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My comment can be summed up to 3 Words…”Amazing Customer Service!!!”

Thank you :)

I love it -Thanks… So clear and well documented – 10/10 Stars !!!

Just one question. How can i get 4 instead of the 3 blocks in the “ABOUT US” Section… I need one more :) Is this possible?

Thanks and keep going…

Hi, thanks for the kind words and thank you for purchasing Glacial :)

Adding an extra block is definitely possible, but would require a few CSS tweaks to get it working properly. Feel free to get in touch with us at support@cosmiclabs.co.uk and we’ll walk you through it.

Thanks :)


I want to take glacial theme but does not open in mac and ipad safari. Open to very slow mac and ipad chrome. SS: http://i.hizliresim.com/l0W63X.png

Sorry for my english, thanks.

I sent mail to you and now i will buy glacial. :)

I have received your email and will be in touch shortly. Thank you for purchasing Glacial :)

You’re welcome, i thank you. :)


I have just bought your template from Themeforest, and it works fine, but it is VERY slow to load. I have checked my internet connection and other sites work fine.

Is there any way I can speed it up?


Thank you for purchasing Glacial :)

Please could you send me the URL to your site so I can take a look to see if there is anything which could be causing problems?

I’ve replied to your support email as well.


Hey CosmicLabs,

Found everything very simple to amend for my use, however the one issue I seem to have is the video length being clipped. I couldnt see in the documentation about extending the clip length or anything, but it seems to clip and loop the video clip to around 34 seconds, from what I can guess.

I have a 37 sec clip I want to use, but for it to loop from the beginning to the end (as there are transitions on each to make a better loop)

Any ideas?


Ok, fingers crossed you’ll sort everything out.

If you’re still getting errors, try right clicking on the page and click ‘Inspect Element’ (if you’re using Google Chrome). This will open the developer tools which can be helpful in pinpointing a problem.

Look in the top right hand corner – if there is a red cross somewhere it means there is an error on the page. Click on this and it will tell you what the error is and where it is occurring, which may help you solve the problem faster.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks :)

Thanks for your continued support on this, The issue is more a server related issue than anything with the script, so thought I would add this here for anyone experiencing similar issues to check that your server is set up to support php…

Thank you for pointing that out to other users. Glad to have helped :)

Pre-sales question. Is this theme still being supported? Current version says coming soon. Also is it possible to disable the countdown timer and subscriber form? Thanks

Hi Episode1,

Thank you very much for your interest in Glacial.

It is still being supported, and we have a new version in the works which adds some new features (the update mentioned as ‘coming soon’ in the change log was delayed – apologies for not updating the log – we’ll have those changes added before the next ‘big’ update).

It is possible to disable both the timer and the subscribe form – it’s just a matter of deleting the HTML code for each section you want to remove. Please get in touch at http://cosmiclabs.co.uk/support if you need any further help doing this.

I hope this has answered all of your questions.

Kind regards, CosmicLabs

Just a quick update – we have sorted out the confusion with the outdated change log for Glacial.

The changes which were mentioned have been applied, and the change log is now correct and up to date.

Thanks for pointing that out :)

Hi I have just purchased your template and love it. I have updated the logo but it is coming out tiny. Where can i change the parameters that control the size of the logo?

Hi, thanks for purchasing Glacial. To change the size of the logo, open up css/style.css and look for the following code:

.section-main .title a.title-img img { max-height: 40px;

Change the max-height value to a larger size of your choice.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards, CosmicLabs

Wonderful, thank you for the quick response. I will look in to it now.

No problem, let us know if you need any further help :)

Hi Loving Glacial but have one issue I need to resolve. I’ve tried to leave a support ticket and keep getting told that my purchase code is invalid – is there a problem with the system that you know of or is there another way I can get in touch?

Hi kinetic1,

Thanks for the kind words about Glacial, and thanks for getting in touch.

We’re sorry you’re having issues with our support desk – it’s strange that your purchase code isn’t validating. We’re not aware of any problems with the system, but will look into it.

Please try submitting another ticket, but don’t bother including your purchase code (it shouldn’t be a required field) – we can tell from here that you’ve purchased our item and are currently within your support period :)

Kind regards, CosmicLabs Support

That’s brilliant, thanks – just submitted now – thanks for the quick response too – really appreciate it.

No problem, we’ve received your ticket and will look into it shortly :)

Hi, can I add an autoresponse email for subscribers to the site?

Hi Suavedor, thank you for purchasing Glacial.

If you use Mailchimp to manage your email subscriptions you can easily set up auto-response emails. However, auto-response functionality is not currently built in to the email notification or MySQL subscription methods in Glacial.

If you’d like help setting up Mailchimp or would like us to add auto-response for one of the other subscription methods, please open a ticket on our support deak and we’d be glad to help!

Support desk: https://cosmiclabs.ticksy.com

Kind regards, CosmicLabs Support

Could you please let me know if there is an anti-spam option for the form? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your interest in Glacial. There is behind-the-scenes spam prevention included with the contact form, however it doesn’t currently include captcha – however this will be added in the future.

Hope this helps. Kind regards, CosmicLabs Support

Looks good

Thanks! Let us know if you need any support.


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