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I’m having problem with template. The page of “Hotels” (Plans and services) is returning to the top when the height exceeds the height of the screen. This problem occurs in all similar pages, including the galleries. Here you can observe the behavior of the application. How can you fix this error?

Thank you for help me!


First, that is not an error.

Looking at your source code I can see that code.js file was modified.

So I think the “bug” is comming from that.

Make sure the javascript code you added there is corectly added.

The theme original javascript code is build in such way that the height of the slides is dinamically calculated, and it works fine on our demo as you can see.

One question I have, your content is dinamically added from a database? Or is it static HTML text on that pages?


Excuse the confusicion between “error” and “bug”, my level English is a little low. As for the dynamic content, yes, I am using AJAX to dynamically add all the content. I modified the code.js file for remove some things that did not need, and to optimize performance in mobile devices.


If you are using a dinamic content this might cause your issue.

We do have a solution for you. I will try to explain first how our code is created.

For each slide, the height is automatically calculated, and the touch-slide effect is enabled for that height.

For example on a page where the height is modified, in our case, those toogles we are using on blog page, after the toogle is clicked, the height is modified and we need to aply the touch-slide effect to the new value.

In code.js we are reinitializing the slider function in order to get this new height

The function that reinitialize the slider is:


The full example is

        function fixheighttoogle()
            setTimeout(fixheighttoogle, 1000);
        setTimeout(fixheighttoogle, 1000);

If you created the dinamic content code yourself you need to see where exactly the new content is added in code. And add swipernested.reInit(); after it.

Hope this helps.


can this theme be used as in the preview with a hand holding the iphone when viewed on a PC and only the content showing when accessed from a phone?


Just replied to your email with the preview files. You can use them how you want.


Hi, first of all I found “Go Mobile” great! I read the previous post about dynamic content. As I have to use the template to populate the image gallery with images from a database (and so thumbs’ number may change), do you expect some issues about this?

Thanks Stefano


Usually when loading the content dinamically, the slide/section with this content needs to be reset after the 100% of the content is loaded, so the touch-slide effect is activate corectly for the new height of the slide/section.

Just create your page, and if it’s not working, we will give the code to add to your section.


Scrolling is a little janky on android. Feels laggy.

I am using a galaxy S3 and this occurs on both the demo and my own install.

I am using Dolphin HD browser.

please advise, thanks

The horizontal or vertical scrolling?

Works fine on our mobiles. It is a thing related to javascript. I guess the mobile processor have got something to do also. A good example is that on a desktop browser this is not happening right?

vertical page scrolling, its fine in desktop. but seems a little laggy on mobile. The page isn’t coasting smoothly.

If on desktop works fine I think it’s the javascript and the procesors of the mobile.

How to add “flexible tabs” to another page?

When is cut and paste the flexible tabs code to another page the tabs “break” and no longer hide behind the other tabs.

I am pasting this code:

<h2>Panels Sessions and <span class="tag">Seminars</span></h2> <ul id="tabsmenu" class="tabsmenu"> <li class="active"><a href="#tab1">Monday</a></li> <li><a href="#tab2">Tuesday</a></li> <li><a href="#tab3">Wednesday</a></li> </ul> <div id="tab1" class="tabcontent"> <h4>Monday</h4> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. </p> </div> <div id="tab2" class="tabcontent"> <h4>Tuesday</h4> <ul class="listing"> <li>Consectetur adipisicing elit sed</li> <li>Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt</li> <li>Ut enim ad minim veniam</li> </ul> </div> <div id="tab3" class="tabcontent"> <h4>Wednesday</h4> <blockquote>Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service. <span class="quote_author">-Steve Jobs</span></blockquote> </div>


Tabs have a unique ID in the CSS

This can be seen in code.js file under the line


You will need to create a new ID like “newtabsmenu” and create the HTML structure with it.

And define it under the js code



How to disable page focus lock?

I am working on this in FF, and when I “swipe” to the bottom of a page using my mouse. and then switch pages any visit back to the first page or the tabs page leaves my screen scrolled, and I cannot scroll/swipe back up.

Do you mean the first section you scrolled down, is not longer scrolling up? Try to test is on a mobile. It is a mobile theme, and the touch-swipe event is best to test on a touch screen.

waiting for wordpress version! :)

Just got back from our summer vacation and we are almost there with the release.

Thank you very much for beeing interested.



I posted this a few weeks ago.

I’m having an issue with the menu page bouncing back up before scrolling all the way to the bottom. This is particularly troublesome if the phone is held horizontal as some of the icons can’t even be read.

Also occasionally when refreshing the page it has a difficult time loading.

You asked if I had a demo URL. I replied, but I think it might have gotten buried.

Here is the demo URL



Does your menu page, the one you are refering to, is the main index page?

Because when we test the main section with the icons seems to work fine.

Is this the section with the bouncing problem?


Hi again,

Notice some changes in the code.js file on your server.

$('.menu').find('li a').each(function (i) {
    $(this).attr('onclick', 'swiperParent.swipeTo(' + (i+1) + ')');

Changed to

$('.inside').find('a').each(function (i) {
    $(this).attr('onclick', 'swiperParent.swipeTo(' + (i+1) + ')');

Did you changed something in the style CSS files ?

Comparing your website with our demo should work fine. Only if there were soem changes in the CSS, modifing the height maybe for some DIV’s ?

Hello :)

I really liked your Theme.

I’m having a kind of a problem with the heigth of the page…

I’m using a dinymic table on my page so when the user press one button the table is loaded, but when it load if the table became bigger than the table he simply don’t let me scroll down, if i try to scroll down he back to top of the page.

i tried to use this:


But seems to not work, can you help me please ?


Yes we can help.

swipernested.reInit(); is the corect solution but it needs to be placed in the corect location inside the code.

The easiest way is to show us your code. So we can see where it needs to be placed.

You can contact us using the form on our profile page sidebar, and we will reply. After you can attached the code/file so we can look at it.


Hi, i’m interested in buying, but I have a question, I already have a website for computers, and laptops etc… I need this template only for mobile devices. Does this template include the Media Query code to make it the default index if the user is using a mobile device?


If you will build you mobile website separatelly from the desktop version wich you allready have, you will need to add a detection/redirection code on your desktop website and redirect mobile users to this mobile version.

Just follow this steps:

1. Create your mobile website and add it for example under a subdomain or subfolder on your server like “” or “”

2. On your desktop website main page, wich normally should be index page add one of this codes found HERE Depending on the way your desktop website is created add the php of the javascript code.

3. Test your website with a mobile and see if it works.

For any more info we are here. And we will help. Just let us know more details about your desktop website, is it wordpress? normall HTML ?


Thanks a lot!

Can I use phonegap to convert to native ios app?

thank you. Now if I want to Cache so that the site can be accessible offline, how do i go about it?


We did not test this, all we can do here is to offer some basic guidance links.

THIS ONE, and THIS ONE are quite helpfully.


thanks. I’ll check them out


I’m having an issue with the Tweet page, thats no tweet appear just this statement : ” loading tweets… “

can you plz help me on this.



Make sure you added corectly your twitter API codes into the files. Please see the HELP file on how to do that.

Also make sure you test the files on a web server. That is the only way the tweets will actually show.


Hello. I’m very grateful with the theme and your help.

I have another problem. I need stop the flow of slides by dragging your finger, I want that interaction and flow between slides be only with buttons. How could stop the flow of slides by dragging your finger?

Thank you for help me.


PD: Excuse me for my level of English.


There is one option to disable touch event, but not just for the slides. This will disable the scroll down too.

And we need that. How else users will scroll down without touching.

It seems that were some users trying to disable that on swiper code we are using in this theme.


Maybe will do the job for you also.


Hi, I´m interested in launching my “go mobile” websyte as an app, but I have a couple of questions.

Does it work in Android and OS? Which versions? What about Windows Phones?


Do you want to transform it into an app, or just launch it from your mobile home screen as an app. Meaning to just launch it full screen mode?

You can transform it into an app by using phonegap tool. But will require knowledge of how phonegap works.

To launch it full screen as an web app, the best tool for that is iphone and IOS.


I’m using phonegap already, thanks!

Hi.. I’m having trouble with the characters. TR ( ?,?,? ) help pls

? – ? – ç


Where are you using this characters? In the HTML content?

And they don’t show up?

Can you help me get my contact form working? I’m not sure what I need to modify in order to get it to send an email. My web page is here.



Is your email adress from gmail or yahoo? Or a custom one.

Please make a test and add a gmail adress and test it.

If it’s a custom email adress from your server, please ask your hosting if if your server it’s email enabled.

It works with my address, but not my custom one, which is hosted/served by gmail as well. I can send and receive email just fine with my custom email address by going to gmail . com and signing in with my custom email address and password. The contact form emails don’t come in to that address tho.

So if the form works fine when using a gmail adress, it means the other email adress you were using have some restrictions in getting emails from the server the form is tested.

Not sure what else to say.


Your Template is Awesome I love it

I am Trying to Add direct call link “tel:01111010101” to Home Icon

Link Works Fine But It Is Scroll me to Another page how can i avoid scrolling?

i just want to use anchor tag as above

Any Ideas ?



I am glad you like it.

Yes if you add any link on the home icons they will automatically scroll to another section.

It’s just how we builded the code in the last update to be more easy for the user to access the secondary sections.

The only solution is a custom one, to create a new class for the menu entries, that will allow them to link individually to anything you want.

If you really want to have a button for call action, we can create some custom code just for you. But contact us on privatelly using the contact form on our profile page sidebar, and we will reply with the files.


it is possible to change the code with dreamweaver cc? thanks


Yes, you can edit the code with any HTML editor. Dreamweaver is a great one.


Hi, the contact form is not working for me, all messages end up in the junk folder when i use a ( address to receive emails. My web host is fine because i tried their contact form and it was working fine.

But it is working with a ( address, it end up in the inbox. I have to use my account, not the gmail account.

Thanks for your help!


The form code got nothing to do with the fact that when using your “live” adress the messages goes in the junk folder. As I know the source of the email is the main reason of messages going into the junk folder.

The form works fine, it’s used by a lot of users with diferent adresses.

Try to send a real message when tested, not something like “test….etc” Maybe the content of the email got something to do with it. Or the server the files are hosted. That is the pricinpal server that executes the mail function in code.


Hi there,

I’m building a site using the ‘Splash’ version of your theme. Can you tell me how to tell the home button to take the user back to the menu page rather than the splash page?

I only want the splash page to show when a user first visits the site.



Hi Nick,

The splash design uses as main swipe js file splash.js

Please open splash.js file and see the button function


Change the function to make the button swipe to nr 1 slide, this beeing the menu slide.



Ah, perfect. Thanks for much for such a speedy reply.



You are welcome. Regards.