Discussion on Glossy - Fashion Blog Theme for Stylish Affiliation

Discussion on Glossy - Fashion Blog Theme for Stylish Affiliation

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amier95 Purchased

Post date and author are not hidden in front page posts

Hi Amier, I am terribly sorry for being late to reply your question due holiday. Could you reach our customer support email at jolt.dev@gmail.com ? thankj you for your understanding.

Best regards

DAHZ supportteam

Installation of theme failed due to fatal error. Support page of author is down. What the…?

Hi we so sorry for your inconvenience, we just update glossy version 2.2.1, when Envato is released it, please download to fix the issue., if you still find obstacles when installing the theme please contact our support email at jolt.dev@gmail.com. best regards

dear Jenny2726,

thanks for beautiful words on our dashboard, really appreciate it cheers ,

Jenny2726, if you need an assist, please send email to our support email at jolt.dev@gmail.com (for fast respond 08.00-16.00) we will wait your email,

thanks for your understanding and trust.

best regards,

BlueValconn DAHZ team

Hello! I used Glossy for a site for my partner, it’s still running 1.2.2 and she can no longer add post elements.

How do I download the latest update, do I need to be paying for support for updates?


All my other theme updates are available in my account downloads but not glossy?

Just installed Envato Market plugin but that sees all my other themes but not Glossy as well. Why do you send me update notifications, as recent as August 2020 if they are not available for me to download and update?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Please send email to jolt.dev@gmail.com. or on our support forum for further assistance

Kind Regards

The demo does not at all look like the one you show on here. I did the one click import and it has weird stuff that looks nothing like what I thought it would. Where is all the demo stuff you see on this site?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Please send email to jolt.dev@gmail.com. or on our support forum for further assistance

Kind Regards

Hi! When I did the last Labomba update my images in my Woocommerce shop area gets blurred. I have the plugin “regenerate thumbnails” but it does not help. I am using a child theme that you made for me.

Hi, can you provide your access admin so i can check it ASAP. Send to jolt.dev@gmail.com

Hi! I’m interested in buying this theme but I have a few quick questions. Does it support adding a “read more” button below the preview to each post on the home and category pages instead of selecting the image? Also, this is compatible with Wordpress, correct? Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for your interest with glossy theme.

Yes, glossy theme is compatible with wordpress.

The current version of glossy theme doesn’t support “read more” button yet. It will be added within the next theme update. But our support can give you workaround to make the button works before the next theme update released.

Thank you! I will make sure to reach out to the support team then. When will the next update be?

Hi, we don’t have ETA yet for the next update of glossy theme.

Dear Glossy Team,

the “data protection basic regulation” will be enter into force in Europe until 25th may 2018. Blogger have to update their Website until this date. Do you plan a Update which is conform with the ” EU Data protection basis regulation”?

It´s no more allowed to use Google Fonts, because this System sends the IP to Google. Do you have a solultion for this (big) problem?

We also need a Data Protection add on for our YouTube Videos which are embedded in our Cover Picture on our Blog. We can´t integrate them in your system, because we only can integrate the direct YouTube Link.

We are looking forward to your answer!

Thanks for your help and kind regards from Germany


hi we dont have any special plan as we are still waiting instructions from themeforest and WP regarding this.

while I dont think google font is a problem as long you mention this in your privacy policy, you can use this two plugins to:

1. disable google font https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-google-fonts/ 2. upload and host your own custom font https://wordpress.org/plugins/use-any-font/

the same with youtube, we dont have any privilege to block they pulling any data. but wordpress allow you to upload your own videos so you can use that.

What are the affiliate networks do you guys support.

basically we support all kind of affiliation, as we only need the url or the widget script to be displayed in the theme.

Hi, I have a question about support. 1. If I buy the normal license, after 6 months and the support expires. Can I contract another 6 months of support? From where? from your website? Thanks!

Hi, you can renew the support license when it expires on the themeforest from your downloads page. The renew link will appear if the support license is already expired. Visit this link https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support for more details.

Regarding your questions about facebook entry and topbar menu, we’ve replied it in glossy support forum. Kindly check it.

Just one comment. The support in your forum is incredibly good and decisive. I wish all Envato’s salesmen were the same. Thank you!

thank you very much for your kind words and rating, it really make my day! hope we can always provide a satisfying support for you and other users :)

One more thing I’m trying to access the Item Support portion of the forum and when I try to register it keeps saying my email is wrong am I doing something wrong or am I not cleared for the forum?

Hi, please inform us the email that you’re using to access our support forum. You can send it to jolt.dev[at]gmail.com. We will check it.

I’m a little confused…my developer added the theme to my WordPress but the very bottom of the page is cut off but shows up fine on his PC and I have a MAC. On my computer, the “Glossy” section at the bottom is not fully showing all of the text and he told me to reach out the developer. Also, a company wants me to add their banner to my website am I able to do this with this theme? Please help I’m lost.

Hi, Please provide your site link and a temporary admin panel access to jolt.dev[at]gmail.com so we can check your issues. Don’t forget to mention the issues in the email.

Hi, I have a major problem with the theme. I upload it to my wordpress board and apparently everything was OK, but then when I activate the theme, I have an error message on every page of my wordpress board, and my blog is blank. I couldn’t do anything, nothing work, same error problem. Can you help me ? Thanks a lot

hi, can you please open a thread in our support forum and send me your website url so we can check what is the error message and what’s causing it. http://support.daffyhazan.com

Is the theme optimized for translation? It’s easy to translate?

hi, yes.. you can translate the theme by using plugin http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/upscale/docs/docs/plugins-translation/upscale-translation/

let me know if you have other questions

I’m told that you cannot use themes from themeforest on wordpress? So I bought this theme only to not use it? I’m very confused. The upload theme option in wordpress is not available.

Thank you your last response was very helpful my web guy installed this theme on my wordpress site and I just don’t think it has been installed correctly can you offer your opinion on whether it has been installed the right way? http://www.antiqueorange.com

Where is the header that has home, collection, series etc? Other themes have this laid out this demo has absolutely nothing and the pictures are pixelated what exactly did I pay for? Not trying to be rude but the purpose of buying a theme is so that everything is laid out for you this demo has nothing I paid for someone to install this demo and its not functional this is not fair

hi please follow all 4 steps of this guide (left sidebar) http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/glossy/docs/docs/replicate-demo-settings/ to replicate the demo settings.

HELP! Hyperlinks on my blog post aren’t working on a mobile device. How do I fix this?

yes, you need your license to access the forum. but have you tried deactivating plugins?

Yes I have. I even hired a person to look at it. They said my best bet was to contact the creator.

you can send your admin panel acces to jolt.dev[at]gmail.com so we can check it first.

I essentially would like a gallery page where all images link to an affiliate external page. I think the best way to do this is using your “get the look” gallery. Can the image dimensions change, or are they set to rectangle? I would like to know before purchasing. Thanks.

hi as we use an affiliate code there it depends on the image that is provided by the provider here you can see a mixture of portrait and landscape

Hi, I have GLOSSY Blithe theme. Is this theme still not compatible with WooCommerce? Is there a different e-commerce plugin that I can use with this theme? Thanks!

hi, unfortunately no. .the theme is designed for blogging. so no ecommerce plugin is compatible / tested with it.

Hi, love this theme but before buying… i want to have on the blog page except of featured image the video i want to have in blog (so people can play the video in the blog page without entering the post ) example here infinitythemes.ge/aden-examples/ hope you know what i mean. Thank you regards Jimmy

Hi, unfortunately no, we have separated the video section & the blog in the theme http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/glossy/blithe/series/

OH my goodness, I didn’t realize this theme wasn’t compatible with Woocommerce. This is a first for me. What do I need to do? I really need Woocommerce, I’ve been purchasing themes for over 3 years and I’ve never run into this issue. Please help, this is urgent!!!

Is there a way I can get my money back?

hi sorry for the late reply i was away at the weekend. Unfortunately I dont have any say about refund so I will let our finance person know about your request, please wait for few hours.


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