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Hi I have a very simple question. Is this totally customizable? Can I change the colors of the tabs etc? Thank you

Hello. This theme is not customizable, but you can change all from the theme by css

I too need to know how to change the dimensions to allow for a larger logo. The size of the logo is 325×179

I sent you a mail

Thanks, I mailed you back, something is wrong

Mailed you again. Need a few more css answers.

Can I change the color of the text?

yes you can change by changing a css file

hi! i liked the design but i can not change the titles or add pic, etc…maybe because of i’m a new user on wordpress. I would be glad, if you could help me to resolve issues. especially i need to change site title “Glimpse”.i am waiting your reply as soon as possible. thanks

Hello! Can you tell me your mail and I will send you detail instructions

Hi! I don’t know how to add the Slider in the Home Page. I did the slider, but I can’t see it in the home page. Could you help me? thanks!

Hello ! in this case you can write the image tag like this for example your tag is 137

and I bit rewrite

I removed class=”alignleft” and other information generated by WP

sorry but I wanted insert only code :):). I rewrite the image tag like this img src=”your_url_upload/137.jpg”

thank you! I will try this

Hi! sorry, but I tried and still doesn’t work. The only web to have the pictures align to the left, is if I put a picture 960×533px. Pictures small that this width doesn’t work. Could you help me?

thank you

Hello ! Mail me please your site’s url. Not here because url will be deleted here. You can find my mail into my profile page. Good luck

can you tell me if there is a shopping cart option that i can add to this site. and, how much. love your design. thanks.

Hello ! Unfortunately the theme has no this option

Having issues with menu.js and slider-handler.js causing problems in Internet Explorer. Is there a fix for this available? I think I saw something in the comments about something like this happening previously.

Hello I sent you a mail

My email is and the site is BTW

Hi! Where I can find the CSS of menu.div and logo-slogan? Some links doesn’t work in the Home page and I don’t know what happen.

view all works (is wrong) view all blog (is wrong) Can I send you the links for to check in a private mail?

Another curious thing happen in the porfolio, when you are inside of one item you can not go back to the main porfolio.

Thanks for your help

Hello ! You can find the css into glimpse/css subdirectory file is menu.css Of course send me your link, You can find my mail into my profile page. I will check

Thank you, I just sent you an email.


Editing posts Is that the extent of the editing available.. Do i need to add html to all my blog posts manually? All other word themes I have had a visual or an editor, I cannot find that here. Please tell me there is one, it would be unrealistic if i had to code each post, rather than copy and paste and keep all my formatting from word.

Much thanks, Caroline

Sorry maybe I don’t understand you but what html you need add into the post you can add html or simple text. Tell me please your mail I will send you my content of preview theme

Hi, I do not want to add html. I want to just copy and paste and keep my word formatted blog as it is. But i lose all formatting. The very limited formatting bar is not enough to create blogs that need diff. colours, heading, fonts and sizes? is mail. Thanks

Hello I sent you my content

Hi I would like to customize the three columns on the Home page. Now, this function is calling the last portfolio item, blog and testimonial. I am wondering if this function can change and call three pages that I am going to create. Can you said me what file I have to overwrite or override? I don’t want to touch anything without support.

Hello I sent you mail, good luck

Hi, The theme will not allow me to load an extremely short video clip, it says it is over the limit.

How can i extend this limit

Thanks Caroline

Hello ! The theme doesn’t have this limit. Can you more explain, what kind of video, may be a way how do you try to use a video?

Hi, could you also send me the content.xml configuration file? That would be great! My email address is Nadja.freising [at]

Thank you!

Hello :) I sent you a mail


I have purchased this theme and I got below error in theme when open domain.

I have just install theme and visit site.

Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/poptribes/public_html/wp-content/themes/Glimpse/home.php on line 209


Hello . Please send me letter on my email with your link of site. I will see the error. Thank you

Please see error in below link.

Can you change the version of php? And tell me please your current version of php


I want to add instagram icon in social share but Can not found instagram in theme document. Can you please help me to implement instagram?


Yes I didn’t use instagramm plugin in theme preview, but you can find and try some plugin from here It’s good place.

Hello I already download the theme but it had been very difficult for me to setup from the beginning, can you send the xml to setup the demo version


email: malamalapata(at)gmai(dot)com

Hello ! I sent you mail

Hi, im interesting in buy your theme but first i must are sure that Santorini is WPML compatible. Can you please confirm this? Thanks a Lot!

I can send you my theme by mail or by other way. If you’ll accept you can purchase my theme if not you can use my theme at no charge. You can write me a mail for some details. Best Regards

Hi, could you please let me know how I can change the logo on the Glimpse website template. I am struggling to find where to do this.

Many thanks,

Zara Cowdray

Hello ! You can find the logo file in wp-content/themes/glimpse/img/logo.png to replace it you can rewrite this file to your file. If you have any questions you can write me via mail I will help you

I have been trying to do this and so far just don’t know where to look. Please advise how I can change the Glimpse Logo on the website, I am fairly experienced at themes and there isn’t anywhere to do this so I would be grateful if you could look into this for me or send me in the right direction. I can’t find the logo file. . Zara Cowdray c126435f-1223-4922-84c3-4fe2a782ae7b

Please advise how I can change the Glimpse Logo on the website, I am fairly experienced at themes and there isn’t anywhere to do this so I would be grateful if you could look into this for me. Zara Cowdray c126435f-1223-4922-84c3-4fe2a782ae7b

give me please your mail I will write detailed instructions for you – please send me detailed instructions so that we can move forward with this and get the website up and running. Why isn’t it straightforward in the customise sections? frustrated. :(

thank you for your email advising me to replace the logo with the following – wp-content/themes/glimpse/img/logo.png – complete nightmare, must be one of the worst website templates to set up. There is no way that I can actually just upload my own logo. I cannot replace logo.png as it isn’t shown on the media. Nowhere to find a way to delete the glimpse template to upload it again. Absolutely a complete waste of my time, money and energy. Why isn’t a simple section ‘change logo’ added. :(