Discussion on Goal Club | Sports & Events WordPress Theme

Discussion on Goal Club | Sports & Events WordPress Theme

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Hello All !

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Hi, how it looks with new update of the theme?

Hi@ ondrejkubesa , New Update is going to be available soon on Theme forest soon.


Hello, I need to ask before buying this theme if I can make account for player to signup and sign in?

Hi@ Soha_Adnan , Love your kind interest in Goal Club theme.

Registration module is not given in theme. This is what can be possible to implement via custom work after completion of website.


when you will refund me

Hi @ sircltech , There are certain parameters set by Envato to request for refund. You can communicate with team to get this assisted accordingly.


Sooo.. where’s that promissed update…? Anytime soon?

Hi @ ondrejkubesa, There is no tentative date finalized for next update yet but it will be soon.


Not able to Import Demo Content. Gives error “Page not exist”

Hi @ vedantjag , Looks like you have some poor configurations in php.ini file on server end. Could You ensure following server requirements to avoid any issues and troubles :

Upload_max_filesize = min 128M
memory_limit = min 256M
post_max_size = min 128M (For large data websites, post_max_size needs to be increased as per need.)
max_input_time = 300
max_execution_time = 300
max_input_vars = 5000


Hi, please respond to my ticket id : 155160 on priority, i am waiting since 14th October just to get the demo content imported. Please help on priority basis.

Your Ticket is already under consideration, keep following you will be contacted by team soon.

Hi we have problems with the theme version. We have updated everything that could be updated and installed all the required plugins. Unfortunately, if I change some page, everything crashes and I am no longer able to proceed. How can this problem be solved? careful yours Thank you

HI @gfrada , Could you ensure if you are using recommended version of WordPress and Classic Editor to edit pages in order to avoid any incompatibility troubles. Thanks


the classic editor plugin is already installed, and the theme didn’t work well even in the previous version of wordpress. Also I can’t always keep the old version of wordpress, it would be necessary for you to update the theme, otherwise we will be forced to change it. thanks


Keep using recommended version of theme and WordPress until new updatd will not arrive covering compatibility with latest wp. A new update is on the way to appear soon on themeforest. Incase you feel trouble, feel free to open ticket here : http://chimpgroup.com/support

Hi, can you please help me, why can I not use the any “Browse” button by editing logo of web site, by another browse button also. I can´t import image to header of home page. And another problem is, that by editing of any page, when I use CS Page Builder, when I add an Element – I can’t work on, I get a white rectangle at the top of the page and I can’t work anymore. Many thanks for your help. MArta

Hi @ SvkPezinok , could you ensure if you are using advertised and recommended version of WordPress on your site : WordPress 5.2

If not, than downgrade to use recommended version, until official announcement.


Hi, many thanks for your help. We downgraded the version on 5.2.9, it seems that it helps in many things. But we still have some problems with the Template. Should I create new ticket or can I ask directly in this thread? if yes.. so: We have problems with the dates of posts. When I create a new blog page, many of the posts have the same date. Today is 4.8 and most have this date. some have a date yesterday. I created 4 articles in July, they are listed correctly in the archive, in July, but the article on the blog page is with today’s date. Could you help me please??

You can follow Ticket No : 112025 incase you need any help / support apart from WordPress compatibility issues : http://chimpgroup.com/support/view.php

Hey, Does the theme support sportpress plugin or something that do the same work, so that after every match result editing, league table is updated ? And can we create for example more than one league table ? Our team play more than one league a year. Thanks so much,

Hi @ Zack099 , Thanks for your kind interest in Goalklub theme.

1. Third party plugins are not supported.

2. Results and matches needs to be updated manually.

3. You can add league tables as many as you need.


Hi, thank you for your theme, very nice. Do you have any news about the next release? Thank you in advance, Sebastien

New version update date is not finalized yet.

Can you please advise me why I can’t click on buttons like “add”, “save” and so on?

Hi @ Sport4you , Probably following trouble arise if you use non recommended version of WordPress. Ensure if you are using the same WordPress version as shown in live detail page.


hi…what about new updates

Hi Avicetechnology,

New Updates are in plans, you will get notification of update soon.

Hi, when do you plan to release the new version…? :)

Hi @ ondrejkubesa, New version will be available soon. Thanks for following us.


Hi, any news about that new release…?

Yes, Its near to completion and will appear soon.


I bought your theme 3/4 years ago, but did not make an update. I am afraid, that plugins or page content will not work properly after update. With which version of Wordpress is your theme compatible? 5 or 5.2 or any latest? Thank you.

okay thank you, I have last one question. “Blog” in CS Page Builder is showing such a lack of non-required quality images in mobile version. Where can I fix it? It would be great if it optimizes images for approx 50%, not 70 – 80% like is doing now. Thank you

Such option is not given in theme.

Yeah, I can’t find it :D But in the CSS, is there any option how to change it?

hi! Is the theme still active? Can it run with the latest updates, I see that Last Update -> 1 October 19 .. thanks!

Hi@ Vector_Maison , Thanks for your kind interest and followup.

yes, Theme is live and supported. New version is under development and will arrive soon.


Hey, good news!.. & thanks for the promptness _

Welcome you can goahead and buy theme now.

Thank you so much for the awesome theme. I would like to ask you if it is possible to modify the point table? I need to add an extra column where the total point is added or subtracted. I have no problem modifying the code for this purpose. Thanks!

Hi @ akramfouad84 , Following are the steps to create point tables:

1. Visit Dashboard >> Appearance >> CS theme options>> General >> Add Columns for your point table

2. Add Point table from Dashboard >> Add New point table >> Select table >> Add points in the table which you have created from CS theme options.

3. After adding you can display the Point tables on page via Page builder element or Short code as you wish.


Thank you for the replay. But I need to code the point table. I need to add some equations to calculate the points. Kindly help

Here is the related code file : themes\goalklub\cs-templates\pointtable-styles\pointtable_functions.php

If i want something edit, loading hangs. How can i edit something? :D

Hi @ Sport4you , Page update are related with WordPress 5.0.x update’s new page builder “Gutenberg” which is not compatible with theme.

You can install ”Classic Editor” plugin to use previous editor of wordpress to make it work fine. Dashboard / plugins / add new plugin / Install Classic Editor plugin


I am not able to import the data as shown on sample web

Hi @ pbagenzi , For complete installation make sure you have following configs in php.ini file : https://themeforest.net/item/goal-club-sports-events-wordpress-theme/10014333/support

If yes and trouble remains, please reach out directly via online whatsapp Support NO : WHATSAPP NO : +447444900194. They will help you setup complete website like live demo.


Where do i create a new team?

Hi @ unionempire , Thanks for writing here.

You can add team from Wordpress admin panel here : https://prnt.sc/qvlb1t


is it sportspress compatible??

Hi@ satya981 , I am afraid third party plugins are not tested and supported.

feel free to ask if you have more questions related to theme.



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