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HI I am trying to adjust the amount of space i can allocate for the logo as at the moment because of the span3 setting it only allows logos 270 pixels wide to be used. how can i adjust this?

In the bootstrap grid it doesn’t allow me to change the number of positions the logo can occupy

please help thanks

i’m so sorry for my late reply, was on holiday. Please open folder templates > goblack > tpls > blocks, edit header.php file, around line 57 and 79, change span3 to span4 and span9 to span8.

many thx

You’re welcome :)

Hi, i am having an issue with submenu links. When i click on a submenu link the gas doesn’t open, instead it just stays on the homepage.

please see below for the link. Under the menu called “Overview” there are 3 submenu links. none of them work. please help



don’t worry i fixed it ;-)

Ok, Thanks

On the k2 items when you hover over the images your presented with the zoom icon and the link. how do i disable the zoom and also the link?


Hello, I purchased this template and I did a template only install but there was no slider in the components. What do I need to do to get it? Thanks in advance

please send you a message through my profile page

I have sent you an email through your profile also. Please check

Hello again.

when I try to install the slider I get the following error : Fatal error: Class JMasterViewUniteRev cannot extend from interface JView in /home/jitech/public_html/administrator/components/com_uniterevolution/unitejoomla/masterview.class.php on line 14. My Joomla installation is 3.1.5. Can you please help me with this?

please send you a message through my profile page

I have sent you an email through your profile also. Please check

Hi, with the submenu pages they are using the goblack – Popup theme

but that only has a few module positions

How can I add more module positions to the goblack – Popup layout?

Ow i’m sorry, my mistake, please put it on the bottom of template.css


i have another issue, when i click on k2 item the text comes up but with transparent background. before it was white.

how do i fix this?

please see this link and go to the press release section

if you click on read more the article comesup ut with transparent background

please help

i’m sorry, where is the link? i can’t see any link.

hi, i am trying to disable the image link from the K2 item links I am editing line 209 from the item.php file in the com_k2 folder default

this is the code:

<!- Item Image -> <?php if(!empty($this->item->image_caption)) echo K2HelperUtilities::cleanHtml($this->item->image_caption); else echo K2HelperUtilities::cleanHtml($this->item->title); ?>

I have commented out:

but this still doesn’t disable the image link. how can i disable the image link?


no worries i figured it out. i changed the code in default.php in mod_k2_content folder

I am considering this template but I’m experiencing problems with android, specifically with the menu.

When I test the online demo and try the menu the popup appears behind the slideshow. Also, when clicking an item and it scrolls to the next anchor the menu does not disappear, it continues to stay. I’ve heard this is the same on the iphone.

Last question, is it possible to not have k2 items launch into a popup? I want to just go to a normal page.

Thank you for your interest in goblack, the update for all issue will be available tomorrow.


I’ve sent you a message through your profile two days ago and have no answer. May I use comments to ask you about Goblack template?


I already replied to your email again, please check your inbox.


I’ve been searching through comments on your profile at themeforest and find an user with the same problem than I. I can’t make menu works to open other pages, even if a try to create any element to other pages… it doesn’t work. Any solution?

Thanks in advance ;)

Please email me through my prifile, i’ll provide you the latest version, it’s fixed menu and popup problem or submit on our support sites


live demo link is not working

Thanks for your info, i will checking this problems.

I’m having problem with dropdown menu items on the home page not working.

If I go to another page then the same dropdown menu items work. Seems like something strange is going on with the home page main menu.

Please edit each menu, on Link CSS Style add “external”, without quotes mark.

Thanks, that fixed it!

You’re welcome !

hi, i hope you can help me. one-page layout disappear in frontend. in backend templates->goblack – on page in the tab Layout, i can’t see the Position & Responsive Configuration, just this message: The layout cannot be loaded. There might be some errors in the layout file. But i can’t find a solution. I try to update to Joomla 3.2.3 and update T3 pugin, but nothig. The files in /templates/goblack/etc/layout/ are not change, and the Home Menu Item also not change, is set to use one page template. thank you very much

hello forgive me for disturbing you again but I do not know how to fix it would you be so kind as to give me a help? many thanks

any chance you’ll be adding “back button” functionality anytime soon? I would definitely purchase if you did….template is awesome!

Hi Before I Purchase I would like to know if this template supports RTL natively

hi kindly wanted to ask if it was possible to upgrade to a version 4 Slider Revolution many thanks

Hi! Presales question: Is this template´s porfolio is able to show Vimeo vídeos? I cant see nor Youtube ones in none of your demo sites.

Is this a one page template? I like the first page but i want the other pages to be normal. an i do that?

Hello, nice template. I have two questions. 1. How can i make the header scroll with the rest of the content and not be fixed at the top? 2. When i click on “read more” button to read the whole article, a popup window appears and says “The content could not be loaded”. This is happenning in all popup windows, blog, team, portolio, services etc.

Thank you.

Nevermind, I found the solution. Thanks.

thanks before mate :D !

HI, for the goblack – For Popup layout how can i get the any module to be full width?

please advise


please check your email, I already replied to your email

also for the goblack – For Popup layout which template.xml file do i edit to add another module position?

please check your email, I already replied to your email


I have problem with configuration GK5 module (“our services” section on goblack template). There are 4 blocks -> web oriented / easy to customize / seo optimatization / support team. Each of these block contain “Read more” button. How can I hide / remove that button?

sorry, you don’t have purchased sign