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Great work, GLWS :)

Hi, very interested in the theme – one question, is Google Fonts built into the theme options?


Thanks for the interest!

Yup, Google fonts are built right in. You can input the name and weight of any fonts you want. The typography options are actually fairly extensive. Here’s a screenshot of the theme options page’s Typography options from the live demo. You can see multiple Google fonts are used.


Great – thanks for the fast response!

Nice work gud luck

Awesome work, Good Luck :)

Congrats, great work !
Good luck ^^

Great theme – GLWS :)

no visual composer?


Nope, we use our own own free custom layout builder plugin, crafted just for our themes.

Great! Good luck! But ideally for me, do not use page builders plugins

Awesome design and coding, GLWS :)

Amazing Design ! GLWS :)

Awesome work. GLWS :)

Is it possible to do a video background for the home page header/featured slider?


Yes it is. Our layout builder supports video background—self hosted, from YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s an example:


Thanks so much for your quick response! I look forward to purchasing the theme. Thanks again!

Awesome design :D GLWS

Amazing work Jason!

Thanks, Fresh! It’s been awhile, hope all is well.

Is it possible to have main menu extended in each page?


Apologies but I’m not sure what you mean when you say to the have the main menu extended?

If you mean, can the menu be opened by default, unfortunately there’s no feature for this.

There is now an option in the theme to allow the menu to be visible.

I’m also interested to know if the menu can remain extended (fixed) on each page (so people don’t have to click on it every time to open it.)

Also, can this be rendered as a single page site, with the menu options just going down the page?

Thanks in advance…. :)

However, I do have an article posted on how to go about the customizations needed for the one page site, using our framework.


There is now an option in the theme to allow the menu to be visible.

SUPPORT: We’re still waiting on our first paid customer for this theme to have a problem and post for support! If anyone is trying to get into our site to be the first to post in the new Gnar support forum, and you’re having some sort of issue posting, make sure to let us know here so we can work it out. :-)

I’m loving this theme. Once you find your way around the page builder it’s awesome. It’s extremely easy to use and very customizable.

One thing I would like to see is the ability to NOT have to toggle the menu on a desktop browser. A good majority of my customers are older and are going to have trouble finding the menu. Once this gets updated it’s going to be the perfect theme!


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, this is definitely a logical request and you’re not the first to mention it. As it stands now, the design of the header and the layout of all the header elements is all setup around the menu being hidden. I will think about it in a future update, but I’m not quite sure what the best way to handle it would be just yet.

There is now an option in the theme to allow the menu to be visible.

Hi, great work, i’ve seen that you’ve tagged RTL, does it support farisi, arabic and other right to left languages?

of course we’re planning to purchase if its supported.


Thanks for your interest. I do not personally speak any right-to-left languages, but I’ve done my best to provide support for them. In your WP admin, when you enable an RTL language, a new set of stylesheets for the theme are automatically included that essentially flip everything around on your website.

If you find bugs with RTL implementation or anything, you’re always free to let me know in support, of course.


Great theme, is there a way to make it so the navigation is showing once the page loads instead of clicking the lines icon at the top left? Just to help with UX as the majority of users will be elderly.



Hi Dev,

As discussed above, unfortunately there is no feature for this currently but I will look into for the next update.

There is now an option in the theme to allow the menu to be visible.