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Thanks drupalet :)

Good job! GLWS

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This might exactly be what I’m looking for. A few questions first:

1) Is the sub header widgetable? (where you wrote “Simrandeep Singh – Hi, My name is Simrandeep Singh and I’m a WordPress Developer.”)

2) If not, does it allow shortcodes (I’ld like to have some links and sharing buttons there).

3) Can the subheader always be visible (here it has disappeared : ) ?

4) Can the sidebar be left placed at any point on the site ?

5) Is there a way to display an excerpt and/or a READ MORE button on the “photo, video and links” kind of post like it’s the case for the “gallery” post ?

6) Can the main navigation be “fixed” so that it stays on top at any point when you scroll down?

Thank you for your answers and great job!!! Ben

You can use HTML tags there.

Great! Widget or shortcodes friendly at some point would be awesome! Thanks.

I may make it support shortcodes in future.

Good job!Good luck :)

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Looks wonderful, congrats.

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I just bought you template. It is realy great but I want to change few things:

1. I would like to title of the post, wasn’t referring link to the full post. Is it a chance to change default settings in that matter ? What file and what line should I change in order to delete link referring in title ?

2. I would like to also delete author information “written by..” under the subject of the post. What file and what line should I change in order to do this ?

3. How to delate + link from the standard blog post with featured image ? I would like to have a picture but without reffering to the post site … How to change it ?

Sorry, gave you wrong URL. Use the following code:

.main-header {

Can you also send me code, if I would like to add other (my own) pattern to header and whole background. I will upload pattern to the following dirrectory wp-content/themes/goblog/images/patternown.png

What will be the code for header and whole background ?

For whole background you can use options panel. For header you can use the above code, just add URL of your pattern with url() brackets.

I’m having trouble with the gallery post type. When I click the “Select or upload images” button, it just takes me to the top of the edit page – it doesn’t open up anywhere for me to choose images. Is there something else I should be doing?


The theme got one bug while making a change the review team asked at the last moment. I have fixed the bug and I’m going to upload the update to theme. If you want it earlier, please send me a message from my profile.


any RTL Demo?

Sorry but didn’t add RTL demo yet. I will add it.

Thanks digitalscience :)

very nice work


Looks like you’ve done some amazing work, but before purchasing I got a few questions: 1. When you hover over an image it darkens and an icon pops up. Is it possible to disable that?

2. Is it possible to disable the post type icon in the down left?

3. Is it possible to disable the header menu and only use sidebar menus?



Glad you like my work :)

1) No, you can’t disable the hover effect.

2) Yes, you can disable the post icon from options panel.

3) Yes, you can disable the header menu by creating an emoty menu or using Custom CSS.

Just purchased and activated the theme. Really love it, very intuitive. One basic question.

On a STANDARD post, I add a Featured Image and it looks good on the Homepage:

But when I got to the actual post:

The Featured Image does not display. I want the feature image to appear on both the Home page (Blog) and the individual post post. Please advise.

Thank you, Jeff

I hope you got the update?

I did, thank you! Responsive menu fix worked, thanks. I replied with a question. Can you tell me the individual theme files that were updated? I modded some templates to fit my design and want to upload only your updated files, not the entire theme. thanks again,

I have changed following files:


excellent. theme. Quick question. the CSS doesn’t seem to be working to add icon next to menu. All I get is a square icon?

excellent. Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much for the quick update. Everything seems to be ok now. the css icons colour and menu for the responsive side. However how do I change the colour for the link for the mobile menu? I think it defaults to white. it is there and clickable you just can’t see the image.

Hey, I added the option to change the color of menu button in options panel. You can find it under Styling Option with the name of “Mobile Navigation Button Color”.


Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!

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Great Work! GLWS! ;)

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Hello, I just got this theme a few days ago, everything is fine so far only i noticed that on mobile (iphone) the menu isn’t working. I get the white bars and once I touch those nothing happens. i tested it on my computer by decreasing the screen size and it works just fine. so I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing. If you could please help :)

thank you

Are you using default header style or style 2? There is some issue with header style 2 as reported by other user. I will upload the update tomorrow. If you are using default header then please let me know so that I can check the issue if any.

oh, yes it’s style two. thanks, I’ll wait for the update.

The update is available. You can download it now.

Really nice theme! Quick pre purchase questions.

1. Does this theme support frontend publishing for users to submit post? (this feature is really becoming popular and needed to allow users to post content).

If not you may want to consider adding it as an update and 1 thing missing with the other themes that sell a lot with this feature is they limit the frontend publishing features… lots of request have been to have the same exact posting capabilities on the frontend as the backend like: video, gallery, slider and so on. YOU DO THIS YOUR THEME BY FAR IS THE TOP WINNER! Design already kills all others good job!!!!!

2. And on fluid format can slider be disabled?



Glad you like the theme :-)

1. This theme doesn’t support post submission from front end. I will think about adding this feature in future but I can’t say anything about it now.

2) Slider can’t be disabled for responsive layout. It can be disabled for all resolutions.


nice work, GLWS :)

Thanks AliA :-)

help Error – goblog theme

When I click on theme options appear:

PHP Warning: json_encode () expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 Given in E: \ home \ brlimpo1 \ \ web \ wp-content \ themes \ goblog \ options \ ReduxCore \ framework.php on line 2511

Please update it to 5.3 because the code shown in error was added in v5.3 –

Perfect Thank you very much. God bless

Is it working now?