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I just want to say, I love this template and this developer. Well done!! Great work!

Many thanks!

Hello, I purchased the theme, love it. My questions:

1) How can I display the features in four columns using the page builder? Now I can only arrange them in two columns, and it looks kind of ugly.

2) The Google Map it’s 4 columns width. How can I set up 2 columns width using the Page Builder?

Thanks a lot from Chile!!!

Ok, I would gladly provide the access, just give me and email to send you the login/pass for the wordpress admin panel of the site.

OK, just found how to send you a direct message with the WP access so hope you can help me out fixing this up. Thanks!!

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi, The problem you said you fixed is still there and I’m facing other problems on the site with the slider pictures only appearing ¾ of the slide and also positioning of the captions that go with the slider, your instructions do not mention what size the pictures should be and also the position for the element position for the Y,X axis. Using guess work is very tedious and time consuming, I was meant to finish this site weeks ago but I have wasted time trying to fix these same problems over and over again, and I really need you to fix it straight away please. Same thing applies for the slider captions, its only through trial and error that one can establish a good position, but even then its problematic. Your instructions really need specific information on these issues, as it makes it difficult to use the template.


Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

I’m having problems activating the GiveAHand plugin,

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\animales\wp-content\plugins\giveahand-plugin\page-builder\blocks\our-staff-block.php on line 201

Hi! It is know issue and solved by our customer, quote: “Solved – found that this plugin uses PHP short tags. Your php.ini may set short_open_tag=Off per recommendations, as mine did, even though the default value is On. Setting short_open_tag=On in php.ini prevented this fatal error during activation.” Thanks.

Hello, I have set up a site here: http://thesunflowerkids.org/

The “donate” button flies out on the slider, but when you click on it, the donate area only show up for a second and then disappears… what am I doing wrong? Thanks… Matt

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

In regards to the YouTube background in Background Slide Options>

When this YouTube video plays on the website, an advertisement shows from YouTube at the bottom of the video.

Can I use a different video service for this instead of YouTube or can I just link to a video that is on my own server?

Hi! Current theme version supports Youtube video only. You can use video from your youtube account, with disabled ads in youtube settings. Try to contact to youtube support. Thanks.

Hi guys I also have the same problem can you please have a look for me? How can I provide access details for you..

website: www.samburutrust.org


Hi! You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks

I have a question about the font size in

a) the main menu on top (font should be far smaller!) b) the articles (font should be bigger!)

I tried to change them several times, but they still look the same!

Could you please have a look? www.friends-4-friends.org



Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

I wrote you an email a couple of days ago.. I don’t want to provide access details here…

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

How do I make the News feed show more than 10 posts? (i.e. continuous feed of all my news posts)


Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.

I emailed you back a couple weeks ago, and I have not had a response or change.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks

Trying to create custom excerpts for other post types (“news”), and won’t allow, it truncates after 22 characters, I understand, but it will be different for each one, plus a “read more” is needed. I e-mailed, just waiting for a response. Thanks

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

How can i change the main menu color and hover color? I’ve looked around and tried several options without any luck.

Love the theme, and appreciate any help! thanks

HI! Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.


Can you help with uploading my site like in the demo? I need to do it 2day, please.


Hi! Please send us all login info of your website, ftp access also. You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks.


You got mail.


Hi! Yes, we are working. Thanks.

I’m creating a homeslider for a client’s website, and it seems I am missing the “Fullwidth” feature that’s in the Appearance > Theme Options > Home Slideshow menu. No matter what image size I create the background, I cannot get the image to display the fullwidth of the slider.

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will check your settings. Thanks.

Hi, how do I add a donation section with a button on the home page of the website, aside from putting it on the slider?

Hi! Please check documentation carefully. Dashboard -> Theme Options -> Donation Settings. Thanks.

When I set the link to ”#” and when you click on the donate button it automatically goes to the top of the home page instead of that donation box that pops up. Do you know how to fix this? Thank you.

Hi! Please provide your website url. We will check. Thanks.

Hi there,

I recently purchased the theme and I compressed it as a .zip in order to upload to Wordpress. However, when I click “install” in loads the theme half way then crashes. Why is it doing this? And how can I properly install the theme with this default I’ve never experienced before.

Thanks, Cassie

Sorry but I’m really trying to get the majority of this site done this weekend since it’s my only time off for the next 2 months. If you could give me some direction as to why I’m experiencing this upload issue as soon as you can, that would be great.

Thanks again, Cassie

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Will it be possible for people to sign up on the site?

Hi! Please send us a private message. We will try to find a solution. Thanks.

Is there a more effective way to get in touch with someone for help with the theme? I’ve e-mailed and have not been able to get a response from anyone. My business depends on this website being finished and I’ll have to request a refund if I can’t get some sort of help with the theme.

Thanks, Cassie

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi There,

The plugin seems to be deactivating the visual editor in my backend. There is an Error 404 on the editor_plugin.php file.

“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://www.realitycrowdtv.com/wp-content/plugins/giveahand-plugin/tinymce/editor_plugin.php

Failed to load: http://www.realitycrowdtv.com/wp-content/plugins/giveahand-plugin/tinymce/editor_plugin.php"

Could you help me by updating the plugin or letting me know how I can fix the issue?

Thanks ~ Cara

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Hi, I’ve provided access to my site and haven’t seen a reply just yet. Is there another way to access support?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


I would like the links to open in a new tab when users click on a button. Can you help me with this please? I also can’t get the Donate button to work on the homepage slider.

Thank you, Viv

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.

I provided the login info to my website via the FXoffice profile page. How can I contact someone for help?

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.


I am looking for a non-profit theme for a client who needs a Hebrew/English website. Can this theme be translated to Hebrew? (Hebrew goes from right to left).

Also, I wasn’t able to see the “Live Preview” there seems to be a problem. Could you provide a link to a website or two that use this theme? Or get the Live Preview working? Or both?

Cool. Thanks! Yidalin

Hi! Current theme is translation ready. Live preview is working. Please check. If you have questions feel free to ask. Thanks.