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Hello, Can you send a content.xml configuration file?


Hello, yes I can but I couldn’t found your mail

sorry, isti [at] Thanks

I sent you a mail

Hey there FLAmaster, thank you for this beautiful theme. I think its a lil bit heavy to setup it without demo content. Can you send mit the content.xml too?

My mail customer [at] geccosphere [dot] com


Hello, thank you very much ! I sent you the content

Very beautiful and minimalistic wordpress theme, greatful and very fast support. thanks a lot! 5 stars for you bro :)

Thanks :) ! I’ll answer any questions of your

Hi, this is what I see on my Glimpse modification page: Programmer’s corner

The array $mytheme->option is actually populated with the following keys and values :

$mytheme->option[‘company-name’] = “Project 52 PRO” To disable this report (for example before packaging your theme and making it available for download), remove the line ” ‘debug’ => ‘debug’ ” in the array you edited at the beginning of this file.

Not sure what is going on there…

Project 52 PRO is a company name, it was written by user . I have written the Glimpse in my site . This name you can see in the live preview at the footer (bottom left corner). Theme Toolkit is a simple php code (plugin it was wrong name) programmer can use to add the differents settings into a wp theme.

Project 52 PRO is MY company name. This is the page I get from the Glimpse menu tab on the left. It asked me to enter a company name and I entered MY company name… the site is for Project 52 PRO… now all I get it this error code.

I deleted the theme, re downloaded it and re-installed… still get this window.

I was expecting a dashboard for Glimpse, and instead I got “enter your company name here”... and now this screen.

Sorry I don’t understand what is the problem. May you explain me more detail? If you want to write me long text then you could send me a mail. (My mail in the profile page). I will answer all of your questions

Can you please send me the content.xml file. my e-mail is vorozco (at) aimcreativeagency (dot) com Thanks,

P.s. Nice work

I sent. Thank you :)

HI I need help with inserting my logo into this project

I have the same issue as wizwow above

Hello ! Replace please the glimpse/img/logo.png by your logo.png

There are only 3 sheets in one tab. Is it possible to get more? If yes, how?

Hello, I fixed this bug and you can update the theme, thanks

Until now I made a few adjustments to the theme (german translation, slider…). Can you tell me the files you change, so that I can put only the necessary code in my files?

It was shortcodes.php


If a user zoom (for example in firefox) the page, the layout crashes at the fist step.

Do you have any idea how to get rid of that?

Sorry, you’re right I forget to let you know some details. I’m using FF 18.0.2 too. I’m testing by a add-on called “Web-Developer” different resolutions. To use the website on netbooks I set “resize” to “1024×768” pixel. Now I zoom one step in. As a effect of that I get a horizontal scrollbar and the text, including the menu, brokes on the right side. Do you see what I mean?

Unfortunately the theme is not responsive it is fixed

I hope I understand you right :)


Please can you give me the demo content. And could you please send me the content.xml?

My mail address is andrewdwren [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you


Hello ! I sent you xml file. Best Regards

I sent you xml file the day before yesterday and If you didn’t receive please check the spam folder It contained more instructions about installing. Good Luck

I have recieved the file. Thank you very much

Hi, thank you for such theme.

Also have few questions: 1. After making post and entering it, I can see this meesage at the end of the post: {pinit count=”horizontal” float=”left” always_show_count=”true”}{fb_count}

Guess, this is about FaceBook integration. Could you please tell me, on how to add this feature?

2. Please could you send me a demo content xml? alexey.egoshin [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I sent you mail with a content.xml and some explanation about plugins. Thanks

Hi, I’ve received your email. Thank you!

Hello. Where in the CSS can the size/space maximum be changed to allow for a larger (company) logo? Thanks.

Hello I sent you mail. Thank you

Thank you!

Slider not working in Explorer 9 and 10, and navigation stacks one on top of the other on the right side. Have you seen or experienced this? Thanks.

I sent you mail

Hello Flamaster!

if I try my site in the Internet Explorer (8, 9 or 10) I get a error message about the “slider-handler.js”. Now I want to try it with your example-site but it isn’t available at

Any Ideas about this problem?

Hello ! Can you tell me your mail I will send you fixed version of the slider-handler.js

I send you an E-Mail…

Thank YOU! Fixed…


Theme Glimpse Tax Invoice Envato ABN: 11 119 159 741

Please can you give me the demo content. And could you please send me the content.xml?

My mail address

Thank you Renaldas (Lithuania)

Hello ! Yes of course. I sent mail to you


First we want to congratulate you for your excellent work in this theme!

We want to Know How could we eliminate this line on posts: pinit count=”horizontal” float=”left” always_show_count=”true”

you can answer me on this email



About the logo. It’s possible to insert a 274×54 logo. Where Should I change these parameters.

Thaks again

Hello! css about logo is into the main.css, line is 21, class is .logo. Is it what did you mean?

Thats not what I mean.

Your Glimpse logo is 140×38 px. My logo is bigger, 274×54 px. I need to insert it in this size.

How should I do?

Couldyou answer me on this email

Thanks again for your help

Hello, Can the size/space maximum be changed to allow for a larger (company) logo? Thanks.

Thank you, my mail

I’m sorry for inconvenience, but please send me detailed instruction one more time to

Hello :) I sent a mail for you

Hi.. Im struggling to remove the Glimpse Logo and how to use the template… Is There an Instructional @FLAmaster on how to use it.. please.. Call you email me.. and btw Can you send a content.xml configuration file please ?


Hello. I sent you a mail, good luck

Love the theme, but I am looking for something that will let me search the “works” page and function the same way as the tabs do now. I like that I can search there, but can it be for only the photos, like with the tabs? I have large galleries with multiple tags. Let me know. I love the theme.

Hello. Thanks. See please my live preview again (I little changed it). If it is what you mean I can send you mail with detail instructions how I did it. But I need your mail. Thanks again good luck