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Hello, very nice theme. Where can I find the wordpress version? In the Wordpress version, can I use widgets (ex. latest posts and so on) instead of images in homepage?


WordPress version is available in our website. :)

Where are the PSD files? Specifically the one for the logo?

Only what you see is available. Most of the theme was designed in the browser :)

And what about the other question? Can I use widgets like latest posts, video preview and so on in homepage instead of the photo blocks on bottom of the page?

Careful, this is the HTML version of the theme. Not the WordPress one

But it clearly says “PSD included” in the item details, right after “Responsive Layout”

I just realised that we haven’t included the PSDs in the zip file. Contact me using the contact form in my profile and i will send you the PSDs (at least the ones that we have) until i update the zip :)

So can I do what I’m asking in the wordpress version?

WordPress versions is not provided in the Themeforest marketplace so i guess it won’t be right to offer any kind of support for the WordPress version here.

great design .. is there any way a mp3 player can be integrated in it??

Well i guess it can be done but it requires modifications to make it work :)

if you would integrate it how much would you charged and then i can buy this template and work in it ?

Well it depends on the player and the way you want it integrated :)


Where’s the action.php for the contact page ? Or the template doesn’t come with a functional contact page?

It doesn’t. The specific theme provides styles and markup for contact forms, not functionality.

please send me action.php

Glare doesn’t provide a working contact form :)

Is there any way to have the four images on the home page act just as links (instead of offering the zoom/link buttons)?

Also, why do the zoom/ link buttons not always appear in the same place (sometimes at the top of the image, sometimes in the middle)?

Thanks :)

Awesome! Thank you :D

Ok in the index.html as you can see each of the four blocks are like this:

<article class="four columns alpha set"> <img src="dummy/dummy01.jpg" alt="" class="scale-with-grid" /> <a href="#">Portraits</a> <div class="zoom"> <a href="dummy/sl01.jpg" rel="pp" class="view-set">View set</a> <a href="#" class="view-article">View article</a> </div> </article><!-- /set -->

Replace it with:

<article class="four columns alpha set"> <a href="#"> <img src="dummy/dummy01.jpg" alt="" class="scale-with-grid" /> Portraits </a> </article><!-- /set -->

Let me know if that works for you :)

It almost works!

However, the image doesn’t darken (which I presume is because the ‘zoom’ css isn’t being used), and there’s a white bar at the top of the image. See http://loadhouse.co.uk/test.html for details

The ‘families’ link is the one I’ve changed.

Third question :)

Can the images just link to the large versions without the need to click the ‘zoom’ icon? It seems like a redundant step on a gallery page.

Thanks (again)!

Forgot to say, I have the HTML version :)


I’m thinking about buying this theme to use as a photography portfolio. I currently use Picasa Web Albums to hold on my images, how are the images managed in the back end?



There’s no backend on this since this is a Site HTML template, not a WordPress theme. WordPress version is available on our website only.

Hi cssigniter Thanks for creating a straightforward, well documented template. The layout is nicely thought out, as well. Many contributors often produce a great landing page and neglect the other pages. Thank you for not following that trend. Cheers John

Thank you John :D

How come the gallery images aren’t scrollable? You should be able to hit left or right when in zoom mode, not x out of each pic and select the next one. Most galleries have that installed.

Sorry, screenshot is: http://d.pr/i/K7mc

Galleries don’t show arrows. Set templates do. I’ll just use a set template for my galleries. Thanks.

Yeap, the galleries are designed to only show the featured image (saves bandwidth etc).

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was any reason why the ‘£’ doesn’t display properly? I’ve tried a few different fonts and keep getting a question-mark in a diamond.


Have you tried £ ?

I forgot to say, I’m using a sans-serif font from Google Fonts (and there’s no edit post option!)

Edit post option? what do you mean? :)

I meant on these comments (sorry for any miscommunication)

Is there any way to get rid of the border around the supersized images?



I figured it out.




How can I push down the #home-set?


Hello there and sorry for the late reply,

You need to open the file js/scripts.js and go to line 107:


You need to experiment with the 345 value, and change it until you come up with the result you wish. This controlls the distance from the top. A bigger number means it will go lower.

Thank you so much. Works great!

Glad I was able to help :D