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Nice Theme , Are you making wordpress themes ?

We have done all our prev mobile templates as Wordpress themes. Hope to do this one too.



Good job, nice theme.

wish it had a straight jump navigation instead of scrolling through all pages to reach the one you want.

if i want to view the last item, it has to scroll through all the others before it.


But it’s got a straight jump navigation. Just navigate using the icons from the main slide. And if you are on a secondary page, just click “Home” from the header and you will be redirected to the menu slide. Or click Contact and go straight to the contact page.

Also you can easely change the action from a header button, and put what ever you want there, a new slide to go…


nice theme, GLWS :)

This is probably one of, if not the best mobile theme on Themeforest! Love it!

do u have a url to test for mobile ?


You can use the qrcode and scan it with your mobile.


Good job congr. :)

Awesome template … Thanks for it … It is truly great … How do I install it as an app though? Or is this not possible? How do I get my staff for example to load it on their phones and use it – or we can only do this via a URL?


From iphone you can load the url, or scan it with a qrcode scan/reader and after Save it to home screen from iphone browser option. After, an icon will be saved to your mobile screen. Finally when clicking the icon the website will be loaded as an app, full screen.

Android have an option to save an icon to the home screens too, but it will not load the custom design icon. On iphone you can create a custom icon, depending on your business and replace the default one I am using.

Does it works with Phonegap ?


Did not test it. But as they write on their it works with “HTML, CSS, and JavaScript” it should work fine.


Really nice work, how to make the form work?do you have ajax template available?


Yes for the contact form there is a php form included. Check the index.php file. That file is the green design with a working ajax php working form.

To add the working form to other color file just try to copy that form code from the main php example file.


Thats great but how come the form doesnt work on the demo?it just takes u back to home screen.


The working form can be tested HERE

It’s the green demo url but with .php extension at the end.


Does the comment system works too?


No, the comments section purpose it to have the basic HTML layout structure for a future blog. It will work only by integrating the theme into a CMS.


If I wanted to use this as a traditional HTML mobile theme and removed swipe JS files etc and then setup a seperate file for each page would this still work?

The theme seems to have a lot of dependency on JS but I have some clients who are not allowed to turn on JS on their devices so I need to be able to deal with them as best I can and this seems like the way to do it?


The general HTML structure of this template is not very complicated, and with basic HTML CSS knowledge you can do that. But will require code modifications. Like you said you must create for each slide I have a page. And link from the main menu page to other pages.

In our days all websites use JS especially jQuery. I don’t know why your clients are not allowed to use JS.


Can you add a video gallery to the video page?

No, just some responsive videos listed.

The photo gallery page only supports images.

Can local videos be used? I don’t want to use youtube or Vimeo

I am not sure what player are you using. Just make sure it’s responsive and not in flash. It needs to be responsive to resize on mobiles, and not flash because iPhone does not see flash.


I like the look of it. Is it possible to change some of the icons?

Yes, you can change the icons. Adding your own icons. Just edit the HTML code. Also try to read the HELP guide on how to add icons/new pages and link them togheter.


I’m not unsure how it works with regards to the App part. Does the App button connect to a website version only, or can the content be downloaded to the users device to be used without internet connection please?


There are 2 kinds of app, native apps and web apps.

Native apps are the ones installed through an application store such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store..etc

Web apps look and feel like native applications but they are run by a browser and typically written in HTML.

Our item “Go Mobile” is an web app. For example on iPhone you can save this web app to your home screen and load it directly from there. Other cool thing about our web app is that is one page jquery template that will make it to behave more like a native app rather than like a responsive website, or other web mobile template. Meaning once you are loading it from your iphone screen it will not reload the page when you navigate to another section making it to exit from full screen navigation mode. Basically like an ajax based website.

Hope this helps.


I love this item, very well done…

I will be purchasing it soon…

I have tested the templates on my mobile, and I have noticed a kind of Parallax type scroll if you like, when I scroll up and down the page…

Is it possible to just make the scroll normal?

If so, will make this much better for my intended use…

Well done on your item, very well developed!


Glad you like our work and will follow us, we have big plans for 2014 so stay tuned :P


Hopefully some more amazing mobile templates?

For sure more mobile templates will come. Also have in plan updating our old mobile themes V1, V2 and V3.

does the mobile template work with wordpress, where i can use it as mobile view. the blog post will insert under the blog page.

No, this item is in HTML/CSS templates category as you can see. It’s not a wordpress theme.