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Couple things: Your support link on envato is still routing to ticks to not sure where the support forum actually is so Im posting here. 2. When I click on UOU Update I’m continually getting a “Error Update: Failed Upload – http_404” error. I don’t see where in the theme I can add my purchase credentials as I thought that may be the issue. 3. The map on the home page does not load. Ive reinstalled the theme, tried different settings in the Glocal v.1.7.6 Control Panel and nothing. Just a processing icon.

Thanks in advance

Hi, we just updated the link, we actually don’t provide support via ticksy anymore, we provide support via PM so you can click on the link where it says support (or go on our profile page and send us a PM from there) or simply go to uou.ch

so can you report your issues via PM thanks UOU

hi,what happend for metrodir theme? i bought metrodir theme.

Hi, just realized that envato soft disabled metrodir for the reasons below, don’t worry we will make the fixes today (some “clever” person must have complained to themeforest that’s why the removed it)

we’ll take care of this today and submit an update Cheers UOU

p.s: Reason: 1. The sidebar images keep re-appearing after I delete them. 2. The background image keeps re-appearing on the General settings tab. Even though we are not using the Boxed version, this is troublesome. 3. The Search form in the footer does not work. All that appears when you try to search is a completely blank page.

theme is not support to UTF-8 (mail is problem, menu is problem). Please theme support more google font… I send your mail ticket. You give me reaply. No more support font. no support utf-8. just theme supported english only. :(. mail is VERY problems…................ I am not happy to your theme…

my friend you reported the issues and we received them so now can you allow us time to perform the necessary actions ?

please guys you need to be patient, a lot of you are acting like if you were the only buyers, please understand it’s not the case

i don’t understand what you mean by “mail is very problems”?

Hello, you theme has been removed and I am yet to receive any support for the Metor theme. What is going on?

guys please just wait a couple of hours and the theme will be resubmitted, it’s been soft-disabled by themeforest, so we’ll be publishing it with corrected fixes then you see if you still have the issues you mentionned via PM just send us a reminder via pm thanks UOU

Hi! Just bought a theme. I have a question – what is a Glocal Child Theme and how to use it? Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your purchase, just in case your question has a more general sense about what is a chiltd theme: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

if it’s specifically about Glocal then please report your question via PM so that the support could provide you with the insight features included in the childtheme + if necessary we can create a video tutorial and publish it here www.vimeo.com/uouapps

Cheers UOU

Pre-Sale question.

We are UK based and want the default search to be by place/postcode instead of ‘select a location’ as it is on your demo.

Is this possible?

Hi, it’s among the requests done to the dev so hopefully he will implement it this week Cheers UOU

Regarding the “Search Results” that appear below the map – Do they filter? Or do they show every Company Item?



Hi Garett, they filter the results on the map

Thanks for a fast response. Here is what I’m seeing. I assigned “category1” to Company1 and “category2” to Company2. However, when I choose a specific category in the map, both companies still show under the search results below the map.

can you report this to PM and provide credentials, maybe you attributed multiple categories for each company

Just a suggestion whilst waiting for Metro to come back – can you implement auto detect like this plugin: (http://codecanyon.net/item/google-address-autocomplete-for-woocommerce/7208221?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=mbcreation) for when user enter their address? Also can visitors search for keywords rather than company name, then category then radius around location such as zip/postcode or place marker on market on the map?

Hi, there’s already an auto-complete per city/country integrating this plugin will require work because we have a lot of custom code, but send it via PM, I’ll share it with the devs to see their reactions (I’m always a fan of auto.complete)

we’re about to implement this It should be ready anytime:

this will enable you to search with keywords Cheers UOU

Is there a way to use my Google Maps business account? I’m map doesn’t seem to be working and I’m guessing it’s because of the number of queries I’m sending off during testing.

Hi, can you please refer this question via PM and provide more details + credentials to check better the situation, the support is off for today so they will probably look into it from tomorrow or after Cheers UOU

I think I’m asking a fairly simple question. Let me revise :) You wrote this on the Glocal Product Page:

” If the number of calls to Google is higher, you need to purchase Google maps for Business license”

My question: Where do I input my Google Maps for Business license in Glocal?

Hi again, I would be happy to help you if I knew the answer, it’s not that I’m trying to avoid it, it’s just that like I just mentionned on your other comment you’re the first person to ask and I don’t know the answer, so if you send us a PM we will transfer your question to the developer and he will reply to you directly via mail if you don’t get an answer by tomorrow evening send me a reminder over here Cheers UOU

You wrote this on the Glocal Product Page:

” If the number of calls to Google is higher, you need to purchase Google maps for Business license”

My question: Where do I input my Google Maps for Business license in Glocal?

Hi, can you please refer your question via PM as you’re the first person so far that has aquired a business license so would need to get an answer from the dev Cheers UOU

Within the search engine, there is an option to find businesses within a desired radius. Is the radius point defined by the IP address only? Or can I decide where the desired radius point should be?

Hi, in advanced search when you type in an address then select the distance it will calculate the radius based on the that distance

Can someone help me to remove icons form categories? I have lot categories. If I put icons on categories page layout is not nice.

hi, can you forward your request via PM please

Hi there! I saw your theme and I like very much the design. I’m preparing a project which which would look pretty good with your theme. I see that you use Types plugin: would it be possible to customize your theme using Types and views together? I’m quite experienced with those plugins and I would need some more CPT, Could I add them? and show them on the map?

Hi, thanks for your interest, as far as we have a lot of custom code and we need more flexibility we decided to create our own custom fields & custom search plugin so that we can create custom options per packages, so we will move in the direction of our plugin rather than being limited by third party plugin (even though types is great) so i don’t know if this will be a strategic move to include views

if you need it on a tailor-made basis you can try and if there are crucial things that you need you can send us a PM and we will forward it to the dev but we can’t guarantee you the feaibility or enough time to provide support (the devs are working under pressure this period so we can’t add more to it)

cheers uou

Congrats for this great theme, im looking something very like it, but i need to know if it is possible to integrate the Woocommerce Tickets plugin with it. my clients site is for selling GYM bonuses or packs and i think that that plugin can solve it pretty well.

Thank you and best regards.

Hola, thanks you for your kind message & interest, the only woo-commerce feature so far that is integrate is in the products & services tab http://uouapps.com/wp/glocal/company/my-new-company/#company-tabs-product so I don’t really know the feasibility & compatibility of integrating the woo tickets plugin, we would be happy to help but please understand that the devs are really working under pressure this period and it’s hard to find some time to allocate for custom requests, Saludos UOU


Gracias por tu respuesta, vale entiendo lo que dices de los tiempos de desarrollo, mirare un poco mejor la documentación del plugin y decidiremos, de todas formas creo que tu theme esta perfecto para lo que queremos. Saludos

gracias por el feedback, lo siento por el atraso estamos teniendo una semana infernal…

Hi, Pre-sale question: have some way to put a magazine blog style feed in tabs below the map?

Hi, yes visual composer is there you can watch the tutorial here www.vimeo.com/uouapps

as for the magazine blog below the map, we’ll soon try to add some shortcodes that enable to put it in the tabs or in an independant area, we’re aware of this necessity but we need to priotize urgent tasks first

cheers uou

ok, I’ll wait for the feature to magazine blog

ok , cheers UOU


is possible to group the menu for this theme? For example Staff menu, Company menu, Partners menu group under Glocal theme. Because I have lot’s of plugin, don’t know which menu is belong to Glocal. Thank you

Hi, i don’t really understand the relation between the menus and the plugins, you can create any kind of menu you want, maybe it’s better you contact the support via PM and share your credentials + a screenshot of what you want to do and they will help you out Cheers UOU

HI great update was just about to send a ticket for the remove search bar feature and it in there but there is a problem with it.

if you select remove search bar the map will show but no markers will show you have to have the search bar active in order for the markers to show otherwise the remove search bar feature just leaves and empty map which is pointless…

thanks again keep up the good work

Hi, thanks for your notification, would you mind sending a PM about it so that we don’t lose track of it thanks again Cheers UOU

the new update still haven’t gotten marker info windows with extra info like phone number… ; (

and the search results items still have no rating shown under every list… the rating function still just another comment tool… anyway to change and update this, please?

the cluster still has the problem of a same location with more than one markers…

: ) sorry, sorry. not pushing you guys. honestly, I didn’t use this theme for any commercial purpose, i am just interested in creative wordpress themes like your works. : ) and i am glad if i could be some reason to help your guys to make more greater stuffs, lol.

and thank you, and hope you guys make more money! : ) Cheers.

by the way, an impressive marker info window should help an directory map theme like Glocal become more impressive , : ) but not pushing you on this. cheers, guys.

we’re aware that we need to add it , the dev knows it and will try to add it when he can, so don’t worry :)

Hi Guys, just updated to newest version.. I really like it, the search option below the Map is now so much easier and convenient for people who do not want to type in anything into the Searchbar.. Great great update.. this takes the theme to another level…. You guys are really working to make this a great theme.. and i am sure that normally everybody who bought or is planning to do so, understands that you are trying to improve and if necessary fix issues.. But we as buyers also have to be with both feets on the ground…..we can not except every feature we would like to see.. it is a platform which should represent most desired features for everybody…and of course with updates .. more and more is coming.. I want some extra features, too…..but some are just personal taste.. others might be useful… But in the End.. You as developer know what you are doing and where you are taking this theme… Most of my request have been honored .. and if not.. they were explained .. why they were on hold.. or not planned… looking forward to see the GLOCAL comunity growing.. Cheers y saludos from the other side of the planet.. ;-P PS. I personal think that Envato should give developers an option with or without suport… so the suport staff will be honored with all the extra work and not just hoping on new sales.. I am sure everybody who has his own 5 sense together would be happy to pay lets say extra $25 yearly to get a rediciulous cheap suport for his business.. but again this is Personal Opinion.. saludos

Hola Compadre, thank you very much for your continuous support you’re really an asset for us and we appreciate every single comment you share with us and the community here, and we hope that we will keep bringing you value to your business

as for your comments, we will definitely adopt a new business model once we have our internal support system ready, bugs will always be part of the basic support we provide but we can only start charging for additional support once we have a complete set of features (I think we’re 20% away from it) + once we have proper documentation and knowledge base which we are currently building

we’re almost there and then we will adopt one of the suggestions you proposed once about providing complimentary features via external plugins that would be resold on codecanyon

thank you again for everything and let’s catch up during the week Saludos UOU

I found that your Select a location is not in Ascending order.

Hi it’s based on a the chrnologic order I think