Discussion on Glimmer - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Glimmer - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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The search function DOES NOT work it displays all posts and does not filter based on search terms. It only works if you disable REDUX. Since the theme was built using REDUX, this alters the layout and design of the site. How can we get this fixed? We downloaded this theme via our Envato Elements account.

Hello, I just wanted to follow up on this as it doesn’t appear that there has been an update released yet. I did see an update for Redux and have updated it, but the search issue still exists. Thank you.

in december mid we are plan for update, we are wait for few things for wordpress latest release

Following up again – I noticed an update for Redux, but the search function still doesn’t work correctly. If I disable Redux then it works. Of course, disabling Redux changes the appearance of the theme. Please advise on what I should do. The client is extremely displeased. Should we just abandon this theme and look elsewhere? Doesn’t seem like the issue is ever going to be fixed.

Hello! Will you make the update to the new Wordpress 5.00 version? Regards, Kornelia

First I would like to see if you renew the support, So that I can help you at anything.

1. Google tracking code you mention it will work on my side, 2. Maybe translation things are missing, I will updated it soon 3. Remove the older glimmer shortcode plugin and install again, here is plugin upgradation required

Hi! I just renewed the support. Sorry I didn’t do it earlier and thank you for answering my questions even so. I removed the older glimmer shortcode plugin and I installed the Glimmer Core. The social buttons are visible now. Is it now possible you help me with my questions 1., 2., and 4? Thanks! Kornelia

Yeah, please contact on softhopperbd@gmail.com I ask to contact via email because some time need the logins, So please email me, then I will update you what need from you.

I have an issue with related posts only showing 2 posts when I have it set to show 3. See bottom of post here http://schreders.ca/royal-lepage-reports-americans-take-interest-canadian-relocation/

Sorry for the problem. Give me your admin access I need to change some couple of line code from this theme Or if you have some knowledge of coding I will give you some instructions to change the code.

how can i add an option in the header section? I mean I´d like to give the possibility to click on one link and get to another page,for now the only option I have is about having the social medias links….thanks

Wrong url you added. I tell you add an url as like http://www.feelfrench.com/fr/category/featured. but you add only cat. so how it’s work?

it does not work, to which adress can I send you a screenshot?

Please open a ticket on http://www.softhopper.net/support/. Then provide admin access info. We need to test it.

hello, I have the same problem with auto slider. it doesn’t work. http://graphidine.fr/

Thanks for your help

Where i can find it ? on my envato account ? I re upload the theme and i have the same problem. Display Featured Post and Show Featured Post In Post are activate posts are “mis en avant”

Thanks for your help (do you speak french ^^)

You can find updated version of glimmer theme from https://themeforest.net/downloads
Sorry I can’t speak in french

it is resolved. the features category was not checked. yes I know… :/ thanks for your patience ^^

My Glimmer featured post auto slider is not working, what to do?

Please share your site URL ….

I’ve checked your URL. I’ve seen you don’t give any featured post. Please, First give featured post. Then we will check auto slider condition. After giving featured post inform us.

Hi there,

Just a few (hopefully painless) questions ;)

1. Would it be difficult to create a masonry format for the main blog page?

2. Are all of the stylings (box outlines, box quotes, etc) color changeable?

3. If I had to choose between Picka Blog and Glimmer, which should I choose and why? They’re both similar but I can’t seem to figure out which is better for me. Perhaps you can explain the benefits of either one?

Thank you so much!!

Another question (sorry). Is there any chance that you’re planning on adding a woocommerce shop to the theme anything soon? Or would you consider taking on a small custom job to accomplish this?

Hello evaailie,
Please contact us by mail softhopperbd@gmail.com


This theme is good ! But, I have a problem with my widget “instagram slider”. He worked for two weeks and touching anything it is no longer displayed as you can see here: www.mayleen.fr. I passed in the footer 1. Thanks for your answer.

Best regards, Marion.


I’ve seen your problem but can’t understand why it is not showing. Everything works fine in our website. Can you share us your WordPress dashboard login info (username and pass)? Then we will check your problem. You can share your login info by contacting with us via mail softhopperbd@gmail.com

Hello Softhopper team, I have a quick question: How can I use “Cyrillic” on this theme ? We are located in bulgaria and want to use the theme in our language. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks a bunch

Hello Digital sufi,
Sorry :( to inform you that we don’t have any idea about your local language. In Wordpress language selection option we have not see any option of your language. but we are searching in google to give give you solution. If we get solution then we will inform you.

I purchased this theme and can’t upload it. I have a Wordpress.com site and I’m not self-hosted. I would like a refund. Thanks.

Hello, jackiecere5
For your kind information there is no refund option in our hand :( .
Your may contact with ThemeForest Authority .

SoftHopper Team.

i have read the help menu and i have also make the changes according to the same but i want my important 5 blogs to be seen on the main page as a slider which is supposed to be seen as per your live preview. For e.g:-i want my important 5 blogs to be seen on the featured blog which can be slide towards left and rest all the blogs can be seen downwards

Hello sharikq,
Did you select Featured category when publishing a post for featured slider??

hi please help me i have purchased your theme but the look is not as it was showing in the original photo.my website name is www.prothoughts.co.in/blog

Hello sharikq,
Please first read the whole documentation carefully. Everything describes there. Then ask us your problems clearly.


Hi – I absolutely love the theme! I have a question that is probably easily answered, but I just can’t seem to be able to find a way to do it…

Is there a way to have a post that is both in the featured slider but also a blog on the main homepage of my site?

If I mark a post as a feature it only places that post in the featured position on the site and not in the main blog site as well. I would like to mark some posts as featured, but still have them appear in the main blog thread.

Thanks for your help! Holly


May be you are using our Glimmer Old version. In the new version we’ve integrated the options. Please Contact with us via contact page. Than we will send to you new version via mail.



Sorry, where is the Contact Us page? Is it the Contact Envato?

please contact with us via our email.

I cannot seem to activate the featured posts (with the picture in the background) that you have on the main page of the Glimmer Theme. How do you turn this on? I can’t find this in your documentation. When I turn on featured post in the Glimmer settings all i get is this:


Hello jaredtm13,

May be you did something wrong. I understand your problem. From your WordPress Dashboard go to Settings>Reading From Front page displays section Select Your latest posts radio button and Save Changes. And for About and Contact page please see the documentation.


SoftHopper Team

That worked! Thanks!

Hi, I have a question, is it possible to have an article featured in the header slider dans have it in the articles listed below ? Because if I have less than 5 articles and all of them featured, i have nothing listed below. Is it possible to increase the size of the logo in the header ? Thanks !

Hello sebasmau,

We defaultly off featured article in the front page list post because same article show 2 times in the same page. At present we do not give any dynamic option to show the featured article in the both place. But if you contact us via mail we will customize the theme and logo size for u to do that and update version we will add that dynamic option.


SoftHopper Team


How to display the picture on header (Menu location)?

Can you change the logo on header? If it is you can change it on glimmer option >> Header Section. Note: Please read documentation properly. We include all the process to control theme on documentation.


SoftHopper Team :)

Hi there, it’s a great theme and I want to use it for my new blog. But I’m completely new in wordpress so I’ve got a few questions of customization of this theme: I like the paralax effect – is it possible to remove that carousel of related posts on the picture? So there would be just the header with logo and categories, a little space to see the “parallax image” an then the first current post. Is that possible? And is there a chance that the header with categories get stuck if you scroll down at the top of the page (just a small column to easily und quickly get back to home, at a categorie, about me, etc. and also the social icons)? And I think the information box about the author at the bottom of every post can also be removed, right? Thanks in advance :)

There is no Page Builder Plugin integrated in our theme, If you want to use custom navigation plugin you need to customize theme.


I’m sorry to ask again ;) Do you have any insights so that I can see how I can costumize this theme, how it looks like in the wordpress admin area etc.? Is it easily like a drag’n’drop system? I think I need a easy theme for the beginning where I can costumize it a little bit with drag’n’drop etc. that’s why I’m asking.

Hey sorry for late :(. If you want see admin area, please contact with us via contact form of our profile page.

Nice theme, GLWS :)

Simple, clean and elegant work! I like it! Good luck with sales!

Hi – i love the theme, but when I try to fix the permalinks and click on the blog entries, i get 404. It won’t recognize the postname-permalink. .htaccess and everything is done right.. Is this a known error in the theme?

Can you share your website link with us??

it’s still on localhost, but if u have an email I will mail you the details :)

What type of localhost compiler you use WAMP or XAMPP ?.

you can send mail to us using softhopperbd@gmail.com

Thanks :)


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