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Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

Thank you Zaferyardimci :)

Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe :)


HTML with mailchimp tags are missing in the download folder.

I need them to set up the template for Mailchimp!!!!

Best regards,


Hello, thanks for notification.

Can you please tell me where it is written? I will make fix ASAP. Thanks.

There is only one version of HTML-templates. In your documentation (pdf) you describe two folders: Plain HTML and HTML with mail chimp tags. Can i use the HTML for mail chimp (i see some markup).

Hello, please download latest version. Best Regards.

you are blind, only the menu is similar, nothing more. Inspiration is from another site.

Hi, is there chance to change the size of the fonts?

Of course, just type another size of fonts in pixels. Best Regards

HI There,

Q: Where can we get more social icons such as Instagram, YouTube, tumblr, Pinterest and Mail Icon?

Hi, included are only icons what you see in demo.

Seems to be an issue w the code in MailChimp “Editing disabled: Duplicate mc:edit ID” its not letting me edit one of the image blocks on layout 1 template

Also how do i make the font in the main category menu smaller as i want to change WOMAN to say NEW ARRIVALS

please, send me a message: – i’ll send you latest version.

Hi I have emailed you and not received a reply can you please confirm what’s going on it’s been weeks and I’ve paid for these theme and cannot use it because of these issues! If I don’t hear back and get the updated theme I’ll have to report this

Sorry, your email ended in the Spam. Theme is updated.

Hello i bought the newsletter but is not displaying correctly on phones.

I sent a test to myself from mailchimp and it doesn’t look right.

is not displaying images in mobile devices while i haven’t removed the @media lines of code…

Yes, i haven’t remove @media lines..

Is not only my cell phone.

Directly from mailchimp preview for phone it doesn’t work.

Can you give me an email for me to send you a test email from mailchimp?

I got the email. I dont see any trouble with images… check this out:

Hello, being very new to coding and HTML etc. Can you help running through the first template build..much appreciated

Hello, if you have questions, please send me a email:

This is a very nice email template and its what I’ve been looking for and I find it now finally!!! Nice work… I will make a purchase soon!!! :)

Thank you, glad to hear… :)

Hi, I purchased the template…thank you and very nice. My issue is it’s not displaying on iPhone. The image above “Beauty That Never Fades” does not display.

I didn’t make changes to the layout, just uploaded pics on mailchimp but it isn’t displaying on iphone. I will fwd the email to

i got your newsletter. I see the title “Beauty That Never Fades”. Can you send me the screen direct from your iPhone?

i sent you an email

why does the header photo is not on the iphone mail app?

Hello, that’s because it is in responsive mode…(to save space).

enough to remove the code: #preview { display:none; } / Hide the template Heading Image to save space */

Hi Jopin,

I have a question about the template. May I send you an email please?


Hello Tyler, of course. Email:

Hello, I’ve bought your template “Glamoura” but it doesn’t work on iPhone. It does on Android devices. We haven’t modified any lines of codes. From Mailchimp preview mode the template doesn’t work, actually you get the same wrong layout. The footer is completely cut out. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

Hello, the template is tested on iphone, android etc. It should work properly. Never mind what display MailChimp in the preview mode. You should try it in real usage. Please let me know on email :

Best Regards

Hi I really likes you template and i want to buy it but I saw you have 8 layout with different color, if i buy the template i can get all 8 layouts or i have to buy each lay out separately? If i buy the template can i design different lay outs or i have to customize any of your lay outs only? Thanks

my only concern is to have social network links there, what do you suggest?

Also i removed #preview { display:none; } to have the header on the mobile version of the template and I’ve tested it. The header photo is not complete on mobile preview ,our header photo size is same as template header photo. You can see the mobile preview of the template with heade on this link :

Please let me know what shall i do for that?

you miss probably text align in your newsletter. The width is 600px, I think.

This is not a responsive template!

Just bought it today and installed it into mailchimp and sent a test email and it does not reformat for the mobile Galaxy S5. Using layout 2 and would expect the 4 products to change to be 1 column by 4 rows and it doesn’t.

What a waste of my time, I want a refund!

send me an email with your own code. ( I will see. Actually, did you not get your money back?

Sent the code by email. Yes we did get a refund but really like your template. If it works right we will pay for it again.

There is no problem. Nobody besides you didn’t have this kind of problem. You cant change the code.

How do I make the 2 column Images go full width on iPhone 6 screens? They go about 2/3 as standard?

I’d also be interested to learn how to unhide the header image…

The header image. Enough to remove the code: #preview { display:none; } / Hide the template Heading Image to save space */

width of the template is 600px. That’s because most of email clients does not respect bigger width. Me like a developer… I cannot make the template only for iphone 6. I need to make a template what will be displayed correctly on most of devices. Not only smart phones.. also webmail, desktop software, tablets etc.

but if you wanna make a special template only for iphone 6… I am able to do this. Just tell me.

Thanks, figured most of it out, can you just tell me though, when the template is in mail chimps mobile preview mode (and when received on a phone the images don’t go full width across the screen – there is a bigger white gap down the right hand side than the left?

can you send me image? ( the image should be centred

I’m interested in your template but before I buy I want to make sure it’s easy to use it for non-sales items. I’m assuming the templates are easy to move around and edit. My buttons will read Read More, instead of Shop now., yes?

Yes, that’s possible. I see no problem. If you will have problem, just let me know. I will try to help you.

is this independent of mail tool? I am usin

Hello, Yes, it is independent…. you can use sendy… Regards

Hi there. I noticed under the features that “Campaign Monitor Drag & Drop’ is listed – does this mean you can drag and drop the modules to create new layouts? Or only drag and drop content into the pre existing layouts? Thanks :)

I have just sent you an email – thank you!

I have just sent you an email – thank you!