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Discussion on Gliu - Enjoy The Creativity

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Mobile menu hides itself off after a few miliseconds of loading.

Class property .mobile-menu-button

Please insert the following CSS into the “Additional CSS” field on your customizer. (Appearance > Customize)

.mobile-header .mobile-menu-button { display: block !important; }

Hello, please send us updates JavaScript of gliu`s “about us” cause slider wont work. thanks

We installed the Gliu template, but the slider on the “Gallery Post page (Vertical)” does not work. Please send us the corrected code.

Hi again,

We’ve checked our theme and everything seems fine. We couldn’t reproduce any issues related to that.

You may try to create a new site with a fresh Gliu installation and see if it’s working or not.

By the way, since the downloads from Elements do not include support service, you must buy our theme via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help.

Kind regards

hi there, mobile menu is not working on your theme.

Hello, could you please try to add the following CSS into the “Additional CSS” field on your customizer? (Appearance > Customize)

.mobile-header .mobile-menu-button { display: block !important; }

I know this css but its not working on homepage, check techascentbd.com

I checked your site and everything seems fine. Mobile menu is working. Maybe you still can’t see it because of cache or something?

appears on my console this error /wp-content/themes/gliu/js/swiper.min.js.map

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Hi there, have you changed the location of the folders/files? This kind of errors happen when theme is located somewhere else and trying to call the necessary files from another folder. We suggest you a fresh install. Hope this helps.

For further support, you should buy our theme via ThemeForest. Downloads from Elements do not include support service.

Kind regards

Has this theme been tested with the latest Wordpress 5.6?

Hello, yes, please feel free to update your WordPress version.

Hi, I noticed a bug on the little devices : the hamburger icon for the menu shows up and desappear immediately. I don’t find the way to fix it and it’s a big problem because the menu is not available for a lot of devices… Do you aware of this ? This is the url of the website in question : https://contesaloreille.fr. If you need, I can easely provide ids.

Thanks for the help.

Ok. I’ll do this today. Thanks.

Hi, As you recommend me to do, I let you an email a lot of days before, still no sign of life… So, I repeat myself here :

After trying to catch the element on the website before it disappears, I could reach the information that the élément .mobile-menu-button is with « display : none »… In firefox, I can uncheck the box to see what happen and the hamburger icon comme back ! So I have a part of the solution, now. I try to add a css snippet as this :

.mobile-menu-button { display : inline-block; }

But it’s not effective… Do you know how and where I can change this setting ? Thanks again.

The correct CSS is like below:

.mobile-header .mobile-menu-button { display: block !important; }

Can you send the colors that are in the slider animation? I would like to match up a few of my custom icons for my page to these colors so that it all matches better. Thank you—Kristin Romaine

Hi Kristin :) Here’s the color values:

Orange: #ff5400 Mint: #15bdbd Dark Blue: #5368d5 Light Blue: #daffff Dark Grey: #333333

Hi, - I want to show all the posts on the homepage; for now, it’s just the 10 first posts. - I want also to not display the blink animation on the badges. I tried an additionnal CSS code “animation : none on the elements, but it’s obviously didn’t work. Thanks.

Hi there :)

1. Go to “Settings > Reading” and set the number of blog posts to show to a very high number like 100. Make sure that this number is higher than your number of posts.

2. Please go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the following CSS:

.new-icon, .hot-icon, .sponsored-icon {opacity: 1 !important;}

I’m sorry. I was looking for a different solution instead of returning to the fundamental of wordpress… How dummy I am. Thnaks for the help.

You’re very welcome :)


The “HOT” Badge is not working, when I check it and update the page it comes back unchecked & it doesn’t appear on the main page! how can this be fixed?


We tested our theme and everything seems fine. I think a javascript error prevents our theme to act correctly. This may be caused by a 3rd party plugin or server configuration. Please deactivate all of the plugins except the ones that come with the theme and see if the issue persists.

Gutenberg Optimized?

Hi, no, not for now.


I just noticed that “HOT” Badge is not working, when I check it and update the page it comes back unchecked & it doesn’t appear on the main page!

Hi, I tested it for you and I can say that it’s working fine. Probably there’s a problem with your server configuration. Maybe something related to your writing permissions.


am trying to rename the taxonomies using “Rename Taxonomies by WebMan” plugin, yet the taxonomies are not changing in the front end, & according to their website it is mostly duo to “caused by your theme (or a plugin) hard-coding the taxonomy name”

and what they propose is to “contact your theme (or a plugin) developer to update their code and use WordPress taxonomy labels instead of hard-coding them”

so can you help with that?

Thank you,

Hi there, thanks for contacting us.

You should buy our item via ThemeForest to get 6 or 12 months of help. Downloads from Elements do not include support service.

On the other hand, even if you have support package, we’re not able to provide help for 3rd party plugins unfortunately.

Kind regards

bonjour, quel plugin est compatible pour les bannières ? merci

Hi, you can use theme customizer for banners. See Appearance > Customize

xml is not there and not able to work. It keep showing error after uploading the template

Just replied your e-mail.

Bonjour, le thème est il compatible avec une communauté BuddyPress ? Je vous remercie

Hi there, no, our theme is not compatible with BuddyPress.

Hi! Can you give me an example of a leaderboard code? Why is it called that way? I am a bit confused with this feature… Best, A

Hi, here’s an example code:

<img src="https://www.wpselected.com/gliu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/gliuad.png" alt="gliuad" />

Hello, is it possible to increase the size of the logo on mobile? Thank you

Hi there,

Please go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the CSS below:

.mobile-logo-container img { height: 40px; }

Default value is 30px. We don’t recommend a higher value than 40.

And by the way, you can use a different logo for mobile by uploading it from “4. Header > 4.2. Logo Settings > Mobile Logo Image”.

Nevermind… Happy New Year!

Bonjour, les icones sociales en pied de page ne fonctionne pas : elles ne s’affichent pas lorsque je met le liens de mes réseaux sociaux. Que puis je faire ? je vous remercie.

j’ai résolu le problème, j’ai installé king composer qui a créé un conflit. merci


When clicking the more button on the site it only goes 6 pages deep and then stops. Is there an email where I can share the issue and see why this is happening.

Thank you for addressing this and correcting the issue. It is truly appreciated. Best.

Guys..this still does not work as intended?

Hi there again, we fixed the classic navigation issue on category pages. Do you still have that problem? Please let us know.


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