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Absolutely stunning and usable. great work!

Thanx John :)

Wordpress coming?

Yes but as usual it will be available through our website :)

Nice template! Good job! wait for its wordpress version. :)

Great job, GLWS ! :-)

Thank you :)

Great job on this template. But curious, if it’s not for Wordpress how would I use the blog page? :confused:

Like every other site template in themeforest you need a cms to make it work :)

How does it look/work on a mobile device?

Just resize your browser and preview! :D

Ok, one more question before I buy…. How does it handle imbedded video? I have about 6 samples I’d like to showcase. thank u

I guess you won’t have any problems with embedded videos :)


Where I can change VIDEO BACKGROUND , my video is in youtube.

Doesnt work


My video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYBbOUuEEtA&feature=plcp

Doesnt work


My video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYBbOUuEEtA&feature=plcp

That’s weird. Do you have your website somewhere online so we can take a look?

As always, elegant theme. What is the size of the images you were using? Thanks

For the homepage the dimensions are 2600×2000 almost. But any big image will do actually. They will stretch. The bigger images you use the better quality you get (takes more time to download them though)

Hi Have a small problem can’t work out how the reply forms work it asks for action.php and i can’t find that file. What am i doing wrong?

Great theme :)


Thank you for your good word :) This is an HTML template and you need to add this kind of functionality by yourself.

hi, this is very successful site. but i have a problem about images. when i want to put image, on the top of header (h1 or h2 background images – 2200 – 400 px, 96 dpi). image is zoom, so my image doesnt look very well. how can i remove zoom properties or what is your suggestion about this problem. thank you.

Are we talking about the homepage with the supersized slider? :)

not index.html (home page). but all of other pages. for example page.html. / when i try put an image page.html (on the top of header – it is call h1.jpg or h2.jpg), it is zoom. i understood home page is (index.html) according to supersized slider. / is page.html according to supersized slider? or only index.html ? thanx.

Hm that shouldn happen. No, no script is running up there. It’s a plain background image, that’s all. Do you have your site somewhere online so we can take a look? :)

it’snt online now because i didint finish yet. when i set up site, i will give you information. thanx.

The template makes reference to supersized.css but it is not on the download. Is it needed?

It seems that we missed this one :) You can safely remove it as we have transferred the styles needed to the main stylesheet. I will update the files as well. Thanx for the heads up :)

Can i use full background Youtube and Vimeo video?

Hi there, at the moment you can only use Youtube videos as backgrounds :)

This theme is now available as a WordPress theme as well :)

Video on the main page is loaded in low resolution. How to make that video plays in HD quality?

Are you sure is in low res? Because we embed the video with the proper parameter to show the hd version of the vdieo

Please help change the script. I tried it myself but it is not very good :) Now class = “container” there is a SHOW . after pressing id = “hide-slider”, function working – HIDE . We need the opposite :) to the default class = “container” was hidden, and after pressing the button id = “show-slider”, class = “container” entered into a function – the seam.

I understand that this can be done here – http://berezovsky.org.ua/gv/show-hide.png   help me please.

Aaaa gotcha! Ok i will prepare a script and send it to you :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Hi :) do you remember about me?

Hi there, how can I get Vimeo video in the background?

Currently only Youtube videos are supported :)

You mentioned the WordPress version is now available. How do I get it? Can you send me the link?

Unfortunately it’s against the rules here in themeforest. It’s available on our website.