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Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Selamat ya Mas Jogja, semoga penjualan tema ini laris manis, Salam!

Thank you vickystudio !

Thank you !

Nice Work bro! Good luck

Thank you !

Thank you !

Awesome work. Good luck.

Thanks trippleS.

Hello. I love this template.

I want to buy it but when I open the demo on my iPhone not charging well. Flashes, fails and does strange things.

Has anyone tried it? How it works?

hey YogurF,
thanks for providing information.
however, I try to use the Iphone 5 works well.
I do not understand which part you mean, can tell me?


What happens is it flashes, it takes too long to load, the buttons do not work…

How I can show you a video?

ok, I’ll fix it.
thank you for providing that information.


I still bugs to see the demo of the web on my phone. Do you plan to solve this problem in the short term?

A greeting.

Welcome to Joomla forest, good luck with sales

Thanks brother :) !

Good job! Has the template custom colors option? Thank you ;)

yes, you can easily change the color in the backend.
but we haven’t set any predefined color yet.

Thanks! Although black is an elegant color, we need something fresh like green, orange… Thank you! And congratulations!

Yo’re Welcome Mate !

I would like to buy the template. Are there any option for changing template color? I dont want black color. Thank you :-)

Sorry, I have the answer. I just read last messege about color. thank you :-)

Hi, Theme is cool but there are 2 problems for me: 1- When I open a K2 item in the new window, the page elements appears as basic HTML! Open following URL: 2- While I am scrolling to down (near to google map), the Zooming of map is makeing a conflict between scrolling!

Thanks. It’s much better now… But I think a side column should be in the item’s page. and the image of item does not have good quality… Please fix these… I’m really interested in your parallax theme…

Best regards

ok, i will fix it.

pardon me, which side column did you mean? for the images, you can easily set the dimension from the administrator, and sorry, my internet connection is not quite fast, so it’s not too good if we put big images.


Please check this link: I think this style is appropriate for K2 item’s page.

Good luck

so, you mean is sidebar. you also can set it easily on the administrator > module manager, you can use sidebar as module position. please check this

hello, I just bought this template. I was checking the template and I changed the position “OUR TEAM -Team List” and when I tried to put in the same position “one-page” I can’t see it in anywhere. Please how can I select the page where the component should have(in this case “OUR TEAM “)?. I can select the position but I dont know how select the page.

Thank you for your comment.
Sorry, but i don’t see purcashed sign on your name.


Sorry, Last time I had a problem to enter in with my account so I a created a new account, this is my account. I am “lleritzah”. Could you answer the question please? hello, I just bought this template. I was checking the template and I changed the position “OUR TEAM -Team List” and when I tried to put in the same position “one-page” I can’t see it in anywhere. Please how can I select the page where the component should have(in this case “OUR TEAM “)?. I can select the position but I dont know how select the page.

Sorry, I didn’t understand. When I selected in “menu asignment” only the page that I need “Our team”. I can’t see the module in the website, but If I select all “menu asignment” , I can see it. but If I want to show it in other page, for example in “Portfolio”. What do I have to do for changing of menu ? Sorry, is my first time working in joomla3.1.5 One question more, What is the option for changing the black color in the background menu? Thank you very much.:-)

please Could You help me?

you can check the module position by adding ?tp=1 in the end of your url, please check the demo and due to this is one page template you only need to check/tick the menu assignment for home, the other menu item is defined by your module id.
You can arrange the structure by reordering the module. Please read the documentation.
For background color, please go to template manager > goblack (on Template column), please edit template.css find this line :
.main-top {
  background: #232323;
  color: #fff;
If you still have any problem please contact me through my profile.

Best Regards.

Hello – I have a problem becouse I can’t have polish letters properly showed. Link is here: in their place are ”?” Can you please help.

Regards Sandra

do you mean the link by using the ”?” ?
please send your description through my profile page.


Hi – I have a quick question before purchasing. On the portfolio page each picture opens in a lightbox. Can this light box be configured to open to fill the screen? Also, assuming that each image is a project, can there be multiple images in one lightbox? Here is an example of both questions:

Can you answer my question?

sorry for my late reply to your message.
please go to template manager > goblack > edit template.css, find this line:
t3-mainbody.forpopup {
  max-width: 960px;
  background: #fff;
  position: relative;
  padding-top: 0;
  padding-bottom: 0;
max-width: 960px; 
width: 100%;
hope that helps.


Thanks! Is the light box an extensions like Revolution or is it custom made by you? I’m just curious if there is any instructions such as adding html content or moving the text to a text box in the picture.

Hello guys you have done a great job!!

just one question when I visualize the site from a mobile device, or decrease your browser window, and the main menu is packed into a drop down menu, however this does not work if you try to click on any page this always refers to the top…

other question if I create a page that is not visible in the system “one-page” such as blog … The main menu remains visible does not work … and even if I do I create a new main menu with different voices and connections even in this case the menu does not work….

I would like to receive your assistance THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

Best Regards Massimo

i’m so sorry for this inconvenience, the filter for external link is worked on html version, but unfortunately it’s not work on joomla.
Please wait for a moment.


please check your email, I’ve reply.

hi, I did as you indicated, I am confident, that if you do not enter ”?” the site works much better (try doing a test, too) and a lot more friendly.

Thank you for all your support

See you soon Massimo

Hi jogjafile,

First thank you for your work, you have done a great job. I purchased your template but unfortunotly Revolution Slider ISN’T included as an zip extension. If i want to use the “template only installation” mod i can’t get Revolution Slider… How can we fix this desagreement?

Ohter question : do you forecast a version for joomla 3.2?


first, i’m sorry, but i don’t see your purchased sign.
If you really have purchased my template please email me through my profile, i’ll provide you the revolution slider plugin.
My template will have no problem in joomla 3.2. But, please backup your site before you do any update.

Best regards,

Hello , for starters this is a very beautiful template and thank you. I have a problem though. If I give Greek titles to menu or modules i get ? charcacters.I used quickstart to install it.I checked the db and its utf8 general ci. I dont know what else should i do. Can you help solve this? thanks in advance

i’m sorry, but i don’t see your purchased sign.

That’s because I made the purchase from

Hi I want to buy this template but before I do I want to know if the normal joomla menu will work with this template with the one page template?

hank you for your interest on Goblack,
Of course, it will work.