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Hi dear, I like this… Very good updates. :). Thank you very much, But, Please add to UTF8 Support. Please support Turkish Language text characters. thanks. good job

Salam, thank you for your kind message and purchase, I informed the dev he said he will try to do it on Monday inchallah Cheers UOU

Hi, looks like the Visual Composer plugin is required to be updated to the latest version.

When is the font/google font option available in the control panel.

Is there a widget for “Our directory” or the user account panel, I want to put it in the sidebar, is it possible?

Hi, again as for visual composer we just included the latest version in the update 1.7.5 it’s been approved so go ahead and download it

google font I discussed it with the devs they are aware that they need to integrate it to CP

we have custom sidebar but I’m not sure we have a prefefined shortcode to put the listings, many people requested it so for this please check with support

cheers UOU

Okay, this Markers Clusters looks good, BUT…

when two venues happen to have same address, with the same lat / log value… then there’s problem… u can’t open it….

So one of them i have to change its latitude /longitude , move it a little bit…

can i be fixed? you know some business share an office.. ;)

Hi, we got this feedback yesterday and the dev made an update today but I’m not sure he offered flexbility for it, please double check and if it’s not there we’ll add it next week Cheers & enjoy your w.e

Hi, I am still exploring how I can use this great theme for my site. I had a question about claim listing. I saw the vimeo video and noticed that after the claim is approved, the user has a silver account. Does the user have to pay for an account level and then claim the page they want or does the admin assign the user level at approval? This is important for me because I would need the user to still pay before being able to make changes on the listing they claim. Thanks for your help with this!

Hi can you please send your question via PM, I’m about to leave for the w.e and I’ll loose track of your question over here, will try to get back to you on monday Thanks and enjoy your w.e uou

Thanks, I sent a message though I am not sure if that is the same as a PM on this site. For convenience I just enclosed the questions again.

1) CSV flow: In the video it looked like you have to generate a template from the admin then upload this. If I create my own company data points (address, phone number, etc) in an existing file. Do I have to create these data points in the admin to match up before importing the file? What is the work flow?

2) Claim listing: When user claims a listing and it is approved, are they default into a basic account/pricing level. I would like for users to claim a listing and get approval. Then they still have to register/pay for whichever level they choose before they can make any changes to the listing. This way they are restricted by the type of level they choose and pay for. Is this possible? If not, how does this currently work?

Hi thanks for your interest, if you sent a PM then we will reply via PM when we can (these days are crazy ) Cheers UOu


I have bought Glocal theme and i have to say that i am very satisfied. Well done guys! I have some thoughts that i want to share with you:

1) I like the way you embedded the clusters. I think there should be an option for adjustment, because the visitor has to zoom in too much until the Cluster divides to Pins. Also, with the new update (1.7.4), i experienced a problem on mobile devices, where no matter the settings, it keeps showing the whole world map.

2) It will be great if you add some settings for the map for mobile devices. For example: Hidden map on load only for mobile. Also, it would be great if there is an option to prevent the map from scrolling when the user tries to scroll down in mobile devices.

3) It will be very useful to have some options for featured companies and a slider – carousel, to display them in the home page.

4) When a client makes a new blog post, how can i let him create a post category? I am asking that, because there are a lot of different companies, so i can’t foresee the post categories. I think that the client should have this option. What do you think?

5) Is there a widget for recently added companies? I think that the only way to have them shown, is when the widgetized sidebar is not active and hardcoded sidebar comes visible.

6) It would be also useful, a “top rated companies” widget.

7) When i add a widget in the “sidebar widget area” it immediately shows also in the blog sidebar. Same thing happens when i have the widgetized sidebar inactive. In this case i see the hardcoded sidebar, between the widgets of the blog sidebar. Is there a way to fix this?

8) I believe it would be better to load the company’s website on a new tab when a user clicks on it.

9) Great work with the responsive development. I found, though, some minor problems (I can provide screenshots). Are you planning to dive deeper in the responsive development?

That’s all for now! Finally, i have to say that the support team is extremely quick and helpful. 5 stars from me…

Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work.


Thank you very much for your kind message & extensive suggestion list, would you mind dropping all this via PM because we’re actually going to use a new system to gather comments, questions, bugs, ideas into one single place then filter it from there so as far as we can’t reply from emails to comments then PM is the best way until we create a script to reply to comments from our email account

so we basically will take every single suggestion and attribute a level of complexity and level of urgency and place in our todo list

if I have questions about your list I will let you know, Awaiting your kind PM

thanks again and have a great w.e UOU

Hello I have browsed comments and support page, but can’t find answer – I’be bought the theme and was just looking as to how to place the registration block on a separate page as it is in the demo (‘prices’).

I can see you can tick to activate registration block on home page but can’t figure out how to use it elsewhere.


Hi we’re out for the w.e there’s a video tutorial with visual composer at www.vimeo.com/uouapps explore the vids it will be better than documentation Have a nice w.e Uou

Hi Dev got back and it issue seems to be resolved! Thanks for help

thanks again :)

Hi, sorry that I haven’t consolidated all my questions in one comment, I’m still playing with the theme.

For a directory/listing site, I think it’s quite important to have control over listings based on users’ subscriptions, or to give them different privileges, eg. premium users can access certain fields, or upload certain amount of pictures, or can upload videos.. or some paid users can put their listing on top for a period of time…I couldn’t figure out how to do these with this theme.

I can’t think of any scenario that one user would need to list 10 or 20 companies other than his own, event is understandable, though. So basically this theme has fixed the magnetisation model, kindly let me know if I’m wrong on this.

Hi, i didn’t forget about you, and I read your comment this morning i was waiting for feedback from dev, I’ll revert to both comments in a couple of hours , maybe before Cheers

Hi, I’m still waiting for an answer to this comment, as it’s crucial to me on decision making. If paid listing or paid capability doesn’t work, I might have to switch to another theme, because I still don’t see the reason people from a business would pay to submit 9 other businesses. Many thanks.

Hi we’re out for the w.e Look its among our priority tasks to implement custom fields per packages, rits not easy so i dont know when it will be implemnted right now you can charge companies on listing nbr, posts, events and we’ll be adding the possible for simple profile page or withtabs etc…

Just to explain about why would a company pay for 9 other business , its basically to include subsidaries of the company or if the member is a business association composed of companies.,. Or for example a recruiting agency with clients…

Anyway i really would like tooffer the custom fields per package (e.g charging a company to pay to show the email or website…)

So if you have an alternative theme that can offer you this possibility then use it until we have this option ready then youcn switch back

I’ll be back tomorrow Cheers Uou

Hello Everyone

We’re about to leave for the week-end,

so if you have any questions or issues we will get back to you from Monday on.

FYI, from Monday on we will be starting to use a new CRM software to deal with after sale service so we will be sending a general message on how to proceed with after sale, it will probably be by sending us PMs instead of comments so that we can reply directly from the system to your mails

We wish you a great week-end Cheers

UOU Apps

Hi guys thanks for the quick and nice update of admin interface, all the updates on company tabs,and the adjustable Company markers to set zoom level of marker splits.. have a stunning weekend…, :-)

Thanks compadre, you too :)

I tried searching the comments here on the adding custom fields on advanced search but i couldn’t find any. So anyways, my issue i added a custom field for the category restaurant. I’m expecting to see it on the advanced search. Perhaps i misunderstood the statement on the documentation that says:

6. Custom field and search To add additional fields and custom field to advanced search (also if you use a plug-in Types) go to Glocal CP – Map & Search and set needed Additional fields.

See screenshot: http://s30.postimg.org/hqjjxl6ch/Screen_Shot_2014_04_12_at_8_59_55_pm.png I also posted this issue on the ticket sys http://uou.ticksy.com/ticket/196044

Yep. Will be looking into that. But I’m really looking forward for this theme to support custom field and and custom search. it would be really a powerful feature to add and surely many buyers will be happy ;)

he’s working on it he told me he’s progressing well with it, cheers UOU

awesome! :-)

I only can view user acont in demo. Can I try admin acount? How?

Can you also refeer to your suggestion new page (I readed in other comments but not find url, only standard support that I suppose is only for make some fixes)


Hi, we will try to publish a demo link this week, what do you mean by suggesion new page ?

Hi there, I am trying to install the revolution slider but it keeps failing. I can\’t seem to select this plugin to install but was able to do this with the other plugins. I have also tried to install it by uploading the zip file but unsuccessful as the plugin package is not valid or link cannot be found. Would you have any ideas on how I could go about this? Thanks!

Hi, hope you’re fine are you sure you downloaded the latest version of glocal because we had to insert the latest version of the rev slider, If you still have a problem then send us a PM with your link and credentials sothat we can check it out Cheers Uou

Hi Guys, I am really happy with all the updates you are doing and it shows that they are very useful, since I have really great acceptance for my website. a small sugestion… is there any way to have the Map: Full Width but the content below boxed .. the reason is the following: with a boxed content area we would be able to upload a Background pic , which would show up on both sides on content and would make the whole apperance of every page 1000 times more appealing.. let me know what you think

Hola compadre, todo bien ? we had it once as a bug so you would basically need to send a PM and ask how to replicate this bug :) we’re not working anymore via tickets so please send a PM Take care

ok thanks for info.. have a great day

Hi there,

First of all me tell you that this template is wonderful. I’ve bought quite a few templates and this one is clearly one of the most stable and is immediately operational.

I have a two issues though : 1- how can I change the word “company” in the companies URL into something else, let’s say “shop” ?

2- When I bulk upload companies, the location of the company doesn’t show up in the google map in the company’s page. I have to go in the admin panel, edit the company and hit save, then the map shows up in the company’s page.

I went through the documentation and the FAQ and haven’t found anything regarding these points. Please let me know if you need more details about these issues.

Thank’s in advance for your answer !


thank you very much for your kind message, really appreciate it (we actually replied but the page was loading and didn’t send the message)

can you please refer those questions via PM so that we can reply via mail + kindly provide your credentials for point 2

thanks Cheers UOU

Hello at homepage is available to show Categories and subgategories under the map or not yet?

Hi thanks for your interest, yes we implemented the subcategories option cheers UOU

Sorry, one more questions. Is it possible to search by category and sub-category? Thanks!

infocushn 31 minutes ago ?Flag

on GLOCAL – Directory & Listings Wordpress Theme

@hacatechev yes you can search gor eighter or , subcats are showing in the Searchbar field below the parent category hope that helped..

@hacatechev yes you can search gor eighter or , subcats are showing in the Searchbar field below the parent category hope that helped..

gracias :)

Hi guys thanks for constant updating with new features and most important fixing minor Bugs,.. any news on the feature: displaying categories below map.. ? ;-)

that’s actually the delivery I was mentionning some minutes ago i would like it to be ready before the end of the week

Hi Guys , I do not like to bother but please need help with #197581 thanks ;-)

ok sorry now I am confused and of course do not want to make your guys life harder.. . i should not write anything on http://uou.ticksy.com/ anymore. since the support still answers there.. please advice and off course will follow the procedure which is the best one for you to handle . thanks..

must have over read that you mentioned to sent PM sorry will do from now on Thanks and have agreat day

no worries :) let me know how it goes I send a reminder this morning


Is there a global event calander for all events placed by the individual businesses?

Or can this be custom made?

We would like to use the theme for 1 city.


thanks, we’re having some issues with themeforest they soft-disabled 2 of our themes we’ll try to revert once we have republished metrodir and omega in a couple of hours hopefully Cheers UOu

Ok, keep me posted! Goodluck

really really sorry about the delay