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Great job. GLWS

Beautiful work!!!!! ;)

Awesome Theme! ;);) GLWS!

Nice and clean e-commerce template, smooth transitions! :)

Awesome work – love the attention to detail!

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

nice, wp version planned?

Hello. Yes Planned

nice theme! I like so many things about this theme and would like to buy it, however, please could you confirm how soon you will be updating the theme.

I would like to see just a few things added to the theme.

1. list of icons to choose from 2. the pagination seems incomplete. could you add the next and previous button? 3. in the shortcodes, to have tooltips, tabs, accordion, modal, form elements, video and audio support 4. product carousel and possibly product category – level 2.

Please let me know the ones you can easily add as soon as possible.

i guess some of my request are basic or simple to do. it makes it easier for a developer to focus on customising the theme than spending much time creating new elements which would require extra time defining more CSS.

look forward to your response.


Ok. Thank you. may soon be ready for WP

just purchased it now. I would prefer update on the HTML theme. i don’t develop WP. thanks

ok thanks, will try

One of the best eCommerce theme i have seen so far, amazing work.

Just a few things that would be the templates complete:

1. My Account section which is what you see when you are logged in

2. Forgot your password form (Generic)

3. Register form (Generic)

Other than that, great job. :)

Ok, we will try to make your request in the next update.

great work, GLWS :)

Thank you

impressive. when you will publish it in any platform?. thanks

Hi, yes planned platform WP and Magento


That is a great theme. A WordPress version would be great! :-)

Awesome theme.

Couple of questions:

1. Is there an easy way, perhaps by removing some CSS classes, to remove the “loading” icon so the HTML just renders in line as it loads rather than waiting for all of the content to load and displaying the rendered page at one? This effect is cool, but I would like the option to remove it.

2. The title bar at the top – our logo is taller (by about 25 pixels) than the “Glammy” logo. If we modified the height of the menubar to accommodate the logo, do you see a problem with it breaking the layout?

3. For your first update, would you consider adding a “My Account” page with a left-hand side bar with a few links in it (My Orders, My Wish List, My Address Book, etc.), and a table (maybe even sortable!) in the right-hand content area?

The template is really well designed – will be buying later today! Thanks!

1. in each of the html pages have a piece of code marked (<! – PRELOADER -> <! – / / PRELOADER ->) must be removed. the same file js / myscript.js entire paragraph labeled (/ * PRELOADER) 2. need to look at an example. believe that the biggest problems should not be 3. update data, we plan to in the near future

hello this is a html? do i have install a ecoomerce plataform ?

possible register with social plugin?

can i check the admin panel?

great work.

hello. 1) Yes, it’s a html version. The plans for the development of platforms and Magento and WP. 2) Admin panel will be versions on platforms. 3) Join using social plug-ins will also be.

Hello, good job ;) Aproximately, when do you think you can extend the offer for WP ? 1 month… more ? less ?

Thanks ! :)

Thank you.

Hello, the wordpress version is in the starting blocks ? Thanks :)

Hello Wordpress version will be released within the next 1-2 weeks, with slight modifications. Thanks)