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i would also like to know how to change the slider speed, it needs to be slowed down quite a bit.

also the slider options don’t show up on my dashboard, menu (on the left) i figured out the link to them via your documentation video.

HI! Please send us a private message. We will help you. Thanks.

i don’t know how to send private messages here, but i had send you an e-mail, and just send you another one.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hello Is there a way i can make and image in a slide clickable as a hyperlink? Need help asap!

Thank you!

Hi! Please send us private message with details. We will try to find a solution. Thanks.

Where can I go to lean how to use this template?

Hi! You can find documentation in the ‘main’ archive -> documentation folder – > documentation.html. Thanks.


You’re welcome!

How do I activate the 2nd & 3rd Level navigation in the main navigation?

I have downloaded & installed theme version is 2.0.0, However I can’t seem to locate giveahand-plugin v2.0.0 in the downloadable or the plug in search.

Found an old post! I needed to Active the parent, then delete the old plug-in to install the new, then reactive the child.

Hi! Also you can find giveahand plugin in the giveahand_wordpress_theme/lib/plugins folder. Yes, you should delete previous version of the plugin. Thanks.

How do you change the African pattern in the ‘Who We Are’ section and the page header at the top of the page? Thanks!

Hi! We provide support to our customers directly. Please use your buyer account. Thanks.

When I complete the “contact us” section, the information does not come through in my email. I need help. Thank you.

Hi! Please check “To: your_email ” field in the Dashboard -> Contact -> ‘Edit Contact Form – > Mail’. Thanks.

Hi, Is there a specific class to add for the images to be responsive ?

Hi! No, there isn’t. But you can simply create it. Add following code to the style.css file
.fluid-image {

I have currently activated the child theme, however my css is not overwriting the parent.

I’m running wordpress with my localhost using MAMP http://localhost/410bridge/

Do I need to change the directory on line 11 to redirect this? @import url(”../giveahand_wordpress_theme/style.css”);

Hi! You don’t need make any changes. Try add ’!important’ declaration. Also please specify which element’s styles you can’t overwriting. Thanks.

When I updated the theme & plug-in this issue was no longer a problem. Thanks.

You’re welcome!

Cant seem to get the slideshow to work… I have created a new slide, with layers, etc, and nothing is getting my layers to show, as well as the background pic is entirely too large. Any Sugestions?

Hi! Have you configured slideshow options in the Theme options panel? Dashboard – > Appearance -> Theme Options -> Slider Settings. Thanks.

i guess I’m not sure what it is supposed to say…

the only option that is off is “Pause on Hover” size is set at 1200×750 right now i have it hidden because i don’t know what exactly to do with it.

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Where can I find the Content file that I need to upload to make my site look like the demo site.

I read the documentation and watched the video however, it’s hard to tell where the file is because the video is using a demo with another language.


Never Mind I got it. Thanks :)


1. How can I change the text ”Follow” to something different on the activity pages?

2. Is it possible to have the news preview on the home page, use blogs in that style or does that only work with news?

Hi! 1. You can use following shortcode [activity ‘link_text’=’Your text’]. 2. Send us a private message, we will send you an instructions. Thanks.

Also I have “For each article in a feed, show” Summary selected but it still shows the full articles on listings. how do i change how much of a blog is shows on blog categories etc?

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try find a solution. Thanks.

I have purchased many themes from Theme Forest and by far this is the best one yet. Easily customizable just plain easy to manipulate.

Thanks for a great theme !!


this template have a very strong graph


I have added 16 activities in one category and have them displaying on a page using the shortcode.

Only 10 of them are displaying on the page, they are also displaying out of order, from newest to oldest, even through I’ve reordered them using the re-order tab.

Any suggestions?

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

I have not received the email.

Hi! Please check spam folder or send email again. Thanks

Hey I was wondering is it possible to get the recent blog entries from only one of the categories scrolling on the front page? I cant seem to find the shortcodes for imbedding blogs or twitter posts on the front page in documentation file.


HI! You can use following shortcode [recent_posts type=”news” custom_category=”....” ]. If you want to display blog posts – [recent_posts type=”post” category=”....” ]. If You have questions, please feel free to ask via private messages. Thanks.

I have tried this and still are having issues, I emailed you. please get back to me I am in a bit of a time bind.


Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Hi! The “Slider” link is not on the left menu, in the Dashboard. I can’t acess my slider’s settings. Could you help me, please? I also would like to change the size of the logo of my website in the header. Another question: can I change the currency for donations with PayPal? If not, can I accept payments in Brazil without a international credit card? Thanks a bunch! :)

Hi Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.

Is the world-map image in the slider included in the psd files for this theme, or can that image be found somewhere else?

Hi! You can find links to the images in the bottom of the documentation. Thanks.


Urgently needing the documentation folder, xml file for the sample data, child theme and PSD files..

It’s my second enquiry and hopefully you will be replying positive.


I wouldn’t be messaging to you if I could find them in the main archive.

Can you send me the zipped file that includes them all?

Still haven’t received any positive response from you guys, need your help

You can find all this files in the main archive – main.zip
The documentation is in the “documentation” folder.
The WP sources is in the “sources” folder.
The PSD files is in the ‘psd’ zip file.
The WP theme sources is in the “GiveAHand_wordpress_theme.zip” zip file.
The WP child theme sources is in the “GiveAHand_wordpress_theme_child.zip” zip file.

Hi, can I have access to all shortcodes and the demo content? Like the video etc? Can you give it to me all setup on WP so I can just change ?

The content.xml file is not working

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will help you. Thanks.