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hi any news about the wordpress version? release date?

thanks chris

hi there. do you already have the wordpress version?


Not yet. We have to change the concept of the wordpress theme, for different reasons. We got a lot of feedback from different users requesting the Wordpress version of this template available in multipages, and not as one page template.

So now we are modifyng all the theme, making it multipage.

Some of the reasons were:

1. One page was loading too much content for mobile, including blog posts/archives…etc

2. SEO. With multiple pages SEO will be improved.

3. Better management of the pages

Thank you again for your patience. And we promise to write you an email exactly when the theme will be online, so you will be the first to know.


hi making it multi page will be great as the advantages you mentions are okay. can you add an option to make the the homepage one page like what you have it now. then all inside pages will be separate. i think this will be a great theme. thanks

Hi there , I want to purchase ur amazing theme but i have a couple of questions .

1.I want to use ur theme on RTL language app is this possible for me to edit css and get that ?

2.Is this possible to convert this to full working android app that running offline on devices (without any network ) i just want to create html pages and convert this to apk running offline for my clients .

Thanks for taking ur time !


1. We did not added RTL support. But yes you can edit the CSS and add this supported. Will require basic CSS/HTML knowledge.

2. To convert a web app into a native app you need to transform it.

The most populat tool this days to transform a web app into a native app it seems to be phonegap. Just google for that, you will find a lot of resources.


Is there a way to dissble autoplay in JQuery Fitvid please. I have tried to find the answer on github, but no luck… I know this can also be done via youtube etc but i am currently using camtasia studio and the autoplay dissable doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks


I don’t think autoplay is added by fitvids code.

You should enable/disable this using the player API.

But when using “camtasia studio” player in normal mode without the fitvids code is it working?


hi all i’m new to use this themes i want to know how to use it with phonegap and jquery mobile and webservice and how to change pages and load jason into the page using this theam and change between pages



This item “Go Mobile” is a HTML/CSS/jquery template.

Basically it’s a web app. Not a native one.

With phonegap you can transform it into a native app.

You need to learn phonegap and json programming in order to transform it.

We cannot help you with that. Just check for tutorials/books online.


Hi .. i have purchased this theme and i have applied successfully in Android.

But it didnt work with blackberry OS7.

Can anyone help me in this please?



Does the blackberry have touchscreen or querty keyboard?

This template will work perfectly only on touchscreen full screen devices with a viewport bigger than 320px


Hi, I created a mobile site based on “Go Mobile”. It works perfect on Andoid, but on iPhone 5, only the background image on the home page shows, all other pages background images disappear, and a black background replaces them. here is a link to my site: Any ideas of why background images disappear? and how can I solve it? Thanks.


On my iphone(s) they look good.

But on firefox when I test it you are right, the other sections are not showing the bg images.

1. I can see you have modified the css and add to each section a bg image as cover, and positionated fixed. This template beeing a one page template I am not sure it’s corect to use multiple cover fixed images in the same page.

2. Make this simple test. Remove from m.claro.css the “background-color:#000000;” :


If it’s not working I sugest not using bg cover fixed code for the pages. Leave it just for the home/menu section. And try to find another way to add that bg images to strech on the other sections. Maybe a jquery solution to add full streching images for bg’s.


Thank You! Your answer was very helpful.

hello this theme this as plugin for wordpress


No, this is a HTML/CSS/jQuery template. A simple mobile website template.

To install it you just need to copy the files on a web server. To edit the content you need an HTML editor.

It’s not working in Wordpress.


Updates on releasing the Wordpress version of this HTML template

As some of you know, and requested, we are working right now on releasing the Wordpress version of this HTML template “Go Mobile”.

We are still working on this mobile WP theme. There are a lot of things to test on multiple mobile devices, and the developing process is taking time.

We are sorry for this big delay in releasing the WP version, but we promise it will worth waiting :)

Anyone willing to help on some questions we have for our future clients, can send us an email using the contact form on our profile page-sidebar answering:

1. Do you think a multiple page version will be better than a single page wordpress theme? Don’t you think a single page will be too much for a mobile theme (to much content to load in a single page)? Considering that the actual HTML version concept is based on a single page (all content in one file).

2. Are you using mobile wordpress themes installed on the same wordpress installation as your main desktop website? Or on separate domains/subdomains like “”, on a separate wordpress installation.

3. Usually the content you want to add in a mobile wordpress theme is 100% the same as in the desktop version of your website? Or you want to keep the content of the mobile version less, for a faster, and organized experience?


I’m back :) to bother again … can not recall an “external” page, ok agree. I would like to use the first page of the example – index_gradient.html – as the main menu and call to each menu item setting the example – index_slider.html – creating a depth of navigation (obviously) different from what you expect. I do not think it is correct to do that index_gradient.html <li class="gradient_bg3"> <a href="http://m.url/ index_slider.html"></a></li> the file is called but just before you load _slider.html I see upload content _gradient. Sorry if I have not explained properly, I doubt I can do it all in one page.


Yes it’s a little confusing what are you trying to achieve there.

But are you talking about using a menu design from one page (index gradient), and the rest of the pages design from another example like index slider ?

If yes, you will need to modify the CSS files to do that.


thanks, always friendly and quick answers. I apologize for my English and I apologize if my request was not made well. exact … yes, I would like to utilize the main menu to “index gradient” ... then I would have a few pages of this menu was a page starts with a second menu (slider style index). I do not think it’s a task that I can do all by css


To do what you want, will require also modifications in the HTML structure. Not only in css like I said.

To explain all this code modification here will take to much. If you have some basic HTML knowledge it’s wasy to do, if not you will need to find someone that know HTML.

And to create a second menu on some other pages will require also some javasctip modifications, to link the menu icon to their section that will slide to.


How well does this theme work on a computer monitor where the resolution is much higher than a Smartphone?


The theme is made especially for mobiles.

On desktop monitors it will look at 800px width.

Just check out the demo with your PC.


I got a problem when I launched it on Android 4.1.1. When toogle slide down or up , it doesn’t go smoothly and a bit jitter, but it is good on PC. What should i do ? Thanks a lot.


This javascript effects depends also on the procesor. I guess your mobile have a slow one. If it’s works fine on PC it means it’s more powerfull. It’s the same code.


Is there any way to link to things like the full desktop site, facebook, or other outside links from the homepage or do any outside links need to be within the pages? I’d also like to add the “Call Us” button to the homepage but currently it triggers another page in addition to bringing up a phone call.


1. You want to create that link in the form of the icons, on the home page? If yes you will need to separate it from the main menu. Because the menu icons are counted automatically to create the sections they will slide to.

In one of the page section you can add any links, to any sources. Just add the links with “a href=.....”

2. The same here. All home icons are automatically calculated to slide to a section. You will need to add this Call Us icon separated from the menu code.

In pages this is easy to add, just see how we have add this functionality on the contact section.

Let me know if you need more detailed instrunction on how to add an icon outside the menu icons.


So there’s no way to get certain list items to ignore the javascript, or even create a new list and have the outside links in that list on the homepage?


To create a new list is an option. But outside the menu code.

We are using

<div class="menu">
<div class="clearfix" />

You will need to add a new list outside the div class menu.

And modify the style.css to add it the same style as the icons if you want.

Create for example

<div class="submenuicons">
<li>your custom icons here.....</li>
<div class="clearfix" />

And in style.css add for submenuicons UL and LI styles makgin them the same as the menu, or diferent.

Hope this helps.


Hi, as I told I modified some necessary codes in order to making RTL CSS for persian language.

I transform completely your theme suitable for RTL languages also I attached the convenient FARSI fonts if you take a look:

but three things: 1. The contact form is not sending! - my server is email enabled (it’s - I check the Spam folder - I don’t modified any part in php file except email address in html file - I receive “success sent message” when I send a test email!

2. I have a android tablet with 7inch resolution screen but when I visit my website it shows me the desktop version and not the mobile version! but on my smartphone works correctly! May I ask you check my website with some different resolutions on tablets?! and what the problem is on my tablet? is there any code for adjust the resolution for resolving this issue?

To see the problem: (As you see in the link above my mobile version doesn’t be shown on my tablet but on my smartphone work good!)

To see the theme on my smartphone:

3. how can I use audio player on this theme? which kind of player do you suggest?

BR Alireza

Hi no just simple html



we will get back with the code once our support staff will get back to work. he is currently offline until 18 june due some personal issues

Thank you for your patience.

We’re back.

So if you got o this page and download the tutorial files

You will need to add to you desktop html website:

1. Right in the main index page of the desktop website load in header the

<script src=”detectmobilebrowser.js”></script>

2. Open this detectmobilebrowser.js file and right at the end of the code you will see


Replace mobile.html with the url of your mobile main index page.

3. The file detectmobilebrowser.js needs to stay right near your main desktop website files.



I have a responsive OsCommerce website:

1. Can the ‘search bar’ and my logo on my website be integrated with this very good script?

2. Can I use 2 languages and be able to switch from one language to another?

Thank you very much!


As you notice this Go Mobile item is a HTML/CSS/jQuery template.

Will not work integrated with OsCommerce websites.

It is only used to create simple mobile web app pages.

1. Only if you created custom code for the search bar and integrated into the mobile theme. This template is not using any CMS to work with a search related function.

2. Only if you customize the template. Or build it in 2 diferent languages, to swich from one to another.


I was wondering…. do we need to use the specific version of JQuery mobile you have included or can we use later release versions please?


We are using 1.10.1.

I think the newest one is 1.11

I think it will work for sure.


Hi! I am assisting a client in setting up their purchased Go Mobile theme, and I’m having an issue getting the SVG file for the swipebox to display the icons for back, forward and close when you have the “lightbox” open in Chrome, Safari – only on Firefox on my desktop do the icons show. Is there a way I can disable the SVG icons, I noticed code in jquery.swipebox.js that explictly replaces the CSS code that SHOULD display the icons as PNG images, using this code:

if(supportSVG){ var bg = $(’#swipebox-action #swipebox-close’).css(‘background-image’); bg = bg.replace(‘png’, ‘svg’); $(’#swipebox-action #swipebox-prev,#swipebox-action #swipebox-next,#swipebox-action #swipebox-close’).css({ ‘background-image’ : bg }); }

What is the purpose of doing this replacing? Can I just remove this chunk? Or is there a way to fix this bug to get the SVG file to display on Chrome and Safari?


Just a heads-up, I was able to override the javascript code by adding !important to the original background-image css in swipebox.css:

swipebox-action #swipebox-prev, #swipebox-action #swipebox-next,

swipebox-action #swipebox-close {

background-image: url(“img/icons.png”)!important;

But I am still interested to know if this is the best way to fix the SVG problem.


On our side those icons show on Chrome and Safari. Maybe we have diferent versions.

The best way to test this is on mobiles, and not on desktops. That is the final purpose of this template.

But with all that, the javascript code should do his job when a SVG is not suported. Meaning the PNG should be visible. And the png it’s included in the files. So any browser that does not support SVG must show the png image.

Adding !important to the original background-image css in swipebox.css is a good solution if it’s displat the icons in your case


I have not tested it thoroughly yet… but this:

seems to work in your template :-)

Yes it’s a good ideea to add a loader for the template. We did not test it yet, but have in plan.


Support offline for 4 days

Our support staff will be offline for just 4 days between 15-19 june. We will reply to our last emails and comments starting with 19 june Thank you.


Will be a future update with CMS ? where can I administrate a slideshow, or a gallery , or the blog or something like that ?

Thank you.


A Wordpress version it’s on the way.

With wordpress admin the theme will totally administrable.


Hi. I can’t see the arrows above the img gallery with smatphone and I-pad but I can see their on pc…

yes. I think so after checked it also. May be that the issue is on the webserver. What upload server you’re using? Windows or Linux?

uhmm… with 2003 windows server it works good but with 2008 windows server the svg file is not red and the code don’t find the png icon… this is my report for you.


Well I think I will have to totally remove the svg and use only images.

Will update the theme in the next days and will let you know

Like this will be ok on all servers.