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Congrats, some excellent touches, looks really nice. A tip – put “HTML” in the naming, I didn’t know if it’s a HTML or PSD until I loaded it (not ok).


Thank for feedback :)

I want to buy this template. Author, you can contact me? Please

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you)

Awesome work!!! I love this one!!

Thank you :)

Cool Template !GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

Congrats! GLWS!


This Is Very Awesome, Good Luck With Sale :)


Just purchased, looks like a winner!

Thanks! I’m glad)

is there WP version?

WP is planned

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks :)

I can’t see the rainy effect, and it didn’t load the picture at the top

It’s needed a server. Try it upload to online.

Good news, I check the documentation from you, and I find out the path of image can’t start with slash, Now, the problem solved, I can see the rainning! Thank you!

Hi, Is it possible to remove the link for detect mobile? And have the site always reay to be used by a mobile device? Also how do I get the word menu next to the menu icon to show?
  • MENU Love the site by the way! Thanks Emma
  • Hi,

    You can remove button from html.

    The second question – this is possible only incompletely (without svg). You can remove class from body and add this class “global-mobile-on”.

    Do not understand about menu… What did you mean?

    I can not able to see the rain… and in chrome i can not able to see the image also.. Please suggest me…

    Hi. Rain works only online.

    Sorry to say this.. But in online also i can not able to see rain

    Can you write me online address where rain isn’t work? I try to see. It must work.

    Awesome Good Job;


    I like your theme! Good job :)


    Is there anyway to have the navigation bar load automatically – so it is there when the page first loads? Thank you! Wonderful template

    Hey buddy. I have had a few people ask where the navigation bar is. I have to explain that they have to put their mouse arrow over the 3 Orange bars at the top left corner to activate the navigation. My question is: Is there any way to have the navigation bar automatically appear when the page first loads. So it is seen immediately (and the user does not have to scroll over it to activate). Automatic activation when the page loads? I hope that explains it more clear. Thanks for the response.

    You need add class .gn-open-part or .gn-open-all to <nav class=”gn-menu-wrapper”>
    <nav class="gn-menu-wrapper gn-open-part">
    <nav class="gn-menu-wrapper gn-open-all">

    GREAT!!!!! WORKED!!! Thank you so much buddy!!!!!!!


    I have a question. Is possible that the sub menu only appears when the user click or mouseover in the menu item?

    Thank you very much!

    May be it is possible, but I didn’t modernize the script. All functions work as “codrops google nexus 7 website menu”.

    And can you help me with this problem?

    I’m sorry, but I’m not good at JS.

    Thank you for this fantastic job!

    Thank you so much)