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Hi, awesome design but live preview not working.

Hi, thank you for informing us, forgot to put http:// now it’s working, Cheers :)

Almost there guys! Live preview not working :D

(very happy that you finally published it!!)

thank you very much :) link is working now we forgot the http://

Live preview home map is not working. is showing the loading wheel.

maybe you’re still seeing the older version, did you clean your cache ?

Yeah, sorry! It works now :)

great :)

Congratulations my friend. I wish you all the best for this theme ;)

Muito Obrigado my friend :)

Hi, congratulations for this theme. Does it include Advanced Search, so that the user can search for example, for a Restaurant that is within 500 meters from his/her location?

Hi, thanks for the quick response. So if I buy it know, how can I update the theme later? Sorry for the question, I am a beginer :)

Hi, it will be explained in the updated folder, there will be a folder called “how to update” and you’ll simply need to replace the files mentionned in this update (it will not affect the content of your site) no need to apologize :)

Hi there, Nice Theme! I saw this one in the HTML version and now it’s even better in wordpress, awesome!!!!

Thanks :) we’ll be optimizing the UI/UX on a daily basis Cheers UOU

P U R C H A S E # 1. So happy right now! Great JOB ! ! ! !

thank you so much, you’re great :) no worries just ask us whatever you need,

so that’s why you need to do, open the documentation and focus on point :

7) Create categories and markers

it explains how to customize the icons, if you need the PSD of the icon drop me a PM i’ll send it to you,

Cheers, and thanks again :)

AWESOME! When in doubt, read the INSTRUCTIONS! LOL. Must be early . . .

we’ll be creatine an online FAQ, we just need to fix a couple of things today and then from tomorrow on things will start rocking :)

Hi Raad :) Glad to hear news from you, this evening i buy it, now i’m at work. Good work and keep in touch !

thanks a lot :)


great theme. Do you plan to add radius search via zip code?


Thanks. Maybe you should also add Search by Region (e.g. States)

When do you plan to release the advanced search?

it’s been released…

the map doesnt load, the registration form is different from a HTML promised version. The design is very plain, I dont see any admin screenshots or anything about the paypal program which will be purchasable for client. I am missing contact form under each item details. No description field for company. It all looks to be very unfinished and I am dissapointed as I waited for this theme more then a month… its pitty

here are my answers to your comments above:

1- MAP NOT LOADING: please read the notice on item description, google maps has limitations with the number of visits, so we have to illustrate the html version in the meantime until we upgrade to google map for business

2- Paypal integration As mentionned in the item description, this is v1 we are working in parallel on a list of priority features (payment gateway, advanced search, bulk upload…) some people were in a hurry to get glocal published so you don’t need to purchase it now, purchase it when the version suits you

Awesome work! :)


Are featured listings available? and advert banners on listings pages etc?

Hi, we’ll add features listings, while adv baners are currently static, we’ll convert them dynamically in future releases.

Is it possible to have a fourth input field for Zip Code or City and State, as in the US, people search by name, (city, state) or ZIP, category

You have them all except the (city, state) or ZIP

I am asking these questions to decide should I purchase it or NOT. I noticed that you reply with same answer to others about asking people to send you the purchase code so you can answer. Why cant you answer for prospect buyers, why you want to answer only to people who purchased it.

Hi Cloudapi, some people have downloaded glocal without purchasing it and have asked us questions on how to make modifs, so we that you were questions on how to make changes to your theme. Our apologies for the misunderstanding. so regarding your question about geolocation, we will be including zip codes asap, so it’s on the way. About the satellite, we’ll check with the developers and let you know today CHeers UOU

regarding the satellite version, it’s not complicated to do but we’ll add it to the todo list.

Hi Raad, I repurchased this! On the ‘first’ version I could make the map height a bit smaller does this version include this ability?

Hey, thanks again for your repurchase :) well if you managed to do it the first time you should be able to do it again, we didn’t change anything based on the map height so it should be ok. if not drop us a line and we’ll help you out on Monday Cheers UOU

Hi! Wish to buy this template, but when will it be multilingual ready? Do you plan to make it WPML compatible?

Hi, yes we’re working on it and will includ it asap, Cheers UOU

cool, will wait. Hope it won’t take very long time.

It shouldn’t take long , will keep you posted

Hi Raad, Congrats !!!

Thanks :)

Hi.. need help! I cant change anything… If I press Appearance – Glocal… then I get this message: —Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

I waited, installed it new.. what should I do?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, this must be an internal issue linked to your host, please check with them and if they can’t help you then send us your credentials via PM and we’ll help you out on Monday as developers are currently on w.e Cheers UOU

This theme is beautiful, congratulations on the job, I will be vibrant with each update, cheers.

muito obrigado ????

(sorry about the ???? it was supposed to be a smiley )

Hi Raad, User roles, from where can be added or edited ? In template admin, there is no Silver, Gold, Platinum…

Hi George, you remember we said that we’re implementing as soon as possible the recurring paypal payment gateway, as soon as we do it we will be able to link it to Silver, Gold, Platinium. we want to have a robust payment gateway so it was preferable not to rush, next update will include the payment gateway.

Ok, thank’s ! We are waiting for roadmap :)

George we’re creating a sort of social network for Glocal fans & buyers, you’re invited to register here: www.uou.ch/sn that’s where we’ll share updates with everyone, we would like to make consolidate a community out of it. Cheers Raad

I am going to purchase this template is awesome! Congrats!!! but before I purchase I would like to know when you are going to update the payment gateway? Will be soon?

Thanks! :)

The back end already exists for companies to edit their listing. This is already available in this version. We’re working on front end editing now. Plus the cool thing is that a company can edit multiple listing so for example a shop can create multiple listings of their different shops.cheers

Wow! Perfect! Thanks for your quick response! It would be great if is going to be a limitation on how many listings they’ll add! Also, I would like to know,if it would be an option to add listing for 30days or 180 days or a year? If so, when the listing is going to expire the company will receive a notification e-mail to renew their package?


This will be done with recurring paypal payments you’ll be able to set the duration and amount of the subscription. We’ll try adding the number of listings as an extra option for the package