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Hi, I just purchased the theme this morning and when I inserted my Google Analytics tracking code in the footer section the code is showing up at the bottom of the screen and not being tracked. I double checked that I had the full code three times and it’s still messing up. Help?

Also, when I try to do a list with bullets, the bullets don’t show up.


Seems like there is an issue with analytics code section. I have updated the theme and update will be available soon.

Where are you trying to add a list with bullets? If it is in article then the list shows up with bullets.

Quick question, how large can I make my logo in the header, and does it retain high resolution?

Thanks! Also, one other question. I bought the theme, but it won’t install. It says,

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

What am I missing? I tried installing the zip, but it didn’t take.

Now I tried loading the child theme, and I can’t get to my dashboard, and my site (and everything else) is just a white page with nothing. Any help?

I think style.css file is not uploaded on your server. Please make sure that style.css file is uploaded using FTP.

Hi, is it possibile to make the header sticky (fixed after the scroll)?


Yes, this option is available in this theme.

Please include a CHANGESLOG section in the item description or anywhere else so we can see what changed from version to version,


You are welcome :)

Hey, if you like this theme could you please rate (5 stars) this theme. I would really appreciate it.

5* Already done yesterday :P

Check the “Reviews” tab of your item :)

I liked its Simplicity!

Thanks a lot for that :)

I forgot to check it :D

Hello there,

this theme is amazing! love it!

One question, how can i get the twitter widget working?

Regards, Sven

Subtitle is currently not added to the theme. I may add it in the coming update.

Would be nice. Found some bugs, can i send them via mail? Regards, Sven

Yes sure, please mail them ASAP because I’m going to upload the update.

Hi, I bought the theme and am having issues with the blog post featured image sizes. I am uploading the same size images for every post but some are being displayed as cropped.

Is there a way to standardise or adjust blog post featured image sizes to make sure that all pics display the same on the blog home page?



Thanks for the purchase :)

The image size needs to be at-least 770px wide. If the images are large, WordPress will crop the images to proper size so that all featured images appear properly. If they appear smaller, you might be uploading images less than 770px width.

I didn’t add option to change post type icons because these icons best suited the post formats. But if you want to change them, there is a file named post-format-icons.php in inc folder. There you can easily change these icons.

From options panel, it is not possible to set word limit, but if you are comfortable with editing files, you can easily edit it in content.php file.

echo excerpt(40);

Thanks for your reply! My images were 800px wide and yet they still came up small. What worked for me was reducing the size of the image in WP’s “Media” editor to 770px wide, clicking “update” and then going back in to edit the image and clicking on “Restore original”. That basically did it for me. Thanks for the other tips.

You need to keep the same aspect ratio or more than that. The image size is 770×360px. Try resizing your 800px image to 770px and see if height is equal or less than 360px.

BTW for old images on your blog, you can use force regenerate thumbnails plugin to resize all the images.

I’m newbie on Wordpress, and this is my try. Just quick question, how do I get you’re cool Post with Tiled Gallery work into a post.


Thanks for the purchase :)

When you add a new post, you can see a box on the right side for Post Formats. There you need to select Gallery.

When you select Gallery, a new box will appear below post editor titled as “Gallery Post Options”. You can upload multiple images there and select the tiled gallery type and publish the post.

I hope it helps.

Thanks. Another question, I change the template language to spanish, with “translate ready” in wp-config.php setting pt_ES. But also need the WP backend in spanish and I cant do both works. Because the backend wp in spanish is es_ES in the same line.

Any Ideas?

Hi! Thanks for this great theme.

Just a few questions:

1) I can’t add icons to menu items, even if I followed the steps mentioned in the documentation; the css class is not shown in the html

2) Is it possible to add more social networks to the Social Media widget?

3) How can I have the rss feed link of the site?


Sorry but I have other questions:

4) How can I show the content for “image” and “link” post type?

5) How can I show the social media sharing buttons for every post in the homepage?

Thanks in advance.


1) Did you add full code of icon from font-awesome website in this format:
fa fa-home

2) No, it’s not possible. BTW which icon you want to add, may be I can add it in coming update.

3) In this way –

4) Currently homepage content is not added for these post formats but I’m adding it in coming update for image, video and audio formats. But for link formats it is not possible because content will not suit the design of link post format.

5) You can’t use theme’s social media buttons on homepage. You have to use a plugin or edit the files.


Hello. How to I change the langugage for the theme?

You need not to add it in footer. Please use Custom CSS section for it. You will lose the changes whenever you update the theme.

Ahh I used the “before-footer”-section in the UI. I dont like !important :)

ok. I thought you manually added the code in file.

Hello, got two questions for you: 1- the feature image option, once i upload an image, and save it, it doesn’t appear in the post anywhere, is there any other setting i need to adjust for it to work? 2-Is there any way for the front page(latest post page) to display only specific posts(categories) as opposed to all the latest ones.

thank you very much for your support.

No, for audio post format, you can show SoundCloud, MixCloud or any other audio code on homepage as featured section.

yeah, it makes sense. thanks though :)

I love the theme, thank you very much for your hard work!

1. For some reason, when I have an excerpt on the home page, it’s displaying both a “Read More” text link as well as the “Read More” button. I would prefer just to display the button, but I can’t find anything concrete on that.

2. Is there a way when viewing a Video or Gallery style post to have the video/gallery/etc show up at the bottom of the post, rather than the top?


Glad you love the theme :)

1) I haven’t added extra read more text on homepage. You might be using <!-Read More-> in your post editor screen. Please check.

2) In single post you can show video below post title by inserting it in the article body but not on homepage. Gallery will be shown above post title only.


Yes, I am using <!-Read More-> in order to create long excerpts. Here is an example of what I’m trying to do:

However, if I put it all in the Excerpt box, WordPress is limiting it to 55 words. The correct excerpt appears if I use the “Read More” tag, but then I’m displaying two separate Read More links, one the written one and the other is the Read More button from the theme. I only want the button to show.

Here is what you can do. Choose Full Content option from options panel and paste the following CSS code in Custom CSS section:

.more-link {
    padding:9px 12px;
.more-link:hover {
    color:#fff !important;
.read-more a { display:none;}

This will style your Read More link to a buttons and hides the other read more buttons. You will get what you are looking for.

I hope it helps.



Im trying to use a custom menu with the theme but it seems to just show the pages.

Under: Apperance->Custom->Navigation i select Meny1 but the theme still shows my pages.

Got it. I needed to check the checkbox “Main Menu” under Menus.

How can i change the Avatar on the rigt top corner of Blogpost?


You need to register your Avatar on with same email ID that you are using on your WordPress blog.

Thx my dear! ;) Happy weekend!

Happy weekend to you too :)


One more ;) Is it possible to use the Tiled Gallery in a simple Site not in a Blogpost?

Best Regrads

It wasn´t a Blog Post. I test it. I can add it in Administration, but it won´t be shown in the front end.

But in goblog it’s available for posts only. I don’t understand the language in the screenshot.

Just purchased, and I’m impressed so far… but:

- Is there a way to globally turn on “Show Featured Image on Single Page”, instead of having to edit each post? - The “Read More” button shows below each post even when excerpts are turned off. Is there a way to get rid of the “read more” button?

It appears there with full content because comments are still on single page. To read the comments, this button is used.

Ah, thanks! And for the quick response.

I may remove it in the next version. Seems like users don’t want this button with full text.

Hi there, Love the theme. Is there any way that the post meta can be moved to below the post content? Also, my recent posts section shows 5 posts despite having it set to show 3. Could you please help with this as well?

Thanks in advance.

If recent posts are showing 5 instead of 3 then you may have 2 sticky posts.

Previous/Next currently have one style only. However you can use following Custom CSS if you want to show it as links only:

.post-navigation .post-nav-links span, .post-navigation a { color:#333 }
.post-nav-link-bg { display:none }
.post-navigation .prev-link, .post-navigation .next-link {
  background: rgba(0,0,0,0);
  padding: 0 7%;

Hi There, thanks for your help. The CSS you gave me worked only I meant that I just want the link to say ‘Previous Article/Net Article’ and not include the Post Title.

It is not possible. BTW it is good to display the title of next and previous articles.

Hello, I installed this theme a few minutes ago and chose the 3 column layout but when I went into the widgets to customise, the secondary sidebar said – only displayed when 3 column layout is chosen which I have chosen already. So now my blog looks awkward because a column is missing on the left side. I bought this theme specifically because I liked the way the 3 columns were displayed in the preview. HELP! Thanks!

Thanks. I already did this. In layout settings, I chose the 3 column layout to display two sidebars and saved it. I also selected the boxed option but when I go into the widgets to customise subsequently, it’s not providing the option to do so. Isn’t the widgets tab where the option to customise both side bars would be or I have to look somewhere else? Thanks!

Never mind. I deleted all the other themes, signed out and signed in and it began working properly. Thanks anyway.

Glad that it worked :)

Hi! I purchased these theme and I totally love it! Could you please suggest how to disable sharing metadata to Facebook? I don’t want that before the text all sorts of metadata appear. Thanks!

Oh yes, just noticed. It is sharing post date, comments etc as well. Let me check the issue.

Anything new about fixing this problem? As I now have several posts I can’t even share the link on FB as the featured image wouldn’t show with the text :(. In fact, only the link appears on FB, nothing else :(.

It shares the text as well but post meta is also shared. No update for this as yet. I will be fixing it ASAP.

hello i just bought the theme. i want to have it appear like in the demo. i imported everything, but still it is different. i need the home page to be a page with the blog in it so i can write a heading, etc. and edit the look. not it is just the recent blog posts. when i click home, i get nothing.


Thanks for purchasing the theme :)

You saying that you want it like demo and then you saying that you don’t want to display recent posts on homepage but the thing is demo is showing recent posts on homepage. Please clarify what do you want so I can help you accordingly?

I do want the recent posts, but i want them in a page. i want to write an introduction to the homepage and then have the posts under the introduction.

how do i show the image in the header under the menu bar like on the demo? and what about the home icon in the menu bar?

Which blog page? Homepage or you created any other page?

You can show it from theme options. You will find the option in header tab.

To add icon in menu it is fully explained in documentation, please read that.

thank you.