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I now have an iframe issue. When i enter directions into form and the directions are displayed underneath in a dropdown, the dropdown ends up longer than the page for some directions. How would i have the page enlarge/lengthen enough to fit all the dropdown within please. e.g. if i ask for directions from Florida to Seattle the dropdown (directions) is longer than the page itself (so i cannot scroll down to see all of the directions). How can i fix this please?

Here is my code: <iframe src="directions/directions3.html" style="border:1px #808080 none;" name="" scrolling="yes" frameborder="1" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="900px" width="100%"></iframe>

If i set the height to 100% it doesn’t work, and if i sett it to 2000px it is still too short and the page looks very long before the directions are shown. Thanks for all your help to date :-)


Let me see if I understand corectly. You seems to have 2 problems with this iframe:

1. You added for the width 100% and it’s not working?

2. You added the iframe in a drop down, and when you click the drop down the page does not extend to see this all height?


1. Does this HTML page added in the iframe directions3.html have also some DIV that have a specific width. This can be the problem of not adding the 100% width corectly. It should work fine adding 100% to an iframe if all is corect added.

2. Here the solution is simple, are you using the toggle drop down we have in our demo?

If yes, please see code.js file . Down on the code lines you will see

    $(this).toggleClass("activeb").next().slideToggle( "slow", function() {
    return false;

What that means is when the blog toggle for example is pressed, all content of that blog section is reinitialized with swiperNested3.reInit();

How this function. When you click the drop down, your iframe is adding content in height to our section. We need to reinitialize the slide content, recalculating his height.

So you need to add to your trigger element swiperNested3.reInit(); like we did. Remember that “3” is the section ID in our case. You must add the section ID in wich you created the drop down and the iframe.

hope this make sense, and will easily guide you.


Ok i’ll look at it THANKS for the great support. Could you also tell me where google tracking code would be placed please?


The analitycs code right? That code must be added at the bottom of index page right before BODY tags is closing


A simple question…...I have a wordpress theme site and i wants my user can access it with their smart phones.Should i buy your product ? Is i am missing something ? Please advice !!


Does you wordpress theme is responsive? I mean does it look fine on mobiles? If not, you have 2 options, making it responsive, or build a mobile version of it.

And if you want a mobile version of it, yes you can buy one of our mobile themes.

But this item “Go mobile” is not a mobile wordpress theme, it’s a HTML/CSS mobile template. You can use it as a mobile website, but not with a wordpress admin.

All the content of this mobile version must be added by yourself.

Check our portfolio, we have Wordpress and HTML mobile themes also.


Thanks for your detailed message. I wants mobile theme for my users but with one conditions of they first Login to view site. This is my site link please advice, which one is suitable from your mobile theme portfolio and then we buy it This is a marriage bureau site


1. I can see your website is responsive. It looks good on mobiles. It strech down to 320 px and it fits any resolutions. I guess you don’t like how it looks if you want to create a separated mobile version.

2. Remember if you decide to add a separate mobile theme, you need to add the mobile content separatelly. Some features will require to be created by you. I am talking about the features, like custom search forms, custom sections….etc witch are not in the mobile theme. Please check carefully each theme mobile demos we have and see if they suits your layout needs.

3. Any mobile theme we have is nice. But depends on how you visualize you mobile website. You can keep the mobile version very simple adding just some basic content from your desktop website, and redirect users to the desktop version if they want a detailated version. Our V3 wordpress version is the best sell we have. A lot of people are using that one.


how can I disable scroll in the menu(first) page?

I have another question.. It seems to be good in browser when scrolling vertically but not so fluid when ported into an app. Any fix/updates/tips on that? thanks in advance.

I have another problem when the toggle container is open.. scrolling down becomes limited to a certain height. it works on some slide but not all. :(


1. Yes this is the reason we have created the theme from the start with jquery, and all content loaded once in one file only. To behave like an app. Not to require to load another page. Will exit the app mode on iphone. So sorry but creating diferent pages will exit the full screen app mode.

2. See code.js file for an example of toggle with dinamic height

An example function there is
    $(this).toggleClass("activeb").next().slideToggle( "slow", function() {
    return false;

So when dealing with a toggle and you want to read the dinamic height, you need to add a reinitialize function when the toggle button is clicked.

Just use swiperNested3.reInit(); and change NR 3 with the section ID you are using the toggle in.

Hope this make sense, it’s very easy to do.

So let’s say you have a section with ID 6 and use a toggle (same class “toggle_blog”) there just add this function to code.js at the bottom next to that example one

    $(this).toggleClass("activeb").next().slideToggle( "slow", function() {
    return false;

Version for WordPress?

Working on it. Hope to release it in april.

Hello, I am interested in buying this template in order to use it as a phonegap application but I wonder if it is possible to retrieve data from my a mysql database by means of web services that I have already setup,


The best way is to test the theme with the things you want to do.

Basically you are asking me if you can use phonegap with your database.

The template seems to work with phonegap, I had some users integrate it, and got some positive feedback. Other than this you will need to test in order to see the results.

Remember that the template is an HTML template, you will need to add programming to it, and connect it to your database to get what you want.


Hello, I just purchased your template and I would like to know some details.

First of all, where is the code for index.php called. I would like to remove the php and place a mailto link, on the send button that takes the body of the email from the existent form fields.

In addition, I want to create a form like the contact form but I would also like to include a date picker. How can this be done?

Thank you


1. Use index.php file if you want to have the contact form functionable.

If you don’t want to use a contact form and just a mailto link on contact page, don’t use it. Use the index.html file, or the HTML file of the skin you want.

2. If you want to use a contact form with a date picker you need to implement one. Just google “jquery date picker” and you will find a tone of them. Like THIS BASIC one

Beeing an HTML template you willl need to have some basic knowledge in order to modify and add the thing you want.



Congrats on the Theme, it looks awesome. I am looking to buy it however I wanted to ask you first. Can this theme be used to display RSS content from other websites, like a news aggregator for example?




If you notice “Go Mobile” item is an HTML/CSS/JS template. And not a wordpress theme.

If you want to diplay RSS content, you need to create custom modification to it. Just make sure all content you want to add to this template to be responsive. I am talking about that RSS content. It must look good on mobiles.


Hey just bought this theme. Was wondering if anyone had some steps to get this working with phone gap build 3.3.0? I know phone gap doesnt support php so i removed those files but besides that is there anything else to get it working via phone gap? Thanks.


I know there are some users that used this theme integrated with phonegap. I got some messages before about this.

Also made some custom updates for them. On the contact section, separating the php from the HTML, and load it with jquery. This way they can use a working contact form.

Just drop up a message using the contact form on our profile page, and we can reply with that custom update if you want to use the contact form.



I just wanna know is it possible that you provide an icon database which suits with its theme?

So that, users who wants to buy your theme could use the icons for their own customize works.

Thanks and Regards


There are 25 icons included, plus some social icons. You can also use an icons on the web that are free to use. Just use them the same size.


Hi, I tried to use a second blog page ( swiperNested10 for example) but the posts do not seem to appear on the second page. Do I have to edit load.js as well appart from code.js? What are the changes that should be done?

Also, what kind of changes should be done if I would like to remove the load more results script? Thank you


To create a new section with 10 as ID for example, you just need to create the section in the HTML content with the corect ID added there, and add in the code.js

var swiperNested10 = new Swiper('.swiper-nested10', {
mousewheelControl : true,
//Enable Scrollbar
scrollbar: {
  container :'.swiper-scrollbar10',
  hide: true,
  draggable: false  

And to remove the load more results option, just detele the buttons from the HTML sections and the js code from load.js

hi nice theme. can i know when you will release a wordpress version. or do u have a compatible cms that can be used with your theme


i think one pager has its advantages and disadvantages. one is seo and another is load time if the site has lots of contents. please update me asap when wordpress version is available. thanks bro

Hi FamouseThemes i like to know when the wordpress version be released.


We hope to get it online by the end of this month. At the end of the week we will submit it for review.

Thanks for beeing interested. We will reply to you once the theme will be online.


where is my comment?


Like I said when first reply to you, you leaved your first comments in “My mobile page V3 html” template section.

Not sure why, but there you have written your comments



How can automatically close a toogle_wrap to open another?



I guess you want to make something like an acordion effect right?

Unfortunatelly I did not add this effect.

Toggles are diferent.

I can recomand some free acordions scripts if you want.


Yeah, that’s the effect I’m looking for! I appreciate your recomendases some scripts. thanks


The simplies one can be found HERE

purchased the template, did really well .. a really good job :D . I’ll make a request already made??, the ability to integrate local videos, even changing player (obviously avoiding flash movies). And if possible?. Another question :) if possible to open the google map directly into the page?

read only now that wipebox only supports video youtube and vimeo, if I wanted to use another library to read in the local video? you have any suggestions?


Thanks for the feedback.

1. To integrate local videos will require a good player. A one build by us, or a free comercial one. To be responsive and perfectly working on all mobiles.

For now it’s quite hard to build one, maybe finding one will be a solution.

You can look yourself for free responsive players. Just add it to the theme, and load local videos.

2. About the google map. I think this is an option that mobile have to open maps with their apps automatically.

I guess this is what you meant, not to open the map into a new page right?


Hello, nice theme. Could it be possible to use this theme to implement a site that requires login for some features?



This item is for now just an HTML/CSS jQuery template.

Does not include any backedn programming. So no login features…etc

Maybe in the wordpress version you can play with the admin of wordpress and create some login features. The wordpress version will be released in the next period.


Hi, FamousThemes

I’d like to report some bugs. It happened on slider theme (brown theme with flexslider).

1. On menu page, since flexslider consumed some vertical space page, made the menu icons below did not show all in one view. In order to see all icon menus, I have to scroll down the page. When I tried to scroll down/swipe down, it always bounced back to top, so I could not see (without holding my finger on my gadget screen) all of icon menus below the flexslider.

2. Still on the menu page, when theme is viewed with wide screen gadget, such as iPad, the flexslider did not “sit on the right place”. Flexslider was not on center, and the right flexnav was “overflow” (it went off from picture box).

Please fix these issues, since I have a plan to use and package this with my PhoneGap app.

Thank you


1. What device are you testing this? Are you testing our demo online, or you customized version? If it’s customized let us see your demo url.

2. So the slider image is not in the right place, meaning is staying on the left side? And the next arrow is on the right side, outside the image right?

If yes, all this is correct.

2.a The theme was not build for large wide devices. Let say ipad have a resolution almost like a normal wide screen. But the theme still works fine on all this.

2.b Not sure but the problem with the image staying left, is because it’s not big in width as the device you are testing it. Try addind in slider images over 2000 px in wide, and make a test.

Please provide some answers, and we will get back to you.

Best Regards.

1. I’m using both iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy Core. I hosted this theme on localhost. When menu page is showing in slider theme, icon menus located below slider (there are 9 icons total, separated into 3 rows each) are showing only 2 rows (that is, 6 icons). To see all of those icon menus, I have to slide up the screen. Then all icon menus are shown, but when I lift my finger from screen, the menu page automatically slides down again. Please, I need this issue fixed, that is when I lift my finger, the page stays still, not sliding down again.

2. OK, that’s correct. Theme still works for sure, and I’m gonna try to set 2000 px. Wish me luck :)

Also, it will be very nice if there’s an update for showing Google map in this theme. Iframe would be fine, too.

Best regards


1. Just one more question here. How are you testing you theme on locahost with the mobile?

Can you please make a quick test on your mobile, and test this page

Let me know if you get the same result.

It’s strange because I am testing the theme with 3 android mobiles and all works fine. Not to say I am testing also with iOS and windows mobiles too.

2. Let me know if the big images will do the job.

Will update the theme with a google map iframe.



Very nice theme. Can I add a shortcut icon like an app on iOS and Android?

Thanks in advance!


Yes you can.

You can create your own icon and replace the one we have as default, to save it for example on iPhone home screen for example.


hi can u tell me how users can easily save the icon on their homescreen. both for android and ios. is this built in with your theme?


See in the HELP file included the point

3 D Launching the theme as an web app from your iphome home screen

This option is a default option iphone have, to save a web page on home screen.

For android just google solutions like THIS ONE

The only diference is only iphone will open the web page in full screen mode. Making the theme look like a real web app.


I have some problem here, i was changes twitter username on jquery.tweet.js, but it’s still showing “famousthemes” latest tweets on twitter page.

How to fix that?


To add corectly the twitter settings you need to:

1. Edit the user name in the footer area of index.html file for example

  modpath: 'js/twitter/',
  join_text: "auto",
  username: "famousthemes",
  count: 5,
  auto_join_text_default: "we said,",
  auto_join_text_ed: "we",
  auto_join_text_ing: "we were",
  auto_join_text_reply: "we replied",
  auto_join_text_url: "we were checking out",
  loading_text: "loading tweets..." 

and not in jquery.tweet.js

2. Inside the js folder, see the twitter folder. Inside the twitter folder see index.php file.

Open it and right on the top lines just add your API keys from your twitter developer account (this are the new requirements by twitter in order to use their API)

   // Your Twitter App Consumer Key
    private $consumer_key = '';

    // Your Twitter App Consumer Secret
    private $consumer_secret = '';

    // Your Twitter App Access Token
    private $user_token = '';

    // Your Twitter App Access Token Secret
    private $user_secret = '';


hello, great theme! I’m having trouble with scrolling down in some browsers/devices.


Can you tell us what browser/devices are?

We tested this theme in almost every mobile oper. syst. Concentratig more on the most popular one iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Just make sure on a page/section where using a toggle, or a dinamic content you add a custom code to calculate the new height just like we are mentioning in the HELP file point

3G – Using toggle with height content on pages


Hi again,

I found something interesting. I made a site based on this theme, replaced icons, colors, also modified some CSS,etc etc, and added about 20+ pages (I define a page as follows : etc…. ). I already followed instructions in HELP folder about adding a page. No problem.

The interesting point is : When I open the site (with 20+ pages), it crashed on iOS as soon as index page showed, but still ran well on Android. No crashes on Android. I wondered why.

When I reduced the number of pages, things went back to normal in iOS (no crashes). Thus, I have 2 possibilities in my mind regarding this issue on iOS :

1. Does this theme apply only for < 20 pages ?

2. Or, is it just fine for having > 20 pages, but there is something wrong on my 20th page and up which caused the crashes? FYI, I have inspected web console, and it said nothing about error.

If you need the site I made, I’d be gladly to send it to you.



I don’t think the nr of pages is crashing it.

We did not add something to restrict it under 20.

Yes if you can, show us the demo url. We will test also with our mobiles and see what is going on there.


Ok, right now I’m in struggle uploading it to my hosting. Catch some upload problem. When I finish the upload, I’ll let you know.