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The theme is really good. But I obviously have a very stupid question. How am i going to use this? Upload them to my server? I am newbie and dont know how to code.

Can i buy this them and integrade it with OPENCART ecommerce platform?

Thanks so much!

Hey. Yes programming skills required to implement an e-commerce shop. There are plans to release on the platforms listed below in the description of the template.

Zdravstvujte. Spasibo Vam za prekrasnyj shablon – segodnya priobrel ego. Dizajn i verstka ochen’ ponravilis’, no obnaruzhil neskol’ko nebol’shikh oshibok: 1) V IE 9 pri navedenii kursora na izobrazhenie tovara na stranitse tovara ili vo vsplyvayushhem okne bystrogo prosmotra: izobrazhenie propadaet i(prichem miniatyury izobrazhenij tozhe) 2) V Opera na nekotorykh stranitsakh (naprimer, na stranitse tovara) poyavlyaetsya nebol’shoj zazor sleva (1-2 px). 3) Pri navedenii kursora na izobrazheniya v module new arrivals (glavnaya stranitsa) poyavlyaetsya knopka Quick View. V IE 9 i Opera nizhnyaya granitsa knopka nemnogo s”ekhzhaet vniz. Ne sovsem ponyatno tak i dolzhno byt’ ili net…

Very good! Thank you.

Spasibo za otziv :) Postaraemsya posmotret i ispravit vashi zamechaniya i prosbi.

Hi, I purchased the theme, installed it too, only to notice it does NOT have the VIEW CART cart option. How do I fix that it seems it’s an important option for shoppers, can’t really afford not to have it on the site.

Thank you.

On what page are you talking about? This template is included in the cart page.

Hello. I just downloaded this and uploaded onto server. I cannot activate theme due to the following error :

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Please help. Thank you

Hello You install on WordPress? This html template, it is not designed for installation in cars Wordpress. WordPress version of the template appears in the near future.

Hi, I bought the theme but it did not come with any image. I bought the theme mainly because of the images. Where can I get them?

Hi Images for examples were taken from the site

Hi,Can be made into magento version if I buy it at themeforest be sold? BTW Great Template!! Thank you!

Thank you. We can only sell. In the near future Magenta version also appears on the TF.

Hi , I bought this template but IMAGES are not included with this.. Can you please provide me the zip with all images.. I need it to show someone and downloading all images one by one and updating it is a headache.

This is a request thanks…

Sent by mail. Thank you.

thanks a lot.. appriciate it :)

You too thanks for the tip :)

Hi, great theme!

The site I’m building deals with wearable accessories, but it’s just a showcase so I don’t need the e-commerce functions.

Therefore is it possible to disable the e-commerce feature on this theme?


Hi I think that if you want, and certain skills, you can remove unwanted items and will showcase functions without e-commerce store.

Just remind you this is not WP theme, this template html version. WP version will be released later.

Thank you

I see, ok thank you! Looking forward to the WP template.

Ok, Thank you)

Hi, just bought this thinking it was a template for use within Adobe Muse. Can this template be used with Adobe Muse? If so, how do I install into Muse to edit?

Hello For Abode Muse template is not intended, but no one bothers you try to do it. In the templates used clean html it can be adapted to many sites, platforms and so on.


I can say that I’m a bit confused with this template (and any similar e-commerce template). Does it also includes a mini shopping cart?

I’m planing to sell just a donwloadable item, so my cart’s requirements are minimal. Just a PayPal checkout and then a delivery the item by email or having an area where the buyer can download it

If the template does not includes anything do you know any simple cart which is compatible with your template?

Thank you

Hello In the list of pages available in the cart page. Just hover on the basket can be seen added products. Registration and purchase of goods is more suitable for Magenta

In the near future will be ready Wordpress version. What platform you want to build your shop?

I don’t have any platform in my mind as all are heavy. Most probably I’ll code my own script. Is simple what I want.

Ok. You want that we have added what that page for you? All you need is in the template, and what is unique to each platform, it is necessary to do on a particular platform.

Hello there…great, gorgeous theme congrats!!
Just a few questions before purchasing it?
- On the demo page the cart doesn’t update when you add/remove it just because it is the demo page or one have to code the page in order to function properly??
- How would I update the contents of the page? I mean the products on the page…will I use a database or is it just simple html??
- And I need that instead of paying via credit card,etc when checking out just send me an email with the products on the cart…is it possible ??

Thanks for your patience and once again congrats on the theme



1. Yes that’s right, it’s just html to demonstrate how the functional need to be further developed already chosen platform.

2. It’s just html that would update the products and to communicate with the database need specialists for your platform.

3. This can be done technically on any of the platforms, simply by removing step by step design and sotavah only data fields.

Let me remind you that this html theme that will help you develop a unique product, but any ray, you will need to finish off a lot of things under the platform. But there are ce needed for this.

Thank you and good review of our HTML template.

Is it possible that you can use a bootstrap theme in wordpress?

Yes, we plan to publish in 2-3 weeks wordpress version. thank you

Hey Guys, I accidentally purchased this template, didn’t really need it, so if any one is interested, I can give you mine for just $5

Hello What you bought is not what is needed is nothing we can do) need to be attentively. You can get your money back if you do not need it. Thanks you

Good, I’m fascinated with your design I would like to know if you are going to adapt to prestashop?. I think you’re going to be a great success, because your html is surprising. regards

Hey. Thanks for the nice compliment) Yes, we plan to release on the most popular platforms.

Hi, Its have any admin panel ? if so can you give me Demo .


Hello it does not have the admin panel is html template, admin panel and a full WordPress theme will be in the next 1-2 weeks. Thank you

Hi there, really impressed with the template, but have noticed a bug in the drop down menu in chrome on both MAC & PC. It seems to glitch when the page has scrolled down and the Sticky Header has been activated. Is there a quick fix for this?

Hi Anna, sent you a message with my email in – or could you provide your email addy? Thanks

or can be sent via the TF profile there is a small contact form

Hello, First off, really clean organized theme!

After downloading and walking through the site, I’m not seeing the light-box ‘quick view’ in assets? There is just a white box that loads.

Hello. If you can send me a screenshot of the problem and we will try to help you, in this case this is not observed (for quick viewing product page is loaded) Thank you.

Thanks for your fast response. My partner jumped the gun when he couldn’t find a few assets. Sorry to bother you. Theme works great.

Excellent, very happy that all is well, do not forget to leave feedback :) thanks

Hi,is it possible to add language switcher in this themes?Do you have plan to include it?Thanks

you can buy the WP version and just get on with it.

Thank you.

I’ll check it out.thanks

hi team

Your work is awesome, will be very helpful if u also provide me the images in zipfile.

Thanks in advance mayank

leave your e-mail where to send

sent to your email

Spasibo za prekrasnyi dizain i verstku, ustanovil na drupal commerce,

Privet Otlichno! Spasibo i vam:) Ne zabivayte ostavit otziv:)