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Hy, i m interesting about your product. Its very nice. But before i buying i need some info. Can you help me? 1. I need a directory website, with possibilities to a FREE and a PREMIUM account. Between these two account type the difference is just the available fields….of course, the money:) Can i limit a user type ex. FREE with just a few fields…. company address, google map position, title…. and the PREMIUM with all of tabs, gallery, etc.etc. 2. Any possibilities to make a payment for other that PayPal. I mean with credit card, etc. for a clients buy a premium account with credit card, not just with paypal. Thanks.

Hi, thanks you for your kind message & interest,

1- so we currently have a recurring payment system so of course you can create a free and premium account now the available options right now are based on the number of listings, blog posts and events and we are in the process of enlarging the options per fields and tabs so i suggest you wait until it’s implemented before you purchase it

2. as for the alternative payment gateway we’re currently performing a diligence on STRIPE to see how we can integrate it

cheers UOU

@movoloco there is still issues with roles in general. Glocal changes roles wordpress have it roles and event manager has it roles that work with wordpress but glocal seems to not have used and default wordpress roles why i have no idea. made setting up this very confusing.

Awesome Theme! Does the Google Maps feature localization?

Hi, thanks for your kind message, yes geolocation is possible Cheers UOU

Is this Compatible with Wordpress version 3.8.1 I see you only updated for: Compatible with Wordpress version 3.7

Hi, it’s compatible with 3.8.1

hi, dear author,

how to add phone number to the popup window of marker? the info of only name ( which even auto hide the overflow) , and the address, kinda not enough… at least a phone number…

how to add value of phone field to the popup window of the marker?


Hi, canyou report your question to support Thanks UOU

Hi, I’m interesting about your product. Looks great, but before I buying I need info about payment gateway. Any possibilities to make a payment for other gateway than PayPal. I mean about payment gateway based on Woocommerce plugins. For example I live in Poland and we have very popular transferuj.pl payment gateway (many payment possibilities in one, including PayPal). It is possible to made this? Thanks and all the best, Boguslaw.

Hi Boguslaw, thanks for your interest, we’re actually planning to integrate stripe, the dev is already looking into it, then we will probably include woo-commerce paymetn gateway as we already have woo-commerce integrated for the products & services tab Cheers UOU

Hi, it’s possible add in side bar the “Popular Listings” based on view or system rating, and the “Recent Reviews”?

Hi glocal has a custom sidebar option so you can basically add whatever you want in the sidebar but we currently don’t have a default function integrated that does this you would need to build it yourself Cheers UOU

We only serve the United States with your theme. When making a new listing, how are we able to add city, state, zip code instead of region and country?

Hi can you please report this question to http://uou.ticksy.com Thanks & sorry for keeping you waiting Cheers UOU

Hello, I’m want to buy this theme, but I need that in the different accounts types you could manage the fields, for example if a I buy the basic account I can use just a few fields, but if I buy the premium account I can use the whole fields. I saw that some guy asked the same question, but do you know more or less when you’ll get this improvement.

Thank u

Hi, thanks for your interest, this is somethign we’re working on right now to create custom fields per package, it’s among the priority tasks I don’t know exactely how long it’s taking but it’s what everyone needs so it’s a priority Cheers UOU

Hello! It’s very like the theme I’m looking for :) Some questions:
- is it compatible with Visual Composer http://goo.gl/P544wj? I would need to display the blog entries as a board like http://goo.gl/05dZca instead of the default blog list you offer. Visual Composer seems to offer this possibility…
- is it possible to display blog categories on the map and search option?—so what are pinned on the map are geolocalization of blog entries.
Looking forward, thank you in advance!

+ is it possible to have a sticky header?
+ is it possible to customize Google Maps colors (black and white would be great) and pins (shape, icons)?

Hola, thank you for your kind message,

so I asked the dev and he said yes it’s possible about visual composer, he’s currently preparing a video tutorial on how to do it you will be able to see it here www.vimeo.com/uouapps once it’s ready (matter of day(s))

about displaying blog categories, you’re the first one to ask, i think it’s a nice idea, we can implement it but right now we’re busy implementing priority features (we will be able to have a search soon like this: so when you look for a blog post it will appear on a blog post page

we will also add the sticky header, the front-end dev is remodelling the responsiveness and will tke this into consideration

we’re curretnly migrating /upgrading the google map, it wil be possible to play with the colors but you will need a special library for it (we will use the library but I don’t know when, so if you’re in a hurry you will need to contract a third-party freelancer to do it for you if it’s important)

about the pins yes you can create custom pins

Saludos UOU

Hi, is subcategory available for this theme? When clicking on those category icons, is it possible to go to related listings page instead of showing the changes on the map?

Hi, yes subcategories are now available we still don’t have the option for related listing Cheers UOU

Hi, how do I change the text in the grey search bar? I want to change it from , “Insert Company Name” to something like “What are you looking for?” Thanks!


WPML via string translate or

manualy from file: /include/html/frame-search{-new, if use new style}.php line 51 placeholder=”<?php echo __(‘Insert company name’,’glocal_site’); ?>”

Thanks very much that worked great! Can I also ask how do I change the slug “company_category” after clicking the search and “company” on the actual profile. I would like to change these to “type”. Thanks!

can you please report it to http://uou.ticksy.com i’m not able to help you with techincalities the first question was an exception because I had this question before :) Cheers UOu

Hi, after the installation and importing the dummy content, I found some category icons won’t show up, and in the backend, in the Company categories setting page, none of the icons and markers shows up. Please advise.

2ndly, how do I organise the Homepage layout, I found that the Home page in pages is empty, it’s lack of control over the default layout.

Hi regarding the first issue please report it to http://uou.ticksy.com

about the homepage did you go to settings -> reading -> set homepage as static page ?

remember there are video tutorials here: http://vimeo.com/groups/glocalwp

hope that helps Cheers UOU

Hi, thanks. About the homepage, I mean it’s all working fine for me, it’s just that I wonder how do I manipulate the layout? The only thing I could change is that Globe or switching display between Tabs and Blocks. I want to know whether I have freedom to change the layout.

Thank you.

Hi, we actually integrated visual composer this week I invite you to have a look at this tutorial: http://vimeo.com/91524932 + we’re aware that there’s room for improvement in terms of customization of the homepage and we’re working on it it’s just that we need to follow a strict priority list of features

but try out visual composer it’s great Cheers UOU

HI I am looking to modify the header so that I may remove the logo for a single page, and extend the size of the advertising block. How can I do this? The page in question is http://www.mcmurrayallconnected.ca/calendar

I get a blank page when I goto http://uou.ticksy.com

According to Ticksy, UOU has cancelled their account.

so, i don’t how if this ranking function really help, if it’s not showing on search result, and search result could not be sorted by ranking…

then the ranking function is just like a commenting tool… ; (

and information for marker on the map is really not enough, at least have phone and website added to the pop window for the marker… have talked about this before… just never got an attention for this… ; (

btw, other than that, it’s a great job so far…

Hi, can you please report all this to the suppor system, when you have suggestions mark it as a suggestion (it’s better than putting it all in one ticket so that the support can differentiate between a suggestion request and a bug) thanks UOU

Hi Guys, have to say again that I am very happy how the site and updates are making this theme very practical.. I know you are working very hard on the the new update..but still have to ask… are there any news on the Categories displayed below the Map, like the link you sent me a week ago…?


can´t wait to see how it will work since my site is working great and growing nearly on a daily basis…. cheers y saludos ;-P

Hola compadre, yes don’t worry I asked the dev to start implementing the features that are easy to do and fast so this one is among them, we were really busy with these clusters, so you should get them anytime we updates the theme now normally next week should be interesting with new cool visibile features… :)

thanks guys you are the BEST,.. never stop.. I like that.. I wish more people would realize how great this theme is and how much potencial in Business aspect it has.. saludos con Cafe

gracias compadre :)

Hi the site is amazing but I just have one problem, when I try to search with no specific category, the pagination doesn’t work but works okay when I specify a category.

yes I am. using the form in your profile

I dont think we got the support from you. We legally purchased the theme but until now I dont receive any feedback yet. I keep sending a request.

hi, i’m sorry but there’s no trace of any of your PMs with the mail you mentionned, we’re going to send you a mail from our system confirm receiving it + provide us with your purchase code because it doesn’t show here that you purchased the theme


When will be implemented this frontpage? http://uouapps.com/screenshots/h.jpg

Thank You!

Hi, I’ll rediscuss it with the dev and keep you posted, (anyway it should normally happen anytime within the next 2 weeks) please send me a reminder tomorrow in case I don’t get back to you Cheers UOU

Hi there, I would like to show the markers on my map but if I activate them I can’t view the zoom close enough? I realise that I won’t be able to show all the markers but the site I am building is based on a town centre and therefore all the businesses are clustered tightly in two or three streets with one or two away from the centre. Is it possible for the zoom to dictate the level of detail shown and for markers to be shown but not every one? thanks!

Hi, the good news is that in this right moment we’re uploading an update for Glocal which finally includes the clusters options, so just hang on for a moment :)

Hi guys just update to 1.7.4 .. great the Clusters are looking great . I like the way you have them displayed.. thanks again for your stuning work ;-) just think that the zoom is little bit too much, maybe there is a way to adjust that.. beacuse you have to zoom in to much until the Cluster devides different Pins, but that´s a minor issue.. GREAT GREAT GREAT thanks again

Hola hola, de nada compadre, can you please check with the support, i’ll follow-up with them tomorrow but I will be travelling for 2 weeks so it’s better you already open the ticket with them saludos querido