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Hi, I added many Section and Elements in a page but after a number of element the page have a bug. I need many section and element in this page, how can I do?

I have the latest version of the plugins (ex. Theme Blvd Layout Builder v. 2.1.3)



I responded to your email yesterday. Please check your junk folder. Here’s also some info about what I think you’re facing:


Since updating Wordpress and Woocommerce I keep getting a fatal error:

wp-content/themes/gnar/framework/compat/woocommerce/class-tb-compat-woocommerce.php on line 905

What could the issue be?

This error points to functionality that should be on the frontend of your website. So I can’t see how this could be happenning in admin and you are the first to report this on any theme. Is it possible you’re running a third-party plugin that would cause this? Like something rending shortcodes in your Edit Page screen or something like that?

Hi there, I have disabled all third party plugins and am still experiencing the issue. We are running https. Could that be a factor?

I responded to your original email on June 15, asking more questions about your issue, but never received a response from you. Please respond to that email and we can continue discussing this.

When I click” add shortcode” on the text editor of a page, nothing happens. Why is this?


There is most likely some sort of JavaScript error happening due to a conflict with another third-party plugin you’re using. To troubleshoot I would try disabling other plugins that add stuff to the Edit Page screen to find the culprit. Also make sure to clear your browser cache after disabling each plugin and seeing if the problem goes away.

If you’d like to talk more about this, feel free to message me privately.


I got it to work with your help thanks! However, I don’t see a shortcode section for displaying WooCommerce products. Do you guys have shortcodes for this?

I noticed on one of the demo pages there’s [recent_products per_page=”5” columns=”5”].

Are there any other ones I can use to display products on pages, specifically for categories and featured products?

Awesome, glad to hear it!

These are actually shortcodes that come with WooCommerce. Checkout this article, which shows you all the ones you can use:


I am currently having an issue adding elements to custom templates. I have already updated my max submit and this still doesn’t fix the problem. I didn’t have this issue until recently.

When I add a new section to a template and choose the “Update Template” button I just get a never ending loading icon. When page is refreshed no change is made to the template.


Sorry for the confusion. Did you happen to update the layout builder plugin itself recently but not the Gnar theme? Are you using the latest version of Gnar that was posted 5/31?


There was a bug fixed in the layout builder, which turned out was masking a bug in the theme framework that needed to be also fixed. So many people that were updating the layout builder plugin, but not the theme have been been experiencing PHP errors when trying to save a layout. So I’m guessing that’s happenning to you but because you’re using the Templates page where they’re saved with AJAX (opposed to building layout directly in Edit Page screen), you’re not seeing the actual PHP errors.

But make sure you’re on the latest version of the theme and let me know if that doesn’t fix the issue. If it doesn’t we can explore specific causes on your site.

Thank you for the quick reply so I didn’t have downtime on my project! I updated the theme today (I think I was confused on how to set that up at first but found your guide at http://docs.themeblvd.com/article/20-updates-theme-forest which helped me a lot) and after the update everything is working as expected! Thank you very much for the wonderful theme, I can’t wait to share what I’ve created with it! QuitRich.com!

Awesome, glad to hear it!

Hello, Could you help me please, I can’t find the settings to transform the portfolio’s display from showcase into showcase masonry. Thank you a lot. Marion


It depends specifically how you’re incorporating the post showcase. Probably the most common way would be through the layout builder, in which case you’d be adding a “Post Showcase” element to your layout and then you’d select the setting you want from the “Display” option when configuring the element.

Please for any further support, I respectfully request that you make sure your Gnar support license is current.


One of my clients purchased this theme and we are having issues with Yoast compatibility. When I try to analyze the page, I get this message, “The text contains 0 words. This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. Add more content that is relevant for the topic.” Any tips for getting them to play well together? I can ask for his license #, purchase account, etc for more in depth support, but figured I might as well ask generally now because others must have had this problem as well.


The theme will not interfere with anything the Yoast plugin does. But in this case I’m guessing you’re talking about a page built with a custom layout from our layout builder, and since Yoast is only looking at what’s in the main content area of WordPress, anything outside of that won’t get counted. This is an extremely common issue that comes as a bit of a trade off by using just about any layout builder plugin for WordPress.

I’d be happy to discuss this in more detail and share tips for using the two together, but as always on ThemeForest you must be a customer with valid support license to get support. So for any further support, please login to the ThemeForest account with valid purchase and support license and message here:


Hi, Love Gnar theme but discovered a problem that I can’t fix. On pages where I’ve used ‘Custom Layout’ and then text with ‘content’ sections it appears that those content sections appear on Firefox, Safari etc but only appear on certain browsers using Chrome. For example, text shows up on my Desktop with Chrome but not my laptop. I’ve had several people test the site and it appears some can view text with Chrome and some can’t. Can you tell me what’s going on and how to fix it?

ps. Here’s the website: https://hikelikeawoman.net/


This is an issue with Chrome v61, which was released a few weeks ago. This was already fixed in an update to Gnar (v1.0.14). So just get yourself on the latest version of the theme, clear your browser cache on your local machine, and you should be good to go.


Hi, I can not find the class to modify the amount of transparency in the menu. thanks!


For customer support, please message from the “Contact Author” button at the following page. I also kindly ask that you make sure to have a valid support license that isn’t expired. Also providing more information about your issue and a link to your site will be helpful, as well.



Hi Jason, Since 2012, my website is running very well with AKITA. However, today i’m looking for something more young and trend . So, because i’m not webdesigner, i need an easy and clean page builder. I think ELEMENTOR is what i need. Do you know if it is ok with your theme ? (Akita or GNAR or DENALI don’t know yet)

And about GNAR : 1. if using WPML, on mobile version, can i put a round flag switcher in a dedicated area, between Logo and Hamburger menu. I don’t want the flag INSIDE the menu. I want the user click on the flag BEFORE clicking the menu like here http://nativewptheme.net/thirty_ninth/ 2. If i have menu and SUBMENU, can i set the way they are displayed (font, line height, letter space … ? 3. using YOAST is OK ? 4. using Contact form 7 ? 5. Using Gravity form ? 6. What Cache plugin do you recommand ? 7. on mobile phone version, image or thumbail are usely displayed in 1 full wight column. But can they be displayed on 2 colums, like on iphone in the “photoApps” when you look ALBUM ? 8. can i set a product page with a category and then create a “portefolio page” including all the thumbails of each product page, with a filter search ? 9. How can i set A currency with a clickacle button to convert in anoyher currency ? 10. can i have BREADCRUMBS and search icon link in the header? Thanks for your help and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018


Since I have our own layout builder built with the theme, unfortunately, I do not test others.

Note that the Theme Blvd layout builder plugin is different when you’re using one of these newer themes.


1. Unfortunately, there is no feature for this. This would be a customization you’d need to make.

2. There are user options to set the font, font size, and letter spacing of the top level of the menu. The font name chosen here will also get applied to the submenus. Anything else would be CSS customizations you’d need to make.

3. Yup, using Yoast is recommended.

4-5. Gravity Forms is the recommended forms plugin. Contact form 7 is not tested, but will probably still work.

6. I recommend W3 Total Cache.

7. Unfortunately, there is no feature for this. This would be a customization you’d need to make.

8. Sure, there are different ways you could probably accomplish that.

9. No idea on that one. That’d probably be a question to whoever you’re using a shopping cart plugin from.

10. Like you see in the demo there is a search icon in the header. There is no breadcrumbs in the header; the breadcrumbs would be below the header, as you see in the demo.

Hi, can I fix the main navi menu (home, pages, blog, shop etc) on the top of each page? Thank you!


For customer support, I kindly ask that you submit a message from the “Contact Author” button at the following URL. Please make sure you’re doing this from a ThemeForest account that has purchased the theme and has a valid support license. Also, please try to provide more information about your question.


Hi, does the mobile responsive version allow for a banner slider?


All sliders in the theme display on desktop and mobile.


Does the desktop version have an auto slide? Doesn’t appear to do this here: http://demoblvd.com/themes/gnar/demo-1/

Also same URL but on mobile these is no way to next/previous slides?

Need to be sure this works before purchasing :-)


In the past the navigation arrows were hidden specifically on this type of slider for mobile (the theme framework calls this a “Hero Unit Slider”) in order for the content to be more visible. And it relied on mobile swipe gestures to change slides, which was always a bit controversial because it wasn’t obvious to the user that they could swipe unless they randomly tried it. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at this but it appears the swipe gestures are no longer working properly on iOS.

I happen to be working on a round of updates today to all themes on this track of the theme framework and I’ve updated this to display the slider arrows. If you clear your phone’s browser cache and view the demo site again, you should see the navigational arrows on the hero unit slider.


All slider types in the theme allow you to set an “interval time” which is the number of seconds between auto-rotating slides. And if set to 0, no auto-rotation will occur. But when the user does set an interval time for auto-rotation, it’s still automatically disabled for mobile devices, as it’s a pretty poor user experience to have the slider and potential height of the unit jumping around on mobile devices without the user taking action. However, this behavior can be disabled via child theme with this line, though:

add_filter( 'themeblvd_slider_disable_mobile_interval', '__return_false' );

Hi, Just about to push the button on purchasing this amazing theme, but had a question.

I want to add a trip finder function to the theme (like this: https://www.abercrombiekent.co.uk/) can you advise if this would be possible/easy to do? Or is there a plugin perhaps that would deal with it?


Apologies, it’s not a topic I’ve ever looked into; so I’m just not sure of any.

I can’t find any either, could I not hire you to write and add it for me please?

I apologize, but I just don’t have time for custom work right now.

Have you tried searching for booking plugins? I would think that’s more the generalized thing you’re trying to accomplish, whether you call them “trips” or whatever else. I think that’s a fairly popular category for WordPress plugins and I would think being able to book pre-established date ranges for whatever item (i.e. a “trip” with specific date) would be a thing?

And if you don’t require the user to book/reserve/purchase these trips, then all you’re talking about really is a custom post type that can be searchable on your site. So a plugin that allows you to create custom post types could be a simple solution.

Also, if you’re not handling these being purchased, a calendar plugin could be an option, too, where the calendar’s events are the “trips” and then these are all searchable. Calendar plugins tend to tackle the issue of creating custom posts (i.e. events, trips, whatever you’re calling them) to have a future date associated with them.

I think searching for specifically “trip finder” is probably limiting your results for plugins.

Hi. 1. Please how can I change loading google fonts from Latin to Latin Extended ?

2. When I want to update permalink of the post, I just cant: https://imgur.com/a/tDoKmsc


1. On the theme options page, you can actually add anything that Google adds when you customize a font. So for example, you could do this:


2. Apologies, I’m not quite sure the answer there. The theme you’re using shouldn’t have anything to do with permalinks.

Paying customer here Great theme – just have run into one issue. When presented with a text/editor box (with the Visual/Text view toggle above it), Im not able to type in the field. The cursor doesnt show up, cant type or see any shortcodes if i push that button. Has anyone had this issue before? I was trying to see if I need to register my product code, but didnt see a place to do that. Seems like a simple permission issue, but Im not sure. Any direction would be appreciated! Thanks! Jon

Sorry, maybe I can clarify by saying that Im using one of the custom layouts. Im trying to change the copy/text for the pre-populated text (Lorem ipsum dolor sit…) and the editors are blank. I can change the display settings, images, and some of the input fields – but the majority of the text is un-editable by me. Same goes for the copyright text field in the footer…. hopefully that gives you an idea of whats going on. Thanks!


DutchPC Purchased


I love the theme, but i have one question. How can i use SEO on the templates? The homepage is using a template and when i edit the page itself it shows red with Yoast SEO. I really need to get SEO to be good at the homepage.


Honestly that just doesn’t mean anything. The Yoast plugin only scans the default WordPress content area and is analyzing the words within. Yoast has no way to know to scan the content held within the custom layout because it’s all stored within custom meta fields of the page.

If you wanted a more accurate reading, a workaround could be to copy all of the content printed on the frontend of your page into the default WordPress content area, just to get a analysis from the Yoast tool.

When I look at my list of themes under appearance, the Gnar theme shows a link that reads “new version available. update now”.

When I click that link, I get the message:

update failed. download failed. a valid url was not provided.

Can you help? thanks in advance.

Hello, I purchased the theme and downloaded it, but I am not seeing the home page default to edit (which is why I bought it) – this page (http://demo.themeblvd.com/?theme=gnar) – how do I get it?

I think there was a recent update to the theme that changed the look of the “menu”—it now became a dropdown menu (vertical) instead of the ‘old’ horizontal menu? Is there a way to edit the menu back to the old look?