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I like your theme, but the before i need know that paypal getaway,because it is needed PayPal API ,its dificult with normal paypal holders,

i like to buy this but before i need get a some clear details,This theme can make a global directory ,like country by country and city by city ? in this theme paypal getaway needed to API details or just a simple paypal email address ? even i need a home page map ,please reply ? Thanks

not reply those people ,not gurentee with after sale support…

Can registered users blog on this site? Which sites can users blog in? Does it allow categories when they post a blog? GLOCAL? METRODIR? GLOBO? Thank you.

hi i just want to ask you if i want to add a four plan in the submit listing in glocal how i can create this fourth plan because there is just three and i want a 4 plan thank in advance

Very nice theme please re provide RTL Arabic option.

Apologies, found my answer. thanks


Je suis toujours très intéressé par votre modèle.

Question 1: partager mes articles sur mon Facebook et Twiter automatiquement.

Comment intégrer le partage [Annonce] sur facebook et twitter pages automatiquement sur mon facebook et twitter.pour éviter d’aller sur Facebook et Twiter pages. et placer de nouveaux sites manuellement. Moi sur mon site j’URL pour partager mes articles sur mes pages Facebook et Twiter et par défaut, il partage l’URL de la page en cours. Sur votre démo, je ne vois pas l’URL par défaut qui partage l’URL de la page en cours. Comment intégrer le partage automatique.

Question 2: Votre plugin est un modèle pour créer un répertoire web.annuaire géographique

Créez un répertoire avec votre modèle possible? et faites défiler les nouveaux sites carrousel. exemple: http://www.top-lien-dur.eu/ Quels sont les plugins que son pré-installer? recommander

Question 3: Les enfants WordPress Thème Comment créer un thème enfant pour votre modèle.

Question 4: système de paiement en ligne avez-vous intégrer une solution de paiement Le paiement par carte de crédit Paiement par chèque Paiement par PayPal vivement

Question 4: intégré plusieurs langues »dont le français.?

Question 5: Il sera possible de gagner de l’argent en faisant la publication payée.

Par exemple, les utilisateurs qui soumettent une liste peuvent intégrer plus d’images, des vidéos, des fichiers audio ou docs.

formulaire de soumission avec ou sans création de compte soumission gratuite ou payante des formulaires d’inscription avec table de prix Carte avec des curseurs et des filtres de recherche avancés catégories et sous-catégories d’arbres avancés annonce en vedette avec la possibilité de payer ce à l’avant. fonctionnalités avancées géographiques avec Google Map. L’envoi de courriels en particulier pour les rappels de paiement, si vous spécifiez une limite de validité. filtres de recherche avancés. présentation détaillée des enregistrements avec adresse, la carte, les numéros de téléphone, visuels, peut contacter par e-mail professionnel … moteur de recherche avec des filtres de recherche géographique, par exemple. caractéristiques sociales classiques avec Facebook et Twitter. Possibilité de voter et d’évaluer les services fournis par les visiteurs (système de note avec des étoiles et des commentaires).

Je vous remercie


I’m always very interested in your model.

Question 1: share my articles on my Facebook and Twiter automatically.

How to integrate sharing [post] on facebook and twitter pages automatically on my facebook and twitter.pour avoid going on Facebook and Twiter pages. and place new sites manually. Me on my website I URL to share my articles on my Facebook and Twiter pages and by default it shares the URL of the current page. On your demo, I do not see the default URL that shares the URL of the current page. How to integrate automatic sharing.

Question 2: Your plugin is a template to create a geographical directory web.annuaire

Create a directory with your template as possible? and scroll the carousel new sites. example: http://www.top-lien-dur.eu/ What are the plugins that its pre-install? recommend

Question 3: Children WordPress Theme How to create a child theme for your template.

Question 4: online payment system have you integrate a payment solution Payment by credit card Payment by check Payment by PayPal briskly   Question 4: integrated multiple languages ??”whose french.?

Question 5: It will be possible to earn money by making the paid publication.

For example, users submitting a listing can integrate more images, videos, audio files or docs.

submission form with or without account creation free or paid submission of registration forms with price table Map with sliders and advanced search filters advanced tree categories and subcategories Featured ad with the opportunity to pay this to the fore. Geographic advanced features with Google Map. Sending emails in particular for payment reminders, if you specify a limit of validity. advanced search filters. detailed presentation of records with address, map, phone numbers, visual, can contact by email professional … search engine with filters of geographical research, for example. Conventional social features with Facebook and Twitter. Opportunity to vote and to evaluate the services provided by visitors (note system with stars and comments).

Ps: I am newbie wordpress Thank you

I have purchased and installed your theme, but wen I Load my homepage or any other, I find a popup alert message “mobile menu only works with <ul>/<ol>”

I haven’t change anything and I can’t find what is producing that error. Both wordpress and theme are installed clean.

Can you tell me how to avoid that error??

Good morning, I am interested in purchasing the Thema Glocal more I wonder if it allows me the following and if not, there is a possibility of customizing it. Are they: 1 – Inclusion of new payment plans beyond the 3 listed. 2 – Display the Home the registered companies. 3 – Display the Home Ads companies plans paid by grid or list. 4 – Set Aníncios plans paid to be apresetados on social networks. Thank you


The last updated is 10/9/2015. I’ll never buy products from this seller.


ildeniz Purchased

Hi, I have queston. How to add industries tab on my website? http://i.imgur.com/wYDdpMb.png

I cannot approve and register any of my claims, it always says username not valid no matter what. I’m losing lost of customers over this. It also happens on registration.

Nobody can register on my site?

hello my map cannot load and it says: This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.


there’s been a latest news from google developer team that to use a google map you have to use an api key which is not needed before.


to create an api key please follow the below instruction,



As soon as the “Company Profile Page” loads the map is hidden by default which also hides the location of the company location “Pin” on the map. How to disable hide map on load feature for company profile pages? Please see the private content for visual explanation.

How to get (Directions to here) work. I mean if someone wants to drive to that company location.

Sent you a private message also

It is unfortunate that you have not made any improvement since 2015. I think that all who have purchased this theme, YOUR CUSTOMERS, expect and deserve more. You’re wanting to update the theme or just going to live off the income? At least, we deserve a clear and sincere response from you.

Es lamentable queno hayáis realizado ninguna mejora desde 2015. Pienso que todos los que hemos comprado este theme, VUESTROS CLIENTES, esperábamos y nos merecemos más. ¿Tenéis intención de actualizar el theme o simplemente vais a vivir de las rentas? Al menos, nos merecemos una respuesta clara y sincera de ustedes.

No one can have their claim listings verified in the backend. We ned this theme updated.

So I am lost and there is no support. I hope we can come together to help each other.

Be advised I am building the site locally before I upload so I can’t direct you to see what I am talking about

1. Front end. I try registering and A) I get no email with a password and B) access no Front End so I can see what my subscribers will see.

2. I can’t get rid the side bar which displays featured companies and partners. I have removed those images from the Glocal CP a thousand times and soon and as I save I go to the website, they are back.

3. In search results, the results are half a page while the other half is that same background I can’t ger rid of.

If someone can help me with that I would be greatly appreciative.

Aviso a todos los usuarios que este theme tiene errores desde hace 2 años que UOUAPPS no tiene intención de arreglar. Eso es lo que he interpretado de la respuesta que me ha dado al respecto: NINGUNA RESPUESTA. Yo ya le he dado un rating negativo.


Notice to all users that this theme has errors since 2 years ago UOUAPPS does not intend to fix. That’s what I’ve played of the answer given to me about it: NO ANSWER. I have already given a negative rating.

My site is loading very slow, maps are just loading and on website speed test it will give me ratings of 180mb page, loading time of 57sec. what could the problem be, please help. thank you

Señores de UOUAPPS. Cuando he tenido un problema con un producto, siempre me he puesto en contacto por mensaje privado con esa empresa, pero ustedes no dais esa opción. Por eso les escribo por esta vía.

Trato a mis clientes de una manera seria y profesional y me gusta que me traten de igual forma. No dudo en absoluto que vuestros temas desarrollados durante el 2015/2016 sean muy competitivos e inovadores, pero yo no os desacredito. Lo hacéis vosotros mismos no eliminando de la venta un theme que no funciona correctamente y del que me confirmas que no podéis dar soporte.

Un mal servicio por culpa de un theme malo o problemático puede dañar la imagen de una empresa, aunque el resto de vuestros themes sean maravillosos.

Es correcto que indicáis que no dáis support. Pero una cosa es no dar soporte y otra muy distinta es no responsabilizarse de reparar los errores del theme. No digo que lo mejoréis, pero sí que lo arregléis.

Si queréis que los usuarios os consideren una empresa seria y profesional y que confíen en vuestros productos, actuad de forma profesional y seria eliminando de la venta este theme o reparando los fallos.

Seguro que como profesionales entendéis esto y actuaréis de la forma más correcta.

Un saludo.