

Check your site please

Still isn’t fixed. Checkboxes aren’t showing up in Safari…

I want to know if this theme is compatible with woocommerce 2.5.5. Thanks

Hi! Theme is compatible with woocommerce 2.5.5. Thanks

Hi guys, I actually figured out a couple of days ago that the theme is not responsive on mobile phones anymore (iPhone/android). There are mistakes. Is there a possibility to change that or to disable the responsive theme? Kind regards, Barbara

Hi. Thanks for your comment Please contact our support team via ticket system: http://ticket.fxoffice.net/?v=submit_ticket and attach some screenshots Thanks.

thanks, did so. just wanted to tell you, in case you don’t know yet, the ticket center does not work with the edge browser. (upload not possible)


I second what friends4friends is saying above. This theme is not fully responsive. For example, the slider height and any copy in the slider is not properly adjusted. Copy appears very small and unreadable when viewing on mobile (http://www.saedev.com/mmmc/). Header images are also not properly adjusted when viewed on mobile (http://www.saedev.com/mmmc/donate/).

If you guys are advertising this theme as “fully responsive”, I’d expect you to fix these issues. Thanks.

Also, the hamburger icon appears over the logo on the site. This is problematic because sometimes the mobile device thinks you are clicking on the logo instead of the menu icon. Please see screenshot for reference.

Tried to submit a ticket, but your ticket system appears to be down. First time I tried to submit I got an error. Reloaded the page and retyped my message, now nothing is happening when I click submit.


We told you in the ticket system. Thanks.

Hi! Is there no child theme with the update? I have all my settings in the old child theme and if I activate the new theme I lose all that. Is there a way to associate the child theme wiht the new updated theme?

How do I get a password to submit a ticket?

Please give me your email. Thanks.

I don’t really want to post my email address here – you can get it from my website: http://tsquareds.com/contact-us/

Just sent a support request for an issue regarding the responsive abilities of this theme. Images do not appear to be adjusting and are not truly responsive.

I love forward to your reply. Thanks.

I’m sorry, but again your support is lagging here. Your response did not address my problem at all. I’ve sent a reply. This is very urgent, I’d appreciate if you handled this in a timely manner. Thank you.


I have fixed the problem myself. Please do not touch anything.

Thank you.

Visual editor and text editor do NOT appear to be working in Wordpress. I cannot edit anything. I’ve sent a support request. Please check, thank you.

we will answer you in the ticket system


Do you have html version for this theme?

Hi! We do not have html version for this theme.

Are all of those graphics on the home slider included, especially the map in the background? Also, can I add more plugins? I’m looking to have a place where I list statistics on orphans around the world, and collect information on a form from people. Can I also add causes and track donations, paypal widget, and add partners?

Hi! All of those graphics on the home slider you can import after theme installation. You can add more plugins and widgets in your site, if it support your version WordPress. However, some plugins can interfere with the styles of our theme (example Form Maker Pro – styles for tabs and accordions). Thanks.

Hi guys, I’ve tried twice to upload the latest theme update. It does not work – it keeps telling me that the upload has failed. Until now I am not using WordPress 4.6, so I think it should work with the older version of WordPress, shouldn’t it?

Hi. Thanks for your comment. Please contact our support team via ticket system: http://ticket.fxoffice.net/?v=submit_ticket We will check your issue as soon as possible. Thanks!

HI! I’ve set up my client so they can post by email. Is there a way I can display posts via Page Builder in an attractive way? It seems like only News looks good but they find that too complicated to use…The Recent Posts widget doesn’t display a photo. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi. Please help me to fix the views of my themes. I have buyed GiveAHand – Charity Responsive WP Theme from Envato for my website www.ddbanten.org.

But, when I read the article from POST in mobile phone, it looks not like articles on ACTIVITY and PAGE. On ACTIVITY and PAGE, the position of the mobile display is fixed and can not be shifted. It is very nice and comfortable to read. But the views changed when I read the article from POST, the display is not fixed and can be shifted to left. How to fix it?


Hi! Please contact our support team via ticket system: http://ticket.fxoffice.net/?v=submit_ticket We will check your issue as soon as possible.

Please provide Web address of the page with the example of the error and provide WordPress dashboard access to your website and grant access to your hosting ftp server ftp login ftp pass


Is the new update compatible with wordpress 4.7?

Hi! The new update compatible with WordPress 4.7

The features block on the page builder plugin is not displaying the assigned image. What should I do?

Hi! Pick up the images larger than 151 * 151 px Thanks

Can you please let me know where to change the size of these images. The images that I am using are larger that those dimensions.

Please contact our support team via ticket system: http://ticket.fxoffice.net/?v=submit_ticket We will check your issue as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hello everyone. I just purchased this theme but it has really been tough for me to make use of it. I thought the documentation will help but it’s of no use at all. Moreover, for a good theme like this; it is better if a tutorial manual is made available with it on how to effectively customize it.

I love the this as displayed in the demo and that is why i purchased it. I thought a demo file will be available that I can upload on WP and then customize.

To cut my complain short; I am clueless as unto using this theme and I need help. I will love the outcome of the web am working on to look relatively like that of the demo especially with the slider and animated text features.

I will appreciate is prompt assistance can be provided.

Here is my purchase license c2bce1f0-4acf-45a3-9932-1ec3b6dccf1a

Thank you

Hi! In order to get proper assistance please contact our support team via ticket system: http://ticket.fxoffice.net/?v=submit_ticket

Thank you for your reply.

Please, I need to customize the GiveAHand Theme.

I need guidance as regard

1. The Slider (where to add the image and the image dimension)

2. The text animation on the Slider Image

3. The Menu on the Home page as in like the Menu with ‘Details’ Icon on the demo.

I need to say that i bought this theme because I thought the demo will be installed with all of it graphics content just as it is in the demo. I was disappointed to see that the package has no demo file and even the documentation couldn't be of any help. Basically, Sincerely. ,I can't see the difference between this Theme and all the free themes that do exist.

If you have a wonderful theme like this, a demo txt file and a tutorial document ought to be available in the package. You just make all of this look like a Scam.

Please help do something quick about this. Am kind of regretting tI bought this theme.Thank you.


ppetrenko Author Team

we answered you in the ticket system

Is there an HTML template of this theme ?


ppetrenko Author Team

Hi! No, there is not. Only wordpress. Thanks.